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Through our interviews with fascinating experts, we explore the convergence of trends in geopolitics, fintech & economics, cyberwarfare, open source intelligence, futurism, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, and more to help our audience thrive in the 21st century.
19 Episodes
Richard Carthon joins us to discuss why he started the Crypto Current podcast and how that lead to the upcoming Crypto Current Conference in New Orleans on Friday March 15th, 2019. We learn about Richard's experience as a first-time conference organizer, from deciding on the New Orleans location to securing speakers and sponsors. We also talk about the need for accessible education, unbiased media, and humility in these early stages of the blockchain economy. Check out the link to the conference and let us know what you think. -- --
Founder of Uptrennd Jeff Kirdeikis joins us to discuss his philosophy of community-driven development, the foundational principles of the Uptrennd platform, and the path forward in 2019. We also explore the concepts of capitalism, economic theory, wealth distribution, and compassion in this inspiring era of instant global communication.
We talk to Ben Wilkening and Phillip Silitschanu of TokenIQ about compliant tokenization, KYC, due diligence, real estate development, fraud, fine art, and the secondary market for last year's "lambos."  Well beyond the tech perspective, this episode covers a wide range of topics related to the tokenization of assets and the economic implications of doing so.
We have an entertaining and insightful discussion with Rhiannon Payne, CEO and Founder of Sea Foam, about distributed teams and the future of work in a global, digital economy. We also learn about Sea Foam's approach to developing partnerships, how they plan to focus on tokenized assets in 2019, and catch a glimpse of their internal projects (including an automated cannabis cultivation system called This episode is a valuable lesson in fast adaptation for those of us involved in blockchain-focused services, consulting, and media.
Graeme Moore, VP of Marketing for Polymath, joins us for a lively discussion of security tokens, the tokenization process from a technical and compliance perspective, and Polymath's approach to partnerships and marketing. We also learn more about The Security Token Standard and how Polymath has prioritized cooperation in the digital securities ecosystem.
CEO and Founder of Everex, a blockchain powered cross-border money transfers and currency exchange, joins us to discuss how they're tackling problems with traditional remittance systems. We get to learn more about their successful case study, cooperation with traditional service providers, recent partnership announcements, and the path forward in 2019.
We talk to Michael Gord of MLG Blockchain about their Advisor and Ambassador networks, their venture capital efforts, and the importance of partnerships in developing the blockchain-enabled economy worldwide.
This time we're chatting with Mark Anstead, a Decentralization Ambassador for Project Hydro, about what they do and why it should matter to you. Hydro is a decentralized ecosystem using cutting-edge cryptography to secure user accounts, identities, and transactions. We cover security concerns, regulatory challenges, factors inhibiting commercial application and mass adoption, and the importance of making blockchain technology more accessible for the development community at large.
Ben Leff of Leff Ventures joins us for an excellent discussion of the importance of aligning values in partnerships, properly securing assets, and focusing on efforts that genuinely add economic value or social good.
Alvaro Jimenez Jimenez, Founder of Gaudium Capital, teaches us the basics of token mechanics and token economics from the investment standpoint. He also shares his people-first vision of a venture capital model that seeks to positively transform industries and benefit humanity as a whole. Mentioned in the show:
Our conversation with Jared Johnson, Founder and Managing Partner at BlockRake, turns philosophical. From a discussion of the power of the language we used to describe digital assets, to an intriguing tale of an elaborate fraud in the wild, this one is as entertaining as it is insightful. BlockRake article - "Do STOs (Security Token Offerings) Matter?":
Jamie Toyne, Founder and CEO of Dealflow Brokerage, joins us to discuss mergers and acquisitions, digital assets, due diligence, KYC / AML, and exit planning in the context of Internet-based businesses.
Seth Hornby, Founder and CEO of Zenchain, joins us to discuss the state of security in the blockchain space. As a practical demonstration of Zenchain's MonitorChain application, he tells us the story of a token scam detected by his MonitorChain service which, as of this recording, is ongoing.
This one is a fascinating discussion with Thomas Carter and John Nance of DealBox, a blockchain business accelerator and crowdfunding platform, about the role of the Security Token Offering and how its purpose differs from other forms of equity crowdfunding or a traditional IPO process. We also talk about the importance of due diligence, values alignment, and the geopolitical impact of this rapidly evolving market.
David Lancashire of Saito - The Terabyte-Level Blockchain - joins us to discuss his team's solution to the scaling problem, their route to fundraising, and the opportunity to move email, social networks, payment channels, and more to the blockchain.
We talk to visionaries Mike Brusov and Yuri Lobyntsev of Cindicator about the concept of hybrid intelligence, their philosophy of partnerships, and the role they see blockchain technology playing in a new economic era.
We talk to Dr. Hubert Ritzdorf of ChainSecurity about the importance of smart contract audits from the investment due diligence perspective.
We're joined by Jared Polites from BlockTeam Ventures to discuss ICO / STO regulation and marketing, due diligence, and some cautious predictions.
The very first episode of the Pendulum Insight Podcast! We're joined by Darren Marble of Issuance - A Modern Marketing Platform for Digital Securities - to discuss ICO / STO regulation, crowdfunding, and the future of blockchain investment in the US.
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