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Author: Bill Camarata

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We love our CDs, records, DVDs, and the people and technology that makes 'em. This is the place where Bill talks about it. Be careful, you might learn something along the way!
50 Episodes
Bill and Judy talk beer, vacations, music, books, and international border crossing hijinks. Warning: Adult language! Total Time: 58:38
This show talks a little more about the Zappa feud and we have our first recorded discussion with William Reed. A good time to be had. Total time 37:34
The Zappa Brothers are feuding, or at least iot seems to be that way. Much love to the entire Zappa family...but why are they pointing fingers at each other? Check it out. Total time: 50:15
Diversions while listening to music. Other fun things on the internet for those who like music. Podcasts I like, revisited. More DJ stuff. Also, Music Matters Jazz news. Total time: 32:20
I went out to a bar and was a DJ for a night. Then I bought a new turntable. Also, check out theWax and Wane Podcast. Total time: 36:27
Recorded a few weeks ago - I forgot to upload it now that I'm getting ready to record another show. Oh well! Enjoy. Total time: 29:04
New stuff! Questions! Answers! Total time: 31:31   Click here to subscribe: Direct Download:
Post mortem for the kickstarter campaign, we present part two of an interview with me and Todd Lederman, the other main member of Spudlok. Music and larfs akimbo. Check out the Radiolawn site. Plus, recent deaths. Total time: 39:05   Click here to subscribe: Direct Download:
Show 85-Radiolawn #212

Show 85-Radiolawn #212


To further promote the kickstarter campaign, we present an interview with me and Todd Lederman, the other main member of Spudlok. Music and larfs akimbo.
Recorded June 17, 2014. Enjoy.
Show 83-Crowd Funding

Show 83-Crowd Funding


I play catch up by babbling about how people are funding their creative endeavors, then talking about my own. Please contribute to my Kickstarter campaign:
Primus, Zappa, They Might Be Giants, Donald Fagen, and Apple's Horrible Podcast App. Total time: 28:49
The aftermath(and location recordings) of Record Store Day as well as the last record show until this September. Well, for Cleveland, anyway. Total time: 37:56
A conversation with my friend Kevin, the most we've talked in around 30 years or so. We discover Pet Metheny makes music other than the pretty stuff, nature makes cool mallet instruments, marching bands beyond academic organizations, our favorite boxes, and walls of cellophane. Total time: 58:00
Show 79 - RSD 2013

Show 79 - RSD 2013


My recap of Record Store Day plus a few new releases. Total Time 47:13
Show 78 - 78RPM

Show 78 - 78RPM


I'm back with some music and I'm sure just about every tune I play is going to be by someone who is not alive…because it's all vintage 78s today. A little bit of fun while I get back into the swing of things. Total Time 31:04
My first video and audio simulcast! Find the audio on the podcast feed, and the video on my YouTube dverada channel. DO IT NOW! Total time 26:45 Click here to subscribe: Direct Download:
Sorry I was gone so long, here's what I've been up to.
Tech Audio Geek Alert! News, and I read and comment on the majority of the text of the"> Mastered for iTunes white paper. Oh, and another Spudlok song. Links: Paul McCartney's Ram Yellow Submarine David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust 40th Anniversary Buy from and support The Box Of Sound"> The New Face Of Vinyl Total time 57:16 Click here to subscribe: Direct Download: