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What's Ethical with Beth Haddock

Author: Beth Haddock

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Welcome to What's Ethical with Beth Haddock, where thought leaders explain how they influence others, master ethical dilemmas and stay ahead of fudge-factor thinking.
27 Episodes
Beth interviews cyber guru, Chris Hetner, and former crypto regulator, Cassie Lentchner, about how to prepare for SEC exams this year including aligning your risk assessment with regulators' priorities, packaging the strategy within your firm and understanding mega strends about digital assets, cybersecurity and more.
Wonder why you need to know more about blockchain developments such as DeFi? In this episode, Beth interviews thought-leader Rebecca Rettig (Crain's award-winning attorney & partner, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP) as she presents a plain english overview of technical trends and innovations, how-to guidance for presenting a spectrum of answers and a case for why AML/KYC and OFAC are top risks even when they conflict with a strong commitment to privacy.
Beth interviews cybercrime and security expert Chris Hetner about how to fight cybercrimes by integrating compliance and CISO efforts, inventorying and rating systemic risks, continuous monitoring, board oversight and tech hygiene. 
Beth moderates a discussion with Mark Roszak, Managing Partner of 1121 Law and Collins Belton, Managing Partner of Brockwood, about how to advise on legal and regulatory strategy when working with growth and innovation-oriented executives, promote radical candor, address tech risk when handling blockchain and cryptocurrency products and much more!
Beth interviews serial entrepreneur and compliance executive Christian Foccaci. Christian founded a leading career resource website for compliance professionals, a compliance technology company Transparint and patented an AI-powered data solution, providing the largest real-time source of negative news and risk information. Listen to learn about perspectives on misinformation related to the use of artificial intelligence, data handling trends and the pitfalls of tech-blaming. Beth also interviews Christian about practical compliance surveillance and audit tips such as reliance on unit tests and more.
Beth interviews London-based sustainable finance and shareholder engagement expert Alice Bordini Staden.  Ms. Bordini Staden is a National Trust Investment Committee Member, leading the endowment's stewardship and sustainability efforts and an Advisory Council Member of the APPG on Sustainable Finance, which aims to influence effective policy making in the UK Parliament.  Listen for a primer on ESG fundamentals from a uniquely global perspective. 
Beth interviews Richard Wilson, private investor and CEO of the Family Office Club with members managing collectively over $1 trillion assets under management. Richard shares practical strategies and perspectives that risk personnel can leverage to excel through these challenging times, build needed relationships & momentum with professional goals. 
Beth interview Aimee Lessard, Principal of Seafront Analytics, about the ethics of data analytics, data use standards and the risks of creating data as remote workers use personal and work applications. Listen to hear Aimee's insights derived from many years leading teams in intelligence and data analytics roles.   
Beth interviews the Head of Compliance at the fintech company, Ladder Insurance, about her recent pivot and why she believes the key being agile in this challenging environment, and beyond, is to communicate, master the skills of a translator and educate on the difference between illegal and unethical conduct.
Beth interviews thought leader, Prof. Williams about SEC rule-making related to ESG disclosure, compliance officers' role preparing sustainability reports and why a top-down ethics and compliance approach isn't as effective as a collaborative one.
Beth interviews a RegTech thought leader, Mark Kunkel CEO of LogicGate, about how to effectively manage your compliance program using tech, rethinking ROI and becoming a trust broker during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.
Beth interviews Courtney Lang, an environmental scientist and ESG Investment Analyst, about how she works every day to balance personal, ethical and environment alignment of values. Courtney also shares her perspective on work force incentives, teaching us how to engage with this important generation. 
Beth interviews diplomat and entrepreneur Niki Armacost about how to effectively negotiate and work with government officials. Niki shares insights about honing a “firm but fair” reputation as well as why the secret to international diplomacy is listening.
Beth interviews Matthew Blake, Head of the Future of Shaping Financial and Monetary Systems at the World Economic Forum, about  - How AI is reshaping financial services and whether we can trust it - Can FinTech support capital investments in SDGs and ESG - Whether ESG investing can help measure and monitor fraud and systemic risks
Beth interviews Vaughn Swartz (CCO Rabobank North America) about work within the grey areas and how to manage complex compliance needs as well as reflections on mega trends.
Compliance has a tremendous impact on UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16 - strong governance. Learn about other SDGs and how to lead others to change behavior. In this episode, Beth interviews Richard Leakey about his plan to build awareness and engagement in the Great Rift Valley with the Ngaren project..
In the last podcast in the series from Nairobi, Beth interviews the Head of Compliance for GE in sub-Saharan Africa about best practices for training and engagement as well as leveraging compliance officers and analytical data to measure the risk of corruption, fraud and more. 
Beth interviews CCO Chad Eslinger about the changing demands on compliance officers, leveraging behavioral incentives and how to know when to ask for help.
Beth interviews tech executive Brandon Daniels about third party risk management, artificial intelligence, innovating due diligence processes to deliver a ROI, Regulation Best Interest and trends in Regtech to guard data privacy. 
Beth interviews innovator and gatekeeper, Craig Salm, Director of Legal at Grayscale Investments a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group and affiliate of CoinDesk. Listen to Craig explain the relevance and sustainability of this new digital asset class in simple understandable terms as he shares advice from his mentors about how to become a trusted advisor in fast-paced business environments.
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