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What's Ethical with Beth Haddock

Author: Beth Haddock

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Welcome to What's Ethical with Beth Haddock, where thought leaders explain how they influence others, master ethical dilemmas and stay ahead of fudge-factor thinking.
15 Episodes
Beth interviews Matthew Blake, Head of the Future of Shaping Financial and Monetary Systems at the World Economic Forum, about  - How AI is reshaping financial services and whether we can trust it - Can FinTech support capital investments in SDGs and ESG - Whether ESG investing can help measure and monitor fraud and systemic risks
Beth interviews Vaughn Swartz (CCO Rabobank North America) about work within the grey areas and how to manage complex compliance needs as well as reflections on mega trends.
Compliance has a tremendous impact on UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16 - strong governance. Learn about other SDGs and how to lead others to change behavior. In this episode, Beth interviews Richard Leakey about his plan to build awareness and engagement in the Great Rift Valley with the Ngaren project..
In the last podcast in the series from Nairobi, Beth interviews the Head of Compliance for GE in sub-Saharan Africa about best practices for training and engagement as well as leveraging compliance officers and analytical data to measure the risk of corruption, fraud and more. 
Beth interviews CCO Chad Eslinger about the changing demands on compliance officers, leveraging behavioral incentives and how to know when to ask for help.
Beth interviews tech executive Brandon Daniels about third party risk management, artificial intelligence, innovating due diligence processes to deliver a ROI, Regulation Best Interest and trends in Regtech to guard data privacy. 
Beth interviews innovator and gatekeeper, Craig Salm, Director of Legal at Grayscale Investments a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group and affiliate of CoinDesk. Listen to Craig explain the relevance and sustainability of this new digital asset class in simple understandable terms as he shares advice from his mentors about how to become a trusted advisor in fast-paced business environments.
 In this episode, Beth interviews leadership expert and Columbia professor Chuck Garcia about how to be strategic in developing leadership skills to improve performance, widen influence or achieve a desired promotion.   
The second podcast in the series from Nairobi, Beth interviews the 14th Chief Justice and the 1st President of the Supreme Court, Republic of Kenya, retired Chief Justice Mutunga.  We learn about how as an activist and reformer he delivered on anti-corruption and transparency measures.
 The first podcast in a series from Nairobi, Beth interviews Niklas Hagelberg from the UN Headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya about the importance of behavioral nudges to incentivize change and much more. 
Beth interviews thought leader, Prof. Williams about SEC rule-making related to ESG disclosure, compliance officers' role preparing sustainability reports and why a top-down ethics and compliance approach isn't as effective as a collaborative one.
Beth's guest shares his perspectives on use of artificial intelligence, blockchain and digital assets. Listen to hear a lively discussion about the importance of due diligence to detect and avoid bias within new tech tools.
Beth interviews Jasmin Sethi about Regulation Best Interest and opportunities and trends in fintech. Listen to learn about regulatory developments and strategies for managing through the changing standards.
Beth interviews the convicted felon, informant and compliance activist Tom Hardin, aka Tipper X. Listen to learn about the role compliance played in his career and his tips for today's business leaders and compliance officers.
Beth interviews Washington D.C. - based criminal defense attorney Andrew Antonelli covering how she has handled ethical quagmires for over a quarter of a century while sharing lessons for corporate insiders.
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