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Dr Sophie helps Empath Entrepreneurs in their first 18 months of online business who want RESULTS without the expensive mistakes. If you’re an intuitive, compassionate professional with a desire to impact a global audience and earn a location-independent income, this no-fluff, no BS show is for you. With over 20 years’ experience as a psychotherapist and an active online presence, Dr Sophie gives you practical strategies to boost your spiritual, emotional and financial health.
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In this episode, I'm dropping a TON of value on you, Empaths! I'm sharing, step-by-step, what will INSTANTLY boost your profile and credibility so you can be several steps ahead of the entrepreneur curve in attracting premium clients online. ARE YOU READY FOR THIS JELLY? OK then, let's BLAST your RESULTS into the STRATOSPHERE! For more GREAT free training, join my Facebook group, Free Spirited Empaths here:
Have you ever been price-gouged by an online coach? It’s a common complaint! You really want what they offer, so you get sucked in. But high ethics and professional standards are not a given! That said, there ARE good coaches out there,. In this episode, I discuss the 7 sure-fire signs your coach cares more about YOU than your cash. To read the blog article, click here: In the meantime, come join my Facebook group, Free Spirited Empaths here:
In this episode I discuss the main differences between therapy and coaching. And no I don’t agree that therapy is about digging around in a client’s past and coaching is a more forward-thinking , positive modality. Neither is better than the other but rather both have different functions according to what you most need in your life right now. In the meantime, I invite you to join my Facebook group, Free Spirited Empaths here:
In this episode I discuss how being a successful online entrepreneur requires two things, both of which have ALMOST NOTHING to do with your skill and competence in your (offline) profession. These are: 1) Writing for an online audience and 2) Being visible If you want to check out my free trainings, I invite you to join my Facebook group, Free Spirited Empaths here: OR, if you’re sick of the lonely struggle and READY to step up into your COURAGEOUS self, then let’s kick your fear to the curb, TOGETHER. Book a call with me to see if we’re a great fit for working together in my 1-1 program:
I was one vexatious complaint from losing EVERYTHING! For years, I carried my professional registration like a suicide bomber’s vest. I felt stifled, trapped and on the verge of annihilation. However, if you’re a registered professional who wants to make a transition to an online business, there IS a way you can do that SAFELY. It’s what I discuss in this episode. In the meantime, if you’re impatient and ready to transition into your location independent online business fast, let’s talk. Head over to my application page to book a call and let’s see if we’re a good fit for working together:
If you’re a professional person wanting to take your business online, initially the most difficult thing you’ll do is to articulate the RESULT you can offer in integrity that your ideal client will pay you big bucks for. In this episode I talk to you about how you can do that in the fastest possible way using proven steps. In the meantime, come join my Facebook group, Free Spirited Empaths here:
If you’re a professional person looking to make a transition from your offline business to the online space, you must understand this important distinction first. It’s the core premise that could make the difference between years of struggle and much faster results. In the meantime, Come join my Facebook group, Free Spirited Empaths here:
In this introductory episode I share my journey and the inspiration for this podcast. If you’re an Empath Entrepreneur who wants to take your amazing professional skills online this show is for you! In the meantime, I invite you to join me in my Facebook group, Free Spirited Empaths. Just click on this link, answer 3 simple questions and you’re in:
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