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Author: Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert

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A live podcast about front end web design and UX.
149 Episodes
395: 2020 Don’t Eject!

395: 2020 Don’t Eject!


Show DescriptionWe're talking AI and machine learning taking over, and then answering your questions on: registering a domain name, document outlining in HTML, colleges still teaching Flash, should we eject or not, enqueuing React in WordPress, and saying hyphenated domain names out loud.
Show DescriptionAndy Bell brings his collection of side projects to the podcast to talk about including Piccalilli, Boiler Form, Web Components Club, Hylia for Eleventy, and Front End Challenges Club.
Show DescriptionChris & Dave are back for 2020 with thoughts on watching our industry, continuous integration and deployment, fall backs for when an API goes down, alternatives to WordPress, and tips for getting started with web components.
392: Looking Back at 2019

392: Looking Back at 2019


Show DescriptionChris and Dave talk Typescript, whether it's worth it to use a bundler with WordPress, did Apple break parallax, and building bespoke templates in WordPress with Gutenberg.
391: RapidFire Sickness

391: RapidFire Sickness


Show DescriptionOn this episode, Chris and Dave talk Dark Mode (is it a fad?), rules for engagement, what they think of less popular frameworks, indieweb, proposing new technologies as a junior dev, combining open source tech stack issues, and work / hobby balance.
Show DescriptionZach Leatherman stops by the show to talk about his static site generator, Eleventy, as well as look back at his Front End Engineer Manifesto from 2012 and see how it holds up in 2019.
389: The Bacon Method

389: The Bacon Method


Show DescriptionDave and Chris talk about bacon, blogging, and the business of making money on the web. Are stories the new hotness? Should everything be an email newsletter? What can Dave sell for $10?
Show DescriptionChris and Dave talk about technology overwhelm, when tech breaks, when tech works amazing - and why and how tech sometimes falls out of favor.
Show DescriptionKatie Sylor-Miller stops by the ShopTalk studios to talk about her new job as Etsy's Frontend Architect as well as her experience learning Git.
Show DescriptionDave and Chris talk podcasts they're enjoying, a brief making money on the web segment, and your questions about styling old elements, encrypted media, and how to keep your boss out of your code.
Show DescriptionLive ShopTalk Show! Chris and Dave come to you live from the floor of JAMstack_conf in San Francisco answering *real* questions about JAMstack.
Show DescriptionMiriam Suzanne stops by the show to talk about Sass in 2019, design tokens, her company Oddbird, unused CSS, new CSS properties, and Dave & Chris' explanation of revert.
Show DescriptionChris and Dave revisit the state of CMS land with a discussion that mentions almost every kind of CMS available in 2019.
Show DescriptionJen Simmons is on the show to talk about how new features get shipped to browsers, when different browsers push features ahead of other browsers, talk a bit of Grid, Chris' aborting CSS, and aspect ratios and picture elements.
Show DescriptionDavid & Stephen from the Keyframers stop by to talk with Dave & Chris about the state of animation, state machines, and animation systems - as well as live streaming coding on Twitch.
Show DescriptionWe're re-introducing ourselves in case you're new around here - and then we're right back into talking about picking the perfect stack, how to charge for various tasks in client work, handling H tags in the main menu of a site, and making money on the web.
Show DescriptionChris and Dave talk about interesting ways to make money on the web including Dave's drawing app idea, games like Downwell, the Tech Lead YouTube channel, and services like Coil and Brave.
Show DescriptionChris and Dave open up the mailbag and answer your questions in an return of a classic RapidFire episode. How do you know if you're a senior developer? How do we handle sponsors in WordPress?
Show DescriptionTyler McGinnis stops by the ShopTalk Show to chat with Dave and Chris about his React courses, how he keeps up with web technology, and his thoughts on marketing and selling courses.
Show DescriptionJonathan Carter, Lead Project Manager on VS Code Live Share, talks with Chris and Dave about how to use Live Share, how you can communicate while pair programming, live share vs screen sharing, limitations of Live Share, and most importantly: who controls the terminal??
Comments (7)

Matt Wilder


Jul 28th
Reply (1)

Faisal Rashid

brohiem, where are those links?

May 13th

Leonardo Ribeiro

I've started using GraphQL because of this talk. Now I love it and want to use it everywhere. ❤️

Jan 31st

ian bwana

New frontend developer here tuning in on Peggy Rayzis' Apollo GraphQL talk. I started using it 2 weeks ago, best data management tool I've ever used

Nov 12th

Jānis Eglītis

I really like the intro music!

Oct 1st

Charlie Misner

A little too React heavy for my taste. I'm an Angular developer, and the hosts essentially ignore that Angular exists.

Jul 12th
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