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A live podcast about front end web design and UX.
333 Episodes
Macho Man Randy Standards stops by for a quick chat, Passkeys follow up, discussing the safety of Display: contents, the yellow fade technique, how hot CSS is right now (so hot), and a check in on how everyone's doing with Tears of the Kingdom.
What do you do if your computer dies? Chris applies to work at Luro, Dave applies at CodePen, Dave's Zod curious, TypeScript, sorting out a 10MB blog post, and how much do you miss jQuery?
How should a podcast start? Talking View transitions, Google's Baseline, Passkeys, how to start a company, and ordering a spicy chicken combo at Wendy's.
Dave doesn't hate the hurdy-gurdy, but it's creation is an interesting parallel to software development. OKLCH follow up, @media, Edge drops new dev tools, CSS and Astro theming, JavaScript devs discover PHP, how many people block ads, and accessibility and grids.
Chris previews a bit of his Render ATL 2023 talk, and then we mouth blog some color ideas, thoughts, and shame you for your non-HD websites.
There's a special guest on the show who takes aim at the billionaires in web dev, do we know better than the algorithm for news, why is AI training data such a secret, Chris and Dave discover JetBrains, monorepo struggles, and SVG drawing tools.
What if Taylor Swift lyrics hold the answers to web dev questions? Podcast app thoughts, using Cloudflare Zaraz, what we're excited about with CSS, Arc browser updates, and are we even developers or are we specialized systems whisperers?
Topics for this one include how do you learn about web performance news? Do you need a web components sommelier? Our thoughts on Syntax going to Sentry, and being able to focus on the things you want to focus on. Passkeys, Arc split screen, and vibe driven development.
After a brief visit from Hip Hop Dad Dave, we're talking cascade layers updates, block link practices, search element getting dropped, how to use cite, emoji list accessibility, scrollbar state, and trigonometric functions in CSS.
Is there still any value in specializing in front-of-the-frontend dev? Would you ever use the dialog element for a mobile navigation? Why did CodePen decide to use Go for its GraphQL server?
Kristin Valentine from Vox joins the show to talk about text editor CMS fun across multiple sites, Vox's Chorus, The Verge redesign, sharing Design Systems, theming articles, and a fun new game called "Can Your Text Editor Do This??"
When will AI be able to tell you the risk / reward of cleaning up trees? Are conferences back? Bringing fidgets to the web, internet as an anxiety machine, and Chris is working on talk on modern CSS in real life.
Andrey Sitnik from Evil Martians talks with us about why OKCLH is the best way forward for color on the web, how to incorporate it into design systems, getting your designers to use OKCLH, and what kind of fallback support is needed.
Reacting to the React.js documentary, is there still jobs for front of the front end anymore? The fast fallacy in frameworks, best practices, dealing with too much or too little isolation, and AI test generation.
Brian Rinaldi joins us to talk about the state of Jamstack in 2023, acronym confusion, SPA confusion, developing common tools of understanding, why Netlify bought Gatsby, and the state of developer conferences.
Fred Schott stops by to talk about TypeScript, what DX means in 2023, a bit of GripeScript, and being transparent about what Astro is good at, and what it's not.
Austin power updates, what do you need if you want to build a new JavaScript framework, and what do we hope CSS brings in 2023?
Iheanyi Ekechukwu and Mike Coutermarsh talk about PlanetScale, what Vitess is, if PlanetScale is for both side and big projects, what read only regions are, what schema changes are, and how PlanetScale compares to other projects.
Simen and Espen from Sanity stop by to talk about the origins of Sanity, how Sanity Studio works, good use cases for Sanity, how Sanity does real time updates, what Groq is, and where to start with Sanity.
549: Ben Ubois of Feedbin

549: Ben Ubois of Feedbin


Ben Ubois is the founder of Feedbin, the RSS reader of choice for Dave and Chris. What influenced the creation of Feedbin, the state of RSS in 2023, curating your RSS feed, and subscribing to newsletters in Feedbin.
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Beatrix Ducz

Quick to hire quick to fire probably works well in the senior dev world where monthly salaries start at the level of the 10% of a house. Or 100%. But not for juniors. And how do you want to have committed people if you don't care about their personal development?

May 2nd

Beatrix Ducz

we're in the business of doing things right. ❤

Feb 23rd

Beatrix Ducz

I've bought git unfuck. Yeah!

Feb 13th

Beatrix Ducz

Cool! could you please put all the useful stuff was in whe show, so that I don't have to listen earlier shows? Thanks an d happy anniversary!

Jan 18th

Beatrix Ducz

if you would like to have more followers on linkedin, just share your profile on your website. :)

Nov 28th

Betty Garbutt

Excellent podcast, I will listen in future. It is relevant to me. Heard about the Ramotion company, saw their work, it's impressive. Here's a link ( take a look, tell me your opinion about these guys. I want to cooperate with them, but I need an expert opinion.

Mar 4th

Matt Wilder


Jul 28th
Reply (1)

Faisal Rashid

brohiem, where are those links?

May 13th

Leonardo Ribeiro

I've started using GraphQL because of this talk. Now I love it and want to use it everywhere. ❤️

Jan 31st

ian bwana

New frontend developer here tuning in on Peggy Rayzis' Apollo GraphQL talk. I started using it 2 weeks ago, best data management tool I've ever used

Nov 12th

Jānis Eglītis

I really like the intro music!

Oct 1st

Charlie Misner

A little too React heavy for my taste. I'm an Angular developer, and the hosts essentially ignore that Angular exists.

Jul 12th
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