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The Slade and Mayson Show

Author: Dan Mayson

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The Slade and Mayson show is all about you (and us), o.k. mostly us, but you are in there somewhere. We hope to bring you a show that is a tad entertaining, and a but odd. We will talk about things they JUST will not talk about on live radio. So sit back and enjoy! Try not to be offended. We're here to have fun!
Oh and all that music you hear is brought to you by Danosongs (, 'cause we're not that good.

If you need to reach us, please do, we love hearing from our fan base. We are on Facebook somewhere. The Slade and Mayson Show.
140 Episodes
Sleep overs, Safety features are for dumb people, Tata nano, Merch $600000 Lamborghinis signedSleep,  howmuch do we really need? called by friends?Still wearing camo while hunting?Pudding day, Fart sounds for Tesla carsGhost busters 3Toy story 4 and toy story 5, Joker, joker 2 Keebler peanut butter and jelly crackersIceysomethinicey
We talked about Food, Taco Bell, McDonald's, McRib, Brimley's, Pouchies, Drinking, Saul Rabinowitz, pumpkin spice, stuff, Ginger Baker, Cream, easy open packages, Andy Rooney.
Coffee, joker, SNL. trump, getting shot by boyfriend, hospital, most expensive coffee, football, redskins, recalls, iceysomethinicey
Area 51,, pumpkin Spice, prison, job, buzzards, tv, friends, elephants, food, Halloween, Autumn festival, Oktoberfest, Christmas, harvest, Brimley's
Toys, Super Heros, Naked Attraction, icey somthin icey 
We talked about pot, juul's, Snail framing, football, fall, autumn, Equifax data breach scam, hound dogs, dano music, kfc, coffee
Andy Rooney, Redskins, Dallas Cowboys, drinking, Labor Day, hurricane Dorian, tick tock, mini corn dogs, weird warm weather in the morning, friends with benefits, days off, vacation, football, sports, cooking, recipes, Windows 7, Windows 10, Chicken Boy
Some stuff we talked about.  football, larry king, jean cramer, whiskey, whiskey sour, fedor, sportskey words: Autumn, Autumn festival, autumn leaves background, fall harvest, Halloween, banners, pumpkin, borders, Halloween, ghostsBack to school, First day of school, back to school sale, school backpack, 
We talked about Dick Tracy, flying cars, self driving cars, cell phone, Monty hall problem, cracker jacks, gifts, color tv, national fajita day
August 11, 2019

August 11, 2019


Returns, hospitals, apple watch, 23&Me, international Son and Daughters day, car parts, tents, support lines, bicycles
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