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The Motivational Dude Podcast

Author: Ross Anderson

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The Motivational Dude Podcast is for those who seek to create a
happy, healthy and fulfilling life! Each week your host Ross Anderson (The Motivational Dude!) will explore the disciplines necessary for you to optimise your mind and body and outline the practical steps you need to take to do so. All delivered with the perfect balance of silly, serious and science! Topics will include nutrition, neuroscience, sleep,
meditation, gut health, fitness, motivation and more. Ross is a psychologist and wellbeing expert. His passion is the science and wisdom of wellbeing; his purpose, to optimise lives.
25 Episodes
In this episode you'll discover:-your two age types (bio and chrono)-how stress can heavily impact your biological age -how meditation can positively impact your biological age -how you can reverse ageing -some specific benefits of meditation 
In this episode you'll discover:-the 3 types and what they represent -an exercise to get you on track (or back on track)-some questions we all should be asking ourselves 
In this episode you'll discover:-A conversation between two people that speaks volumes -A question well worth pondering -An exercise for helping your find your purpose, or at least move toward it-The power of a toilet pan 
In this episode you'll discover:-how many of us perceive fear and how its holding us back -how to deal with fear -how to be more courageous when facing your fears
In this short episode you'll discover:the thought process of a double champ (UFC and olympian)a 3 step process you must embrace if you are to achieve great successwhy 99% of people fail to realise their goals and dreams 
In this episode you will discover:the untapped power of having the right kind of relationships How to assess your relationships so you can move forward and experience a better life 3 types of friends and the impact of each on your life some wise wisdom from Ross's Grandmother (who needs Socrates when you have gran)
Let's experiment!Learn a simple scientific method to positively shift your mental state in as little as 30 seconds so as to feel less anxious and stressed and more grounded, positive and in control.  
In this short episode you'll discover:One of the key factors that negatively impacts our sleepHow this factor may also contribute to weight gainOne quick and simple sleep tactic to sleep better, feel better and live healthier
Years ago someone taught me a very wise way of looking at nutrition. Rather than making things difficult, this individual taught me to take a simple approach. Smart but simple. Listen in so you too can utilise this advice.
In this short episode you’ll discover:the benefits of fastingwhy fasting is key for rejuvenation a tool that can rebalance your gut in as little as 24 hours
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