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Author: Therese Heart

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Practical + magickal! Intuitive Therese (AMM) is an online Spiritual Life Coach based in the Philippines. Her life changed drastically in 2012 when she started developing her psychic abilities, working with Spirit Guides (e.g. Angels), and developing her own spirituality and connection with Source/God through new thought philosophy. Drawing from her gender and development background, love for learning, and years of practical experience life as an Intuitive, Therese expands your way of perceiving the world, your self, and life. It turns out, you are not so small after all.
2 Episodes
Once a confident, happy child who proudly called herself the "class jester", realities of deception, lies, manipulation, bullying & abuse forced her to retreat, to lose trust in herself in others, and desperately look for love and healing. This is a story of how Therese overcame and transformed trauma and loneliness into hope and interconnection. This is a story of how no matter how messed up your relationships are, you can heal and love and be loved. This is a story of how no matter how emotionally dependent you are on vices as a means to find the support and love you crave for, and no matter how much you project your issues on people, and become manipulative and lying yourself--you can have redemption, true healing, and your faith in the Higher power and of the goodness of life restored. Bio:  Therese Heart (formerly Therese Castro) is an International Spiritual Life Coach and Angelic Channel who has been working with empathic professional women, helping them make informed decisions towards their big dreams and goals through practical insight from their guardian Angels and clairvoyant card readings since 2015. Having conducted over 1000 readings, Therese believes that no one is ever alone and that everyone, through their power of choice, can turn their tragedy into triumph. Therese was a radio guest for New York-based International Angels Network (IAN) which had featured famous psychics such as Hay House’s Colette Baron-Reid, to discuss the “4 Keys to Metamorphosis” which talked about how grace and persistence helped her change her life. Therese is a Certified Angel Medium and Mentor by International Association Angel Practitioners (IAAP), a Featured Contributor for Mod & Alt Health Magazine, and published author (Warrior Women with Angel Wings: Illuminate Your Joy Anthology 5).Read more 
The first installment of the Guided by Wings podcast! Your host, Intuitive Therese Heart invites listeners to an Angel Moment, a break from the everyday grind to reconnect and ask for guidance, nourishment, and strength. The Angel for this episode is Opal who reminds us that though we are children of God, we don't have the carry the weight of the world on our shoulders! We are surrounded by community in Spirit and in the physical.Love and gratitude, Intuitive Therese ♥Services and Bookingwww.intuitivetherese.acuityscheduling.comSocial
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