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What’s the next dream surf destination on your bucket list? Once all the current Coronavirus / Covid-19 / zombie apocalypse craziness is over, where will you go? Well, you can listen up to the Smorgasboarder podcast for plenty of inspiration. We talk with none other than Shaun Levings, the former founder and owner of World Surfaris, along with his son Jai who have just launched a bespoke surf charter - Island Hop Maldives Experience - cruising through the Maldivian Atolls. Details and links at
Wooden surfboard enthusiast, board builder and Alley Fish Fry founder - we talk with Grant about his passions and what motivates him to lead rather than follow. Links and details on
They say 'variety is the spice of life" and we wholeheartedly agree. That’s the reason why, years ago, we were immediately drawn to the work of a bloke called Dave Verrall - the man behind Diverse Surfboards. We chat to Dave about diversity amongst other things. 
He shapes all manner of custom surfboards but all with a performance orientation in mind. Recently Steve Del Rosso cut the power to his planer for just a little while to shed some light on the focus of his designs. Not too long ago, Steve opened a Clearwater Surfboards retail shop at 46 Currumbin Creek Road. Part of the reason was to have some stock boards on display so crew could view and get a feel for his boards. The main reason however was to enable him to dial into his designs even more. Steve picks up the conversation.
Ash Keillah just oozes positivity. It’s infectious and inspiring, because positivity is fundamental when life throws a spanner in the works. More commonly known as ‘The Friendly Pirate’, Ash is a surfer who rips, was a contestant on My Kitchen Rules (MKR), is a soon-to-be father, and someone that has overcome an incredible ordeal that risked to ruin his competitive surfing career. We recently sat down with the Friendly Pirate to find out more about his story and how we can be as happy as him. Interview by Alex Benaud
 BIG GHOST FANSTalking to Shane Atkins, we find out what Mark Richards, Gary Elkerton, Rob Machado and Hawaiian big wave charger Jamie O’Brien have in common. More on, new Smorgasboarder t-shirts and hoodies are available! Check them out at
Nick Muntz from Pistol Surf Co talks about what its like to be a part of today's surf industry and gives us an insight into their latest range of deck grips, traction pads and gear. We also discuss the Pistol Surf Crew’s recent epic trip to the North West Coast of Australia which resulted in a ripping film called Desert Blue. Links and show notes: Jack O'Grady
GUT FEELINGYou’ve heard the saying, well now gain a little more understanding of what it means. Alex Benaud talks with Jess Gardner, a qualified naturopath who is furthering her studies into human nutrition about how our diet - and certain foods we eat - can not only affect us physically but also emotionally. Jess also discusses how our environmental footprint can be linked all the way back to how we think and feel. Links and show notes on
Dave talks with legendary surfboard shaper Mark Rabbidge and fibreglass maestro Neal Cameron about all manner of stuff from the evolution of surfboard industry through to the emergence of the modern day longboard, the merits of surfer shapers, the guise of protech finishes and what’s maintaining their surf stoke nowadays. 
Internationally acclaimed and award-winning photographer and former editor of New Zealand Surfing Magazine, Craig Levers, gives us his perspective how the surf media landscape has irreversibly changed over the past decade. In turn we talk about Craig’s favourite Kiwi surf breaks, what freaks him out, the white shark named KZ7, his photography and his equipment along with his series of coffee table books, which are simply out of this world.Links at
Peter Sheely Custom FitNewcastle’s master shaper has been making surfboards for close to 50 years. Today he specialises in nothing but custom designs, all made in house by himself, by hand, from start to finish. Pete also makes some pretty sweet looking acoustic and electric guitars. We talk with him about his beloved crafts and what rocks his world.  
THERE IN A JIFFYSmorgasboarder's New Zealand correspondent Jeff “Jiff” Morris talks about growing up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, delivering t-shirts in a Rolls Royce, his love for Boomerang Beach and what prompted his move to semi-retire in the Land of the Long White Cloud.
Sit back and enjoy our chat with resident Smorgasboarder artist and creator of the Aloha Barry cartoon, Darren Marks, aka Curl, about the inspiration behind his work and why to this day he remains such a crap surfer. Please be warned this podcast has a fair dose of swearing along with references to alcohol consumption, drugs, vegans and a questionable dolphin named Kevin.
Today we talk surf business and entrepreneurship with Mark Ranucci... About what it means to be a part of a collective, the Surf Collective specifically.  In the space of two short years this united front for independent surf businesses has been able to attract the likes of some 70-80 grassroots exponents of Aussie surf culture spanning some 38 different categories from surf apparel to accessories, photography, art and even surf workshops.Links on the Smorgasboarder website.
Jye Gudenswager is the fourth generation of his family to be a pioneer in surfboard design - hence the business name Gen4 Surfboards. The tradition  began with Jye’s great grandfather Frank Adler who built some of the first plywood surfboards know as ‘toothpicks’ during the 1940s. Frank was followed into the surfing world by his son-in-law Ken, who owned a string of well-known surf stores throughout the East Coast of Australia such as Adler Surf Centre and Ken Custom Surfboards, before owning San Juan Surfboards in Byron Bay. Jye’s father is a four-time Queensland surfing representative who competed for Snapper Rocks board riders club throughout the 1980s and '90s.Alex Benaud sits down with Jye for a chat about boards, surfing, the Gold Coast and more. Enjoy!Links and notes at
HERE COME THE ROOSTER!A self-described Hillbilly from Tennessee, The Rooster has worked with legends of the surf industry, surfed against the likes of CJ and Damien Hobgood on the NSSA, partied with Jay Adams in Hawaii and even learned to screen print from none other than Lords of DogTown legend Skip Engblom. This man has experienced life to the full and this is one cracking interview. Meet Gregg Weber of Rooster Brand Surfboards. Notes and links at
These boys are the epitome of the Smorgasboarder spiritGiven the popularity of our interview with Thomas Bexon and Jake Bowrey of Thomas Surfboards just prior to Christmas, we thought we would bring your more of our interview with the boys. In part two of our interview we talk about the evolution of Thomas Surfboards from days and nights at the old shed right through to the types of boards they now shape, including who has jumped on board as team riders.Notes and links at
Far from DONE.Jed once had dreads, went by the name Bushrat and was obsessed with flex. Recently he cut his hair, rebranded his surfboard label and begun crafting all manner of shapes. We find out why. Links at
In the Great Australian Bight, permission has been granted for seismic testing for oil, prior to offshore drilling - all in one of our most pristine marine environments.  Smorgasboarder South Australian correspondent Jimmy Ellis talks with Peter Owen from the Wilderness Society - who also happens to be a Victor Harbour resident and concerned South Australian. What’s he concerned about? The pure lunacy of oil in the Bight. If something was to go wrong, the scale of disaster would make Deep Water Horizon look like a drop in the ocean.People who want to stand against this, should look to join a local paddle out in SA, Victoria on March 3rd and possibly organise one in their local area if they are in different regions.For more information and a full feature article, see the current edition (#44) of Smorgasboarder magazine at the petition to save the Great Australian Bight from exploitation by the big oil mining companies lining up for risky, deep-sea drilling at   #fightforthebightLinks at
The Biggest Surfboard Label to have ever come out of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast… It’s quite a statement. Well, we said it and believe it to be true. In this episode of the Smorgasboarder podcast we talk with the boys behind the globally renowned Thomas Surfboards in Noosa – Thomas Bexon and Jake Bowrey. They share with us their passion for the board building craft along with an insight into their new state-of-the-art, super hip surfboard factory / retail premises / fitness centre / barber shop / creative space.Notes and links at
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