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On a journey Inspired to develop a series of life coach services as my natural name LoraXplora™ this fun podcast was born. It is together that we explore the best connections & practices in body, mind, spirit community, and well being (and more!) Join me for spontanious inspirations, interviews, intriguing real-life questions and adventures. Collaboration! We learn how to thrive and share it forward with some real humor and true vulnerability. © Copyright 2019 Laura M. Moutal Inc. LoraXplora™ & Laura Inspired Project Podcast are copyrights of Laura M. Moutal Inc. All Rights Reserved. Support this podcast:
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How to spot an apology that has strings attached, and we ourselves may be aksing for forgiveness with something in return. I believe that we must be givers - that means ultimately we are giving not for personal gain but to be empathetic, and genuine. If you are giving to gain something, it is a warning you have been programmed to see that as positive. When you are more aware of this in yourself, and you become aware of this in others.... you may come across some great challenges. I believe too, this awareness is very important. Are you satisfying Ego? Or are you truly coming from the heart?!Also, forgiveness does not mean tolerance. Boundaries and consequences to actions are very important to carry out. You empower others to continue - you teach people what you will accept. Learn skills in recognizing this behavior and how to correct it. I am still learning it myself, and I definitely wanted to share this forward. With all my gratitude and joy, for all the gifts in our lives...LoraXplora™ Support this podcast:
Key takeaways from this episode:1. When you are in the right frame of mind (gratitude, open, share, community) the universe answers you back2. There are fascinating communities right next to you that show themselves once you are open... (such as the CGL)3. Gratitude Opens Doors and inspires productivity, healing, and changes that once may have seemed difficult become harmonious4. Judy, and Jim and all they touch are living it forward!Very Special Thank you & Heartfelt Gratitude to Jim Trela,  Judy Ulmas, and for their platforms, encouragement, and having me as a guest on their podcast!!SPONSOR THIS EPIDOSE: click on the linkEpisode Links:James G Trela, Host of The Art of Grateful Leadership podcast W. Ulmas, Senior Vice President, Author, Facilitator International Institute for Learning, Inc. M. Moutal, CPT, CSI  Mind in Motion Coach, Loraplora™ Podcast*** (Want a link to those awesome pea-crips, don't you! ... coming soon, very soon!) ***--- Support this podcast:
Graffiti and self expression, Gratitude, and being Wild & Free. I launched this Grateful Dirt Tour new series because it just feels natural.  I spend a lot of time in nature connecting with more than just nature and myself and others. This is about the reminder of just being Grateful. Let's collaborate on what that means for each of us. What is the true nature & intention of your gratitude? Of your message? Of your choices? Let's feel gratitude right where you are - right now. More to come, and lots more to share! Grateful this episode for Judy U and CGL, Leslie and Julie, Mike & Mike, Jorge & Sweetpea, Max & Dick, Fonz & Shannanigans, Eric & Joanne, Bob the Mayor, Jim and Rudy!--- Support this podcast:
Be mindless not mindful! Be aware how to let go of control in order to grow.--- Support this podcast:
You think you have influence on the way your life will turn out? Sometimes you have to just wing it, and trust that no matter what there's another plan for you perhaps.... or that you are supposed to be growing from not knowing your direction. That's the adventure. :) Trust me when I, the mapper of maps, share that truly the best of my life is happening without a map. I would have never guessed.--- Support this podcast:
in every day in every way I’m learning more and more and most important take away I have from everything I hear and learn and everything I know up until this very moment.... is to be authentic without fear. Real challenges. Real solutions, and not the fluffy stuff. Life can be challenging and through my life and others we’ve learned and we continue to learn how to navigate the challenges and to continue to thrive. By sharing it. I share their stories and bring the realness forward to encourage someone to want to learn more, and get real. This is so much more than fitness, mindset, environment, conditioning, and old programs! Let’s get real and make some radical leaps together. And Yes, we definitely still are going to have fun and laugh a lot too. Are you in?--- Support this podcast:
Make a comeback!

Make a comeback!


It’s been a while after a BIG Break in routine but I found it important to check back in! I’m always inspired by people that never stop their amazing awesome voices and how helpful this can be. It is a beautiful reminder that even in our struggles if we reach out, and speak up we find that there is another voice who may share or teach and help us just when we felt alone. Just by their speaking up. We are not alone. ON TAKING A BREAK it is a challenge of mine. In this episode I speak about that dreaded day off... a day off from my fitness mornings the ones that I encourage (laugh! I am human) and how interesting that habit change may be - and how self-discovering it truly is as well. Always learning... better every day .--- Support this podcast:
This episode is about conditioning and creating the best habits for yourself. This requires practice every single day with incredible repetition, discipline and having a vision. You need to have an outcome that you are emotional about achieving, a compelling why, other words what is your big purpose and you have to stick to it no matter what anyone says or does. Let these be healthy habits that inspire And encourage yourself to continue forward in a beautiful example even. Be brave, be a leader and inspire others! Just as you can condition a new habit you can unconditioned an old one. Never give up!--- Support this podcast:
We make a choice everytime something upsets us. What I heard from Tony Robbins this morning reminded me about that - we always have a choice. What meaning are you giving to this event, situation, feeling, relationship etc.? Is it an empowering one? I caught myself feeling that anxiety about a situation and said "wait! I am not making the right choice! I must work that muscle the right way!" So here it is, a quick hit to you - work the choice-muscle by first being aware of it and then practice making the most empowering meaning about what you are dealing with. You ALWAYS have a choice. An empowering meaning takes time to build but you know that the more you do something (and focus on something) the stronger it grows. The key to longevity, strength, and strong muscles require constant work. I am so grateful to truly hear this message today, and to be fortunate enough to share it with you!--- Support this podcast:
You decide the best serving focus at any given moment. Is it a focus that serves towards your goals and right intentions or does it take away? You have the power of choice. Next are your words that you’re speaking about what you want to focus on serving you or take you away?again it’s all the same focus what is the right words you can use more serving words you can use to help you through the situation and it’s not a challenge anymore it’s not an obstacle anymore it’s just something you need to do so make the decision. When you share something you learned that’s a good since you are also reinforcing it in your self as well!So how about sharing it forward? ACTION STEPS: 1. Choose your focus, 2. Practice each time you get to a point like this, 3. Choose good words!, and 3. Repeat & teach it forward!--- Support this podcast:
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