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Sorav Jain's Digital Marketing & Personal Branding Talk Show

Author: Sorav Jain

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Welcome to my podcast show, to get some fantastic industry insights and stay updated in Digital Marketing, listen to some digital marketer's lifestyle issues and how to solve them, subscribe to this channel.
You shall get daily motivation, tips, digital marketing agency, advice, strategies and I shall answer questions related to digital marekting.
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Recently my Instagram followers count successfully reached 100k and a lot of you had asked me how I did it! This podcast exclusively covers all my strategies and tips that I have practiced in the past few years to increase my Instagram followers.
Avi Arya is the Master of Videos, extremely active on Social Networking sites, and known for his Hero Introductions. A street car racer turned hotelier now social media marketer and founder of Internet Moguls who also runs the AskAviArya university online and trains on MVM the micro-video mastery programme. Here we talk about topics ranging from strategies in promoting videos, what hero introduction is, how important videos are in personal branding and more.
In this special talk session, I interact with Karan Shah, the Director of IIDE and a pioneer for digital marketing education in the country. This podcast is an insightful Q&A session with Karan, touching upon topics such as the scope of digital marketing in India and the career prospects it brings.  We also discuss trending topics such as the significance of digital marketing as a career in today's business world. Stay tuned till the end, where Karan and I field some interesting questions from our audience. 
Everybody wants to be an Influencer. But not many know who is an Influencer and what they are supposed to do as one. Is it a person with thousands of followers? Or just a mini online celebrity.  Listen to the full podcast to know what defines an Influencer!
Client pitches can be tricky. It is those few minutes or hours with them that decides if you can get a long-term deal or not. So how to make the most of the time? How should you structure your pitch? What are the key things to include? Listen to this podcast and find out 3 tips for a successful client pitch.
It is the beginning of a new year and as Digital Marketers we are all eager to see what the new year has for us! So here it is, my analysis of what can you expect in 2020 in the digital world! Take some time out and explore the top 20 Digital Marketing trends for 2020. Listen to the full podcast to learn what is going to trend and rule the Digital Marketing world in 2020!
<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--> Recently I had this fantastic opportunity of interviewing Pat Flynn, who holds the future of podcasts and has uploaded more than 15,000 podcasts in 3 different sections. The trend of the podcast is growing immensely, where the number of podcasters is still moderate. Listen to the podcast for an introduction into the world of the podcast and grasp a few essential tips to sustain and grow in this industry.
<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->Michael Janda is a very popular name in the designing world, he is also an agency veteran and author of the best-selling book, ‘Burn Your Portfolio’.  Tune in for witnessing a penetrative interview with Michael Janda on creating a cohesive social media presence with a strategic social media branding and designing tips.  Listen to podcast till the end to get all your doubts cleared with Michael Janda.
Digital marketing is one of the top-notch career options in the present, and everyone seems to join the crew of digital marketing.  A lot of you must have wondered how long this industry boom in the market? Is Digital marketing likely to see a downfall in the upcoming years or its gonna boom like never before?  Listen to the podcast to reveal the mystery behind the future of careers in digital marketing.
Artificial Intelligence is a booming industry in the market, making the jobs of humans much easier and systematic. Will Artificial Intelligence act as a hindrance to digital marketing or will it help the marketers work quickly and efficiently?  Listen to this podcast to know my viewpoints on this paradox between AI and DM.
When you hear the word "Brand", does your brain immediately think about a company with its esteemed identity? That stereotype can be changed as you can create your very own personal brand when you are a student and create a leveraging advantage in the coming future.  Listen to the entire podcast to get ideas on how to become a brand when you are a student.  Stay tuned till the end.
Being in the field of Digital Marketing for a long run made me realise that education and learning don't necessarily have to cost you a hefty sum of money. But it does take determination and passion for learning to make it big.  So are you an enthusiastic learner who wants to take forward the trends of digital marketing?  Listen to the podcast to find out ways to learn Digital marketing for free.
It doesn't matter how many hours you work in a day to become successful; it's how you utilize the time you work. Being a digital marketing trainer, I try to allocate my time to have a balance between my work and personal life. Do you wanna know how my day looks like from the start till the end?  Listen keenly to the podcast to get insights on my daily routine.
<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->I am known in the online world for being a Digital Marketer, but recently I finally set up Digital Scholar, a Digital Marketing Institute, which I was planning to open for a long time. Often during my agency life, I did get invites to train a few corporate organizations and conducted a few boot camps. But Digital Scholar gave me an opportunity to become a full time, in-house trainer, and that was quite a journey. Listen to the podcast and find out how I became a Digital Marketing Trainer.
<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--> This generation is marked by the presence of Social Media on the Internet and the presence of people on Social Media platforms. When this culture began almost a decade back, many Social Media platforms tried their luck and failed, while a few caught on and stayed to last. So what is the future of the Social Media Platforms that we so dearly love?  Listen to the entire podcast and get the insights!
HIV is not the end of life. If you are strong-willed, you can make an impact in your life, and many others. It was great fun and inspiration to talk to Raif Derrazi, where he speaks about his journey from being diagnosed with HIV and how he is now out strong and making a strong impact in the online world. Listen to the full podcast for this amazing interview.
If you are running an agency, you will come across many clients, both good and bad. Just for the sake of an offer, you really can not go saying Yes to everyone. You should learn which client should be the Full Stop and which should be the Title for a new story. Listen to the podcast and find out why you should say No to some of your clients.
Many people want to jump into the promising career of Digital Marketing, but it is a broad umbrella term with many specialties under it. So where do you start? Listen to the podcast and find out what should you master first in your Digital Marketing Journey.
E36: Learn to say NO

E36: Learn to say NO


Are you skilled at something? Do people come to you for suggestions? Do people value your advice seriously? Then stop giving away stuff for free! It has taken you years to master your art. You have practised, made mistakes and reached to the level you are at now. So listen to the whole podcast and find out the importance of saying, 'NO'.
Instagram has been the talk of the Digital Ecosphere in the last couple of years and has grown tremendously. Every celebrity, influencer, sportsperson, and even ministers have taken over this platform to leverage their influence. But to be categorized as an influencer, one should not just have a big follower base, but also a relevant follower base. So how do you do that? Listen to the entire podcast and know it yourself.
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