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Welcome to NittyLiveTv where Uncensored Truth is presented in perspectives. In blunt and funny format. I help all around me no matter the age. I travel to network and connect with lives all over. I accept donations rather then ask for it. I have goals to create a place where it does not cost you a dime to receive an opportunity or resource. Support this podcast:
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You must understand: 3 parts yourself. 1. mind 2. mouth / voice 3. heart. In this segment I further explain how the manifestation of your vibrations came to be. This will be the first episode and the season of vibrations of manifestations. If you would like to be a guest speaker please DM which way you are available. --- Support this podcast:
It is sure hard to speak to energies that do not want you around. Do not let those same energies make you feel like you are a mistake or you will be misplaced if you find yourself in the presence of other Energies. --- Support this podcast:
Beware of the words you use because the ears need to hear comfort when it's a possible unfriendly or unwatchable tone to be released. --- Support this podcast:
A fresh of breath air.

A fresh of breath air.


Don't forget to remember your wins, to give thanks to your fight, and to honor those that have brought light into your life. Now that is a fresh of breath air. --- Support this podcast:
Shae-Nitty comes out to Oakland California. While out there she manages to book an interview with one of the hottest Indie radio stations out in Berkeley California 94.1 KPFA WHAP radio show introducing her newest and latest single More Love now available on majority platforms and video out now. --- Support this podcast:
You are not obligated to show likeness to a human vessel if you have decided to accept the spirit self. Provide healing instead of distractions. --- Support this podcast:
I ask a fee questions to get an insight about what many understand about relations and the level that presents itself. --- Support this podcast:
You can easily get disteacted by anothers dreams. Do not allow yourself to be sway by a sell but rather an action. --- Support this podcast:
It is a hard thing to keep your resepct in your craft. It is a honor to be as talented or creative you are. Do not let others dictate how and where you are leveling up to go. --- Support this podcast:
Put a Cap On Your Energy.

Put a Cap On Your Energy.


Capping. I turned capping into a personally motive. If you do not add to my growth then i have to put a cap on my energy and sip it else where. --- Support this podcast:
Feelings and Emotions! Get them before they consume you!. At the end of this episode I have a lesson plan or self challenge to complete! Stay till the end and also give feedback not only for support buy for growth and interactions. --- Support this podcast:
Be Great. Take Responsibility. Stand For Your Accountability. You are Blessed and Your Words and Actions Create A whole New Space Of Opportunity For Your Growth Within Your World. #NLTVLMLK #NittyLiveTv --- Support this podcast:
You Must Create and Understand Your Passion to Plan For The Drive To Your Success! ------'------NittyLiveTv.LMLK --- Support this podcast:
Cado San #defgun @lonelyboydream contact: He is A Spiritual Mindset and A Pure Creative Creator. s/o @wealthysoultribe for the interview, location, and #ViBes ! --- Support this podcast:
The universe is good you just have to find the right good for you! --- Support this podcast:
Sleep Talk with L.M.L.K

Sleep Talk with L.M.L.K


Principle of my dream.. Good morning --- Support this podcast:
Our bodies are very important. Let us not keep puting what will eventually kill our insides within our bodies. This is a story that yes check the truth.. Though it is a greater principle from the story presented as informative rather then factual. NLTV ft Killa Cas "Mountian Dew Talk" --- Support this podcast:
We gotta stop Assumming

We gotta stop Assumming


Let us not assume a person is speaking at is and complaining. Accept the questions in the air and the statments being stated. --- Support this podcast:
Color and Why we should get off it. Special guest ft @TheQuantumPlane on insta. Life is hard. Though if we keep making it all about color it deff will get harder and unsafer. We must start to check each Other as spirits controlling a host and learn substance and perspectives are what rule and control the planet but is what keeps us connected to our spirit. #NittyLiveTv. --- Support this podcast:
Promise YourSelf...

Promise YourSelf...


It is hard to not let your self be the victim of a promise be great and be outspoken about your truth. --- Support this podcast:
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