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Author: Becks Turner

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I like to say: When life gives you melons, make Melonade! Life gave me dyslexia and over time I’ve learnt to appreciate the strengths in learning differently. Melonade is a series of podcasts about my experience of being neurodiverse. I will be sharing all the amazing conversations I have been having with people about the term, their experiences and their thoughts on how education can be changed to support the neurodiverse.
Cover art photo provided by 煜翔 肖 on Unsplash:
5 Episodes
In this episode I talk to Daniel Oliver about his practise, being dyspraxia and our views on disability and neurodiversity.
Speaking with Pauline, who works as a dyslexia support tutor at my uni about neurodiversity and the help offered to students in higher education.
In this episode I’m talking with my mum about when she noticed I was dyslexic and how she helped me to deal with it. We also explore my experience throughout education and our love of the arts and the importance it has in education. I had a cold when we recorded this so bare with me and merry Christmas!
In this podcast, I’m talking with my house mate and good friend about our experience of exams and when we where diagnosed with dyslexia. Let me know your thoughts!
This is an introduction to my podcast, Melonade. Where I will have conversations with some amazing people about their experience of being neurodiverse. I will also be speaking with a variety of people about their thoughts on the term neurodiversity and how education can change to support neurological differences.
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