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Tales of Valor & Sorcery

Author: Erik Jensen

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A podcast about tabletop gaming, adventure fiction, comics, and (inevitably) food. Support this podcast:
6 Episodes
Erik reviews 'Three Sad Wizards' and 'Advent of the Avalanche Lords', covers his D&D birthday party, and complains fruitlessly about con beggars. --- Support this podcast:
Containing a discussion of 'holiday episodes' in your campaign, and a review of DCC #79.5 'Tower of the Black Pearl'. --- Support this podcast:
On convention games - running them, playing in them, surviving them. --- Support this podcast:
Catching up after a month. --- Support this podcast:
Latest episode of Tales of Valor & Sorcery --- Support this podcast:
The first, stumbling episode of Tales of Valor & Sorcery! Apologies for some weird mic noises in this episode - there's learning going on. --- Support this podcast:
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