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Author: Joe Gattone

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The World of Real Estate, As I See It. Support this podcast:
5 Episodes
Many buyers are holding off on buying a property in an obvious sellers market. However, I'm not sure there's a better situation waiting for them in the future.  --- Support this podcast:
What do the numbers say? Is the market in jeopardy for everyone? Or just agents? Seems like the public and the values are safe - but business as an agent may not be.  --- Support this podcast:
You can check out all 5 individual posts on Facebook You can also read through them on my blog - Please subscribe and follow! :) --- Support this podcast:
Episode 2! - Dismantling 2 large myths surrounding the buying process (down payment and credit score), tax benefits to owning, HOAs and their opportunity costs, and monthly payment breakdown. :) --- Support this podcast:
Episode 1 - An explanation of the real estate commission structure in IL. --- Support this podcast:
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