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Blowing your mind and tickling your funny bone. The guys discuss an interesting topic each week with their unique and hilarious thoughts.
Take a funny break and learn something new at the same time. You deserve it.
64 Episodes
The history lesson continues.  Columbus sails, a Russian king obsesses over hairstyles, Nixon resigns, voters are suppressed, and the sad fate of Alfalfa,
Special guest Tim Sheets joins the guys this week as they discuss all things in history from 7-26 to 8-1.
This week the guys discuss hollow earth, Circus Maximus, alien octopi, and a king who may or may not have been bald.
Breaking Guinness records, breaking into the Queen's bedroom, a famous band breaking up on stage, and breaking a cat's heart.  All this and more in This Week In History July edition part III.
All things in history this week.  Includes pugilistic bare-knuckle fighting, Elvis's first song, vice-presidential dueling, and setting off atomic bombs in space!
A brand new segment!  This week the guys tell you absolutely everything you need to know about what happened this week in history.   Also, Matt tells the 'phantom pooper' story of his time cleaning up aisles in a grocery store.
Mitch Hedberg

Mitch Hedberg


This week we honor one of our favorite comedians, the late Mitch Hedberg.
The Future

The Future


What will life be like in the year 2080, and will Nate be around to see it?  Future tech, advancements, and ethics.  The guys get it all settled this episode.
This week the guys discuss their favorite book and J.D. Salinger yells at them to get off his lawn (if you really want to know about it.)
Sports Bloopers

Sports Bloopers


Just three dudes telling tales about legendary athletic feats.
Covid Conspiracies

Covid Conspiracies


What exactly is happening to our world?  Are there things we aren't being told about the Coronavirus and its origins?  And who are they to tell us not to reopen our country?  Those are absolutely, without a doubt, three questions.  The Wuhan Tang Clan did it.  This week on the Think Funny Podcast.  
Get Rich Quick

Get Rich Quick


We have an amazing business opportunity for you.  All you have to to is end up friendless and broke.   Listen and find out how!!!!  MLM's and Get Rich Quick Schemes, this week on The Think Funny Podcast.
The Tiger King

The Tiger King


It's got it all, murder, mayhem, rednecks, guns, tigers, politics... but that's The Think Funny Podcast, and we can't change who we are.   This week, The Tiger King!
This week we're feeling pretty, pretty, pretty good.  The guys examine the life and genius of Larry David, co-creator and visionary of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm.    A face on the Mt. Rushmore of comedy and leader of the bald community... thanks LD.
Men's Fashion

Men's Fashion


We at the Think Funny Podcast have a passion for fashion.*  We live it.*  We breathe it.*  Today, we dish about it.  Men's fashion.  It's our 50th episode baby. *Lies
Think Funny Podcast host Nate Sadler shares his lifelong passion for Rush, along with reflections on their legendary drummer Neil Peart, and the very real impact an artist can have on their fans.   RUSH on!       



Aaron and Jenni are live from the Magic Kingdom this week with Nate and Matt joining in for an in depth and hilarious discussion of Disneyland. Thinking of going soon? Here's what you need to know and probably a lot you don't. 
Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays


Christmas time is here!  The guys share memories, history, and strange events from around the world. 
Modern artist Maurizio Cattelan duct taped a banana to a wall at the Art Basel show in Miami and it sold for $120,000.  What's up with that?  The guys discuss the meaning of modern art and even some of their feelings.   
This week we are very honored to have Jim Hope on the show.  Jim has worked in television as a writer and producer for over 30 years, receiving 3 Emmy nominations while working on a wide variety of our favorite shows.   Jim reflects on his career and provides an insider's look into the professional comedy writing life.  
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been dozer

this is the best. grandpa would be sitting there in the dark eating an apple

Apr 16th
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