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Random Thoughts Show is a variety show that covers many topics. Politics,Life,Culture, and all in-between. Conversations can get really explicit at times.
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80 Episodes
This episode I talk about Neighbors from hell.
This episode I want to know if you would marry a porn star?
This episode I lash out at another viewer and talk about jobs I dislike.
This episode I talk about distracted driving.
This episode I talk about Spring cleaning. I also diss a former friend Darius for selling equipment I loaned him.
This episode talk about people with annoying personalities.
This episode I talk about The block button. Who invented it? Does it help get rid of bullies?
This episode I rant about teaching people who frustrates me.
This episode I vent about people who accuses him of being a fake and liar. Check out bonus track music video at the end of segment "Good-bye my friends remixed" Lyrics: Good-bye my friends It's time to go, I've gotta leave I've got to go, cause I can't take no more oh no I'm going through the door Said I've gotta leave My life is no more, life is no more Said I've got to leave, got to go Farewell see you in hell, see you in hell Bid you farewell, gotta go Got to go, say good-bye it's a suicide I've got to leave, begging please Now I'm begging please, got to leave
This episode I talk about losing interest in relationships with friends,girl friends,boy friends,and family.
This episode I barks about the over use of words and phrases.
This episode I discuss Corporal Punishment. This is what America lacks today.
This episode I talk about the common cold.
This episode I talk about going out with single friends. Do your girl friend let you do that?
This episode I rant about Saint Valentine's Day
This episode we compare rude behavior to being mean.
This is a live new episode about a rat boy bitch ass nigga named Miguel. I don't trouble people but If provoked i will retaliate hence this rant. Check out my political podcast
This show Reh Dogg talks about dreams and visions. Do they mean anything?
This show Reh Dogg talks about working along side someone who doesn't share your belief.
This show Reh Dogg talks about technology. Many of us depend on it too much. Has it made us dumber? I believe so.
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