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Author: The Reverend

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A show where we talk about Kinks, Fetishes and the lifestyle that goes along with it. Hosted by The Reverend!

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Hello Kinksters! We just wanted to come tell you about a new exciting project that we are doing called, "The Comedy Dungeon" The Reverend and House Algos were supposed to team up and do a comedy night at Sanctuary LAX back in April..... Fucking COVID... The Reverend has decided to do a Virtual Comedy Night instead!  Friday August 14th! Mark your calendars!!! If you are interested in performing contact us at, Stay tuned for more information about this show! Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! WE'RE BACK! Thank you for all your notes of encouragement and well wishes during the two weeks that we were dark. More details on all that to come. WE'RE BACK!e are focusing on Subtle hints... and how they don't work. The title is Sub's Subtle Hints but thats just because it made for a good title. WE ALL DO THIS SOMETIMES! Subtle hints, passive aggressive comments or actions, and plenty more. We talk about being mindful, being thankful and COMMUNICATING with your partner. The show that The Reverend references here is Lost Girl Season 2 Episode 3: Scream a Little Dream Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Good afternoon Kinksters! Welcome to season 3!!!!!!! We are so excited about this new season, even though we do not know what to expect because of Covid.... This episode we talk about the new kinky social media outlet,  Not quite Fetlife, Facebook, instagram or Twitter.... Its its own thing and its easy to use. Yes, you will have to learn to use another media site but you'll get it super quick! We also talk about the Virtual Play Party happening Saturday May 30th at 8pm PST. This is a collaboration from,,,, and You must be a member of one of these sites to go!  Register now! Get your tickets! Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Kinksters,  It is with immense pride that we release the end of season 2. It has been a crazy two years with incredible memories, new friends, a ton of new knowledge, a collaring/proposal, a wedding, The Reverend becoming a covered Master and so much more. We discuss the memories, we bring back wonderful people from past interviews and we just take this moment to celebrate with you. Big thanks to everyone that dropped by to say hello! Master Kuldrin of Kuldrin's Krypt, Ms Monday Jones, Goddess Charlie Cake, Goddess Moon, Miss Cassie, Mistress Mia Darque, Shiny from and of course our one and only Vee! We encourage all of you isolating at home to raise a glass with us as we toast the end of Season 2 and the start of Season 3! Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! Welcome back to the Kinky AF Podcast! The Reverend is recovering well from breaking his toe is now off the pain meds, so its time for a new episode! This week we are talking about Quarantine Goggles! This is similar to Graduation Goggles where you may feel a false nostalgia and loss for people that you may not actually like. We have all been in isolation for about 90 days and haven't seen our Kinksters in a hot minute. We are aching to go out and play! So we need to look out for Frenzy and not just jump into scenes when the dungeons open. Remember to negotiate and remember that we haven't played in a while so we probably won't be the same bad ass Kinksters that can take 9 scenes in one night for a while. We also have a new sponsor! Use promo code, "KinkyAF" for 15% off your order! Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! We are proud to say that our first Zoom Munch was a HUGE SUCCESS! That being said, we will go ahead and just make this a weekly thing for the next little while!  Join us every Wednesday at 6pm PST for some online Kinky Camaraderie!  Zoom room number: 433-688-0112 Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! We hope this finds you well and you are not going too crazy being stuck at home. This week we talk with Vee about the effects that Praise and Criticism have on people as well as Dynamics and how changing the way you say things will help improve your success! We use examples from the Netflix Original Series, 100 Humans.  *We do not speak for the show or are in anyway affiliated with Netflix. (Legal Jargon we need to add.... lol)* Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! This is the audio of our first YouTube video call!  This Episode we talk with Sir Ezra of House Algos about how Sanctuary LAX is moving from in person classes to online classes!  The Coronavirus will not keep us Kinksters down!    April 11th will be a wonderful cluster of classes starting at 1pm PST going all the way until probably about 9pm! There will be breaks in between teachers. More information on the classes will be in the episode and the Eventbrite page.  I will post the link to the Eventbrite when it is available!   Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! The Reverend Talks about building Dynamics and Protocols that will fit your new relationship as it develops. As always, Start Low and Go Slow when building your new Power Exchange Relationship. Communicate, be honest with yourself and make sure that things that you want are realistic and attainable. Stay safe out there Kinksters! If you are self Isolating, stay busy and pick up a hobby! Get that cleaning done that you've been putting off! Keep your normal schedule and we will get through this together! Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! With everyone being asked to self isolate and self quarantine, a lot of people have been saying that they will finally have time to do some self bondage! ***WAIT!!!*** The Reverend talks to you about the dangers of self bondage, and how to make this a little bit safer. Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! The Reverend is here talking about how the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting the Kink world and how to keep yourself safe. Clean your toys! Clean your play space! WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS!!!! :-) A lot of events and conventions are being cancelled or postponed this year, but if you decide to go out, practice some common sense! If you're sick, stay home! The Reverend personally thinks that we should avoid pick up play with new partners for the next little while.  Stay safe out there Kinksters!  Sponsored by: (Cancelled this month!) --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! The Reverend is sick and raspy, so we apologize if the vocal quality is not the norm. :-( This week The Reverend is going to talk to you about Negotiating Your Scene!  We realize that we have talked about negotiating in almost every episode but we haven't had a full episode dedicated to it. We cover Safe Words/Gestures, Hard Limits and Soft Limits, Aftercare, the Medical, the Psychological... We tried to cover EVERYTHING! Let us know if we forgot anything! Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! This week The Reverend does a quick note about different types of love. We talk briefly about toxic relationships and then The Reverend talks about how we should spread some love around because it could help someone more than you know. The Reverend ends the episode by asking, "My Kinky Congregation, will you be my Valentine?" Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! This week on the podcast we have Vee come into the studio as we talk about taking care of your mental health and why its so important. We also talk about ALL the different resources that are available to ALL of us regarding our mental health. Here are the resources that we talked about over this episode: Suicide Prevention Lifeline & Veterans Crisis Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 available for phone call or chat on desktop or mobile devices Remember, we love you all and want nothing but the best for you. If you ever feel like you need some help, reach out! What would the world be like without you? Also! #SelfCare challenge! Post photos of you doing your self care! Self Care is SEXY!!! Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! The Reverend is back from another Kinky Adventure! We went to AVN again this year and hung out with all the Kinky people of The LAIR. We also met up with Building Blocks group at Hamburger Mary's. Such an amazing time! The Reverend also talks about being a Positive Conduit in the scene and in general as well as the dreaded DROP that comes from scenes, events and just... life. Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! This week The Reverend sits down with House Algos (Sir Ezra and Miss Ana) to talk about an exciting new 201 and 301 Edu-Kink-tional series at Sanctuary LAX simply called, "The Course". The Course will have different teachers from all walks of life in our scene talking on a number of topics! Don't miss out on these new classes that are happening on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday of the month! We also talk with Sir Ezra and Miss Ana about the ChamPAIN Room and Club Inferno as well as chat with Miss Ana (Your 2020 Ms Sanctuary Leather) about her plans in her title year.  Sponsored by: Links to the events talked about on the show! The Course! -Sunday 1/19/2020 The Art of Negotiation by Sir Ezra: -Sunday 2/2/2020 Subspace Theory with Sir Nick -Sunday 2/16/2020 Defining Dynamics with Master Gabriel House Algos Flyers! ChamPAIN Room! -Saturday 2/29/2020 Neon Mardi Gras: -Friday 5/29/2020 -Saturday 8/29/2020 -Saturday 10/24/2020 Club Inferno! -Saturday 4/11/2020 -Friday 6/5/2020 -Saturday 9/12/2020 -Saturday 10/10/2020 --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! Welcome to the first episode of 2020! This episode, The Reverend, discusses effective leadership inside and out of dynamic. The Reverend talks about the quickest way to be a leader instead of a "Boss" as well as bringing back, "Please" and "Thank you". Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! This episode of the Podcast is all about Kink and the holidays! How do we navigate dynamic when family is around? Do we suspend the dynamic while family is around? Do we switch honorifics around? Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! "Proper Poly" ????  This episode is about how to make poly work for you and your relationships. To make it "Proper" for you. This is not The Reverend teaching the, "One Twue way" to do it lol The Reverend talks about how to dip your toe into poly after you and your primary partner have talked and made sure your relationship is solid enough to start adding on different relationships. Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! We hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving and a wonderful start to your holiday season! This episode we will be talking about a charity strip club style event called, ChamPAIN Room! This event has wonderful people of all Genders, Identities and walks of life get up on that stage and strut their stuff for a charity of their choosing! As we promised, here are all the links to get in touch with House Algos and our Etsy page! Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
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