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Author: The Reverend

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A show where we talk about Kinks, Fetishes and the lifestyle that goes along with it. Hosted by The Reverend!

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Hello Kinksters! This week, we sit down with our new friends from the UK who practice and teach Erotic Hypnotism. Sitting down with Sinister and Trix from was such a pleasure as we talk about what we can do with Erotic Hypnotism, dispell myths and misgivings, discover that there is an entire community out there of Kinky Hypnotists! Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! When you hear this, we will be returning from DomCon Los Angeles. That means it's time for another "Truck Archive" episode! In this episode, The Reverend sits down with Austin from! Austin is the creator of, TheVice inescapable chastity device! The Reverend reviewed TheVice early on in Season 1 and still ranks as The Reverend's favorite chastity cage! So please sit back and listen to the history of TheVice from its creator as well as what is coming up next for Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! Today we tackle the strange debate that goes around every couple of years... Do you need to be sexually active to be apart of the Kink, BDSM, Poly, or Fetish Communities? Spoilers.... No you don't! Now you know, go have a listen anyway! We talk about how there are some people who aren't looking for sexual energy at all. From Asexuals to Platonic Kinksters, they are real and valid in our communities! Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
The Reverend had the great opportunity to sit down and interview a Bondage Legend, Elise Graves! Elise tells us of her Kinky awakening, some of her best times, and some times she may never do again. She also runs her own website! Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! We are back! After a long hiatus, The Reverend, is proud as punch (as proud as punch can be, I guess....), to be back recording episodes! This week we discuss what happens if you encounter a Kinkster in everyday 'Vanilla' life. You met them at a Munch, Dungeon, Play Party, Swinger Event, etc. Now you see that person at a Starbucks or something. What should you do? Run up and say, "I loved how you beat my ass the other day!"????? ABSOLUTELY NOT! We will discuss checking in with the person beforehand, and what to do if you don't and just see them out and about. Big thank you to our sponsors for sticking with us through the years! --- Send in a voice message:
Thats right Kinksters, the hiatus is OVER! The long awaited Season 5 is coming at you May 1st 2023 with special guests like Elise Graves,,, and MANY MORE! Scheduled to drop every Monday at midnight MST. Thank you all for your patience, and thank you to all those who have been reaching out with letters of appreciation and encouragement! We love you!!! --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! Way back in Season 1 The Reverend released Collaring Part 1 and then promptly forgot to make a part 2...  So in this episode we talk about what types of collars there are out there, what collaring means, when to collar and much more.  The Reverend also talks about what cause the gap in episodes as life has been getting in the way... Also, we apologize for a second ad space but if you enjoy the podcast you can help us out by sponsoring us through Anchor or our Patreon! Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! Before we begin, we wanted to give you an update on and their KickStarter! As of the recording of this episode they are over $49,000 toward their goal of $54,000! They only have a couple more days before their KickStarter closes! Lets help them get there or else KickStarter returns ALL of the money that they have raised and they don't get a penny! Very important to show support so we can finally have proper representation in the main stream media. Now onto the episode! The Reverend is joined by Vee as they discuss DomCon LA 2021. They discuss how they had been approached by friends of the podcast and got to know them and their Kink journey. We talk about how The Reverend has finally felt secure enough to come out and celebrate Their truth and announce that They are Non-Binary. They talk about the classes, performers, the inclusion, the love and the community that is DomCon. The Live Steam of the Opening Ceremonies for DomCon LA 2021 that was recorded and mentioned has been either deleted or set to subcribers of that chanel only. Sorry for that.  Links: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! This week on the podcast we have the hosts of the new show, Welcome to Kinkyville! They talk to us about how they are crowdfunding for this wonderful new project where the two animated hosts come in and save the day while educating the world about BDSM, Kink and much more!  The hosts are Creator extraordinaire, Emily Blake and Sex Educator, Javay De Bae (also known as the Millennial Sexpert). They chat with The Reverend about how they came into the Kink scene, how this project began and share some funny stories about the creative process that will hopefully give us a new Kinky Playground to explore (once they gather the funds and snag that production deal!). Links! Twitter: @TheEmilyBlake @JavaydaBAE  Trailer: Teaser voiced by TheReverend: Sponsors: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! We come to you today discussing BDSM and Kink in Public! While, yes, there is a time and place for your kinks... Maybe a public street with children isn't the best time or place??? Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! This week The Reverend sits down again with Sir Ezra who talks about his new book, Mindfucking Mindfully!  From "This text is the first guide book for erotic mindfucking. In it you will learn about common practices, how to distinguish between ethical, consensual and erotic mindfucking and mindfucking that is not all three. You will also hear hot and informative minducking stories from Sir Ezra and many more in the BDSM Community." Order your copy from gumroad or Book release party May 21st: This episode is sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! This week The Reverend sits down with the lovely Daesha, the Ambassador Team Director for the upcoming three day event, UPRISE! Welcome to the Dawn. This three day event will be a celebration of People of Color in Leather & Kink featuring presenters from across the United States! 21 Session Presentations 25+ Presenters 26 Hours of Programming  Get your tickets now! Follow Daesha! Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! The Reverend and Vee are back with another AMAZING episode of the KinkyAFPodcast! The world is starting to reopen and we wanted to talk to you all about "Getting Back To It" or for those who are just joining the Kink Community, "Getting To It." We talk about Frenzy, Vetting, Burnout, and all sorts of things in this almost 2 hour episode (what can we say...? We missed you all.) Sponsored by: Send us questions! Send us Comments! Send us funny stories! Just come say hello! or @KinkyAFPodcast on social media --- Send in a voice message:
What is a Dominant supposed to do? What is a submissive supposed to do? How does a dynamic work best?! What happens when a Dynamic role is just too much for a member of that dynamic? How do you navigate a relationship when the dynamic ends? Join the Reverend and Vee as they discuss the importance of Putting in the Work for your dynamic. Our home dungeon is in trouble! They have had to make changes to how they run events, classes, and sessions since COVID-19 forced massive shutdowns and although they are still providing amazing virtual services for our community the basic operational costs are still piling up! Please take a moment to check out their GoFundMe at and give what you can OR share with others. Every little bit helps keep this amazing community resource alive! --- Send in a voice message:
Season 4 Episode 1: Brats!

Season 4 Episode 1: Brats!


THE KINKY AF PODCAST IS BACK!!!!!! The Reverend and Vee kick off Season 4 with an episode on Ethical and Non-Ethical Bratting.  We all have met those fun loving Brats that are just fun and cheeky... We also have met those Brats that are PITA (Pain In The Ass) Brats... We talk about Navigating, Negotiating and Communicating through Brat scenes and Brat space. If you and yours have a different view or experience with Brats and would like to share, email us at --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! We just wanted to come tell you about a new exciting project that we are doing called, "The Comedy Dungeon" The Reverend and House Algos were supposed to team up and do a comedy night at Sanctuary LAX back in April..... Fucking COVID... The Reverend has decided to do a Virtual Comedy Night instead!  Friday August 14th! Mark your calendars!!! If you are interested in performing contact us at, Stay tuned for more information about this show! Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! WE'RE BACK! Thank you for all your notes of encouragement and well wishes during the two weeks that we were dark. More details on all that to come. WE'RE BACK!e are focusing on Subtle hints... and how they don't work. The title is Sub's Subtle Hints but thats just because it made for a good title. WE ALL DO THIS SOMETIMES! Subtle hints, passive aggressive comments or actions, and plenty more. We talk about being mindful, being thankful and COMMUNICATING with your partner. The show that The Reverend references here is Lost Girl Season 2 Episode 3: Scream a Little Dream Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Good afternoon Kinksters! Welcome to season 3!!!!!!! We are so excited about this new season, even though we do not know what to expect because of Covid.... This episode we talk about the new kinky social media outlet,  Not quite Fetlife, Facebook, instagram or Twitter.... Its its own thing and its easy to use. Yes, you will have to learn to use another media site but you'll get it super quick! We also talk about the Virtual Play Party happening Saturday May 30th at 8pm PST. This is a collaboration from,,,, and You must be a member of one of these sites to go!  Register now! Get your tickets! Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Kinksters,  It is with immense pride that we release the end of season 2. It has been a crazy two years with incredible memories, new friends, a ton of new knowledge, a collaring/proposal, a wedding, The Reverend becoming a covered Master and so much more. We discuss the memories, we bring back wonderful people from past interviews and we just take this moment to celebrate with you. Big thanks to everyone that dropped by to say hello! Master Kuldrin of Kuldrin's Krypt, Ms Monday Jones, Goddess Charlie Cake, Goddess Moon, Miss Cassie, Mistress Mia Darque, Shiny from and of course our one and only Vee! We encourage all of you isolating at home to raise a glass with us as we toast the end of Season 2 and the start of Season 3! Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Kinksters! Welcome back to the Kinky AF Podcast! The Reverend is recovering well from breaking his toe is now off the pain meds, so its time for a new episode! This week we are talking about Quarantine Goggles! This is similar to Graduation Goggles where you may feel a false nostalgia and loss for people that you may not actually like. We have all been in isolation for about 90 days and haven't seen our Kinksters in a hot minute. We are aching to go out and play! So we need to look out for Frenzy and not just jump into scenes when the dungeons open. Remember to negotiate and remember that we haven't played in a while so we probably won't be the same bad ass Kinksters that can take 9 scenes in one night for a while. We also have a new sponsor! Use promo code, "KinkyAF" for 15% off your order! Sponsored by: --- Send in a voice message:
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