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Since 1984 Warren Bobinski has been extending his network and working in the top 5% of Dental sales and consulting.
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Innovative people don’t build “moats”, they recognize ways to build bridges! Entrepreneurs are always finding ways to leap over moats built by the kingdoms to bring their prizes to the masses! Give the people what they want.
Life never goes as planned

Life never goes as planned


Financial planners give you all these great rules to follow if you want to retire successfully some day...and then life happens. I’ve been there, done that.
Keeping autonomy in practice sales, corporate buy outs.
Corporations are business, so are you. Understanding the principals of good business can help you make a decision as to whether you want the security and comfort of a well paying job or are ready to take in the challenge of ownership.
Do you really understand the value of a practice? What is Market Value? How can an appraiser simply apply their numbers from an area they know well to an area they know nothing about?
Corporations have made strong and strategic moves into the Canadian market place. Do you have a strategy to compete and keep independent business strong and thriving?
What personality type are you? The 20 year associate? The 5-10 year tire kicked? The scientific, steady type willing to take a measured risk? Or do you jump in with both feet and never stop running?
I quit.

I quit.


When to know it’s time to take a risk and be everything you are capable of being.
Can the next gen of young dentists afford to buy and run their own dental clinic?
Difficult people are a challenge for all of us! Here are a few thought on the matter.
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