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Browser, Editor and Terminal

Author: Matthew Shirtliffe

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The podcast of the software developer Matthew Shirtliffe.
Opinions and thoughts about technology, software development and business. Interviews with professionals and business owners to help me improve my knowledge of how to build better products and services.

I hope you enjoy and learn something from these podcasts and thanks for taking the time to listen.
7 Episodes
A thought about work life balance and builders.
Why I built my career with Python. The main reason is python is awesome. I have used it throughout my career building some fascinating applications I just wanted to share.
It's OK to only code at work. You should work really hard then go home. Please don't put too much pressure on yourself you only have one life.
Frazer's Coffee Roasters is a small artisan roaster based in Sheffield and he is a good friend of mine. He has some pretty interesting insights about running a business and is a real people person. I'll have him on the podcast again but with less beer in me and a little more structured. Thanks for listening
Latest episode of Browser, Editor and Terminal
Latest episode of Browser, Editor and Terminal. Host Matthew Shirtliffe @mattshirtliffe
Episode 1 Introduction

Episode 1 Introduction


Introduction episode of Browser, Editor and Terminal. Host Matthew Shirtliffe
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