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Author: Underhaven

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Welcome to Underhaven with Swegta and Animancer! Diving headfirst into the degenerate backwash of the internet to find the very best and worst in entertainment, news, internet culture, and much more.
45 Episodes
On episode 45, we are joined by Steve McRae & Vince Bird, we talk about video games taking the blame for everything, we discuss the aftermath of Non Sequitur, we talk about how much worse YouTube is getting, and much more! 
On episode 44, we are joined by Marshal Manson & Marilyn Mathers, we get to celebrate a full year of Underhaven, we check out an Alaskan prayer gone wrong, we drink down a classic Kool-Aid commercial that just doesn't hold up, we see Kamala Harris destroy Joe Biden, and much more! 
On episode 43, we are joined by Frank & Bran of The Geek Room, we see ICP get scammed out of a fursuit, we watch Von Helton talk about being over 300 years old, Josh Feuerstein attempts to  find trans propaganda in Toy Story 4, and much more! 
On episode 42, we are joined by Hannibal & Monty, we see Steven Anderson get banned from Ireland, we discuss the ongoing effects from the Vox Adpocalypse, we are introduced to the chad version of Egghead, and more! 
On episode 41, we are joined by CaptnKyrsh, Von shows us his car collection, we see southern politician E.W. Jackson speak out against "homocracy", we continue to see how uncomfortable Biden makes people (especially Animancer), and more!
On episode 40, we see Swegta square off with Warcorpse666, we are introduced to an ad with woke farmers, we see the return of Gay Steve Harvey talking about cults, and much more!
On episode 39, we are joined by Jeff Holiday & Jae Darke, we celebrate Animancer's 21st birthday, we see Jared Genesis' song about his haters, we see the continual downfall of The Vigilant Christian, and more!
On episode 38, we are joined by Benpai from Drunken Peasants, we discuss The Gotcha Boys ending, we see Prince Harry angry at Fortnite for some reason, we even check out some crazy old anti-drug PSAs, and more!
On episode 37, we are joined by Pimpmunk, we engage in our first bonus episode, we give an open letter to The Vigilant Christian, we see new allegations rise up about Joe Biden, we rebuke the bigotry of Rick Wiles, and more! 
On episode 36, we are joined by Creamsicle, we see Joe Biden get into more trouble over sniffing women, we watch a mullet man rage against Anderson Cooper, endure a terrible Steven Anderson video, and more! 
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