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Author: Anna Hayven

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The best and worst of reality uploaded to your mind!
66 Episodes
This Chick Is Toast

This Chick Is Toast


BurntToast joins us to talk about Will Kincaid dredging up Brett Keane from his watery grave, watch as Tucker Carlson is confronted by a BitChuter, and laugh as Lord of Patriarchy is shown to Toast for the very first time!
Von Helton has lost his family for the twelfth consecutive time in a row, we talk about the internet taking the stock-market into its own hands, and we discuss the possibility of adding a 51st state to the union!
We discuss MAGA hats pulling of their masks with Biden assuming the role of president and we decide to finally make our way down the BitChute rabbithole to discover all the morons there who were too stupid for even YouTube!
Trump has been banned from Twitter after five years as its biggest account, we dive into some social media alternatives such as BitChute and Parler to see what potential they have, then we check out an old interview of Bernie Sanders from the 80s where he talks about what it's like to be a socialist mayor under the Reagan administration!
We have a longform discussion about the history of the Libertarian Party and their 2020 candidate Jo Jorgensen! We dive into her policies and compare her strategies as a third party candidate with Howie Hawkins. Later on, SWEGTA invites GuyWhoLied onto the show to given a drunken rant about the government!
We compare the Green Party's Howie Hawkins to Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen to decide which party Ani will vote for. Later on, we talk about the United States Army having a mind boggling interaction with Discord and tear into Twitter's new list of suggested words!
We are amazed at David Pakman eating a strawberry, Anna gets in a huge rant about Chef Ramsay's overpriced restaurants, Andrew Yang suggests that people should be getting paid by big tech for their data, we check out more Teddy Rubskin, and ultimately conclude that the Vice President position is selected in a very undemocratic way!
We are left dumbfounded as Butch Hartman claims that God has cured people's autism, then dive into multiple cases of the USA police violating the Geneva Convetion, and discuss Spongebob being confirmed by Nick as an LGBT character.
We venture together deep into Asmongold's lair, we check out one of Teddy Rubskin's very first YouTube videos called Mission McGriddle Burger to honor the loss of his channel, and we take a look at some of the insane protest raging out all across America!
We look back at Elizabeth Warren's further plummeting political career, scowl as Bernie Sanders tries to silence his supporter from attacking Joe Biden and the Democrats, and finally respond to Cult of Dusty claiming that third-party voters are crypto-MAGA!
We do an in-depth dive on the history of the Green Party of the United States, 2020 Presidential Candidate Howie Hawkins, and The Green New Deal as Animancer attempts to convince his co-hosts and you in the audience to begin supporting a third party this election cycle!
We riff on Mr. Dapperton's sub-par content, see Gazi Kodzo rage at Greta Thunberg, laugh as Jim Bakker finally gets sued, and conclude that Joe Biden is just the white version of Bill Cosby!
We watch as Joe Biden feels entitled to black votes while forgetting Obama's name, Chris Hansen ends up calling out Biden for being a weirdo, we discuss the idea of having age limits for politicians, we meet a moronic pastor on TikTok, and we see the long-awaited return of Von Helton!
We have a discussion with Legndofphoenix regarding an argument we had over Twitter relating to Stephen King's tweets and other topics! We later talk about Pelosi ripping up the State of the Union.
We chat about Warcraft III Reforged being a failure, we see a reporter make a career ending mistake reporting on Kobe Bryant, and we look back on the infamous Video Games song.
We watch Von Helton show off his Skyrim wives, take a look back at Cult of Dusty's brief rap career, and laugh as Onision fails to take Repzion and Chris Hansen to court.
The Joe Biden Mega-Thread

The Joe Biden Mega-Thread


We dismiss Trump's claim of presidential harassment, dive into a mega-thread of weird shit done by Joe Biden, see Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard screwed by the media, and rant about the new Pokemon DLC!
We have an impromptu debate with Sandre the Teacher regarding automation, talk about Hillary taking jabs at Bernie on Howard Stern, and complain about a banana being deemed a work of art!
The Papa Johns Meltdown

The Papa Johns Meltdown


Animancer and SWEGTA are joined for the second time by Hannibal and Monty! They check out Papa Johns having a meltdown and eating forty pizzas in one month, see Yang speak out against being silenced by MSNBC, watch Velma from Scooby Doo take on Amazon, and a 5H1T ton more!
Melvin Brother of The Joker

Melvin Brother of The Joker


We are joined by Jae Darké as Animancer rages out at Jesse Lee Peterson over Andrew Yang and we are introduced to Melvin: Brother of the Joker!
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