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Author: Animancer

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Welcome to Underhaven, the degenerate backwash of the internet!
60 Episodes
Animancer, SWEGTA, Jae Darké, and Jake take a loot at Gazi Kodzo going after Greta Thunberg just because she is white.
Animancer, SWEGTA, Jae Darké & Jake check out Mr. Dapperton's incredibly edgy and (almost) fully animated intro, plus a mind boggling parody he made recently on the Okay Boomer meme.
Animancer, SWEGTA and Jae Darké watch Biden forget Obama's name once again, Ani debates Jae a bit on Reggie moving to GameStop, we make fun of the new Yu-Gi-Oh protagonist's hair, and some more! 
Animancer, SWEGTA, and Jae Darké watch a pastor attempting to indoctrinate people over TikTok, we see the return of Von Helton, and have plenty more discussions!
Animancer, SWEGTA and Jae Darké discuss the idea of having an age limit on politicians and later tackle the President addressing the national emergency alongside a bunch of corporate suits!
Animancer, SWEGTA and Jae Darké watch Chris Hansen tell Joe Biden to take a seat, then rip apart Kamala's recent weak endorsement of Biden.
Animancer, SWEGTA, and Jae Darké talk about the state of the election following Bernie's continual losses, the decline of Biden's mental capacity and entitlement to black voters, and plenty more to kick off episode 54.
Animancer, SWEGTA & Jae Darké have a discussion with Legndofphoenix regarding an argument we had over Twitter relating to Stephen King's tweets and other topics! We later talk about Pelosi ripping up the State of the Union and even more this episode!
Animancer, SWEGTA & Jae Darké talk about Warcraft III Reforged being a failure, we see a reporter make a career ending mistake reporting on Kobe Bryant, we look back on the Video Games song and a ton more this episode.
Animancer, SWEGTA & Jae Darké watch Von Helton show off his Skyrim wives, we look back at Cult of Dusty's brief rap career, watch Onision take Repzion and Chris Hansen to court, and even more!
Animancer and SWEGTA are joined again by Jae Darké, we talk about Trump's claim of presidential harassment, we see Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard screwed by the media, rant about the new Pokemon DLC, and even a few more interesting stories.
Animancer and SWEGTA are joined for the first time by Sandre the Teacher, we talk about Hillary taking jabs at Bernie on Howard Stern, we get into a debate over automation, see a banana deemed a work of art, and even a few more interesting stories.
Animancer and SWEGTA are joined for the second time by Hannibal and Monty! They check out Papa Johns having a meltdown and eating forty pizzas in one month, see Yang speak out against being silenced by MSNBC, watch Velma from Scooby Doo take on Amazon, and a 5H1T ton more!
On episode 47, we are joined by Jae Darke, Animancer rages out at Jesse Lee Peterson over Andrew Yang, we are introduced to Melvin: Brother of the Joker, and much more!
On episode 46, we are joined by Minx, we watch the past attempt to predict life in the future, we hear one of the worst podcasts ever made, talk about the state of YouTube & Twitch, and much more!
On episode 45, we are joined by Steve McRae & Vince Bird, we talk about video games taking the blame for everything, we discuss the aftermath of Non Sequitur, we talk about how much worse YouTube is getting, and much more! 
On episode 44, we are joined by Marshal Manson & Marilyn Mathers, we get to celebrate a full year of Underhaven, we check out an Alaskan prayer gone wrong, we drink down a classic Kool-Aid commercial that just doesn't hold up, we see Kamala Harris destroy Joe Biden, and much more! 
On episode 43, we are joined by Frank & Bran of The Geek Room, we see ICP get scammed out of a fursuit, we watch Von Helton talk about being over 300 years old, Josh Feuerstein attempts to  find trans propaganda in Toy Story 4, and much more! 
On episode 42, we are joined by Hannibal & Monty, we see Steven Anderson get banned from Ireland, we discuss the ongoing effects from the Vox Adpocalypse, we are introduced to the chad version of Egghead, and more! 
On episode 41, we are joined by CaptnKyrsh, Von shows us his car collection, we see southern politician E.W. Jackson speak out against "homocracy", we continue to see how uncomfortable Biden makes people (especially Animancer), and more!
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