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Author: Nathan Harding

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The Richwood Chapel Podcast brings you true stories from real people, including modern-day miracles, intriguing religious trends, and anything else that Pastor Nathan Harding finds interesting throughout the week. Do you have a miracle to share? Contact us through Support this podcast:
5 Episodes
Singing trees, salvation, restored family, and a healing from cancer! --- Support this podcast:
In 1950, a young boy (Billy) met a prisoner at the courthouse. The result was that the boy found salvation and grew to be a pastor and preaching missionary. In 1996, a baby girl, blind from birth, was brought to the pastor (Bill) for prayer and God healed her overnight. Hear both of these accounts in this episode. --- Support this podcast:
A story about boyhood and a hidden Blacksnake under the bridge (1950) / Divine intervention stops deadly Copperheads from attacking / God reverses a stroke as a new year miracle (2019). --- Support this podcast:
This episode is not about a Christmas miracle. A little boy revisits a past Christmas in Mout Vernon, Ohio. And a young couple finds the ultimate miracle in an old trailer. --- Support this podcast:
A young boy has contracted tuberculosis. His miracle comes to him in a very unexpected way. --- Support this podcast:
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