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Author: Norshafa Wati

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Welcome to the Norshafa Show podcast, where we will discuss about travel, parenting, blogging & managing social media!
16 Episodes
Listen to the latest updates for The Norshafa Show, JenjalanKami & SimpleMomJourney!
In today's episode, wI am interviewing Ikhwan Nazri, the CEO of Amanz Media. He will be sharing on his journey to become the CEO, and about the journey & evolvement of Amanz Media.
In this episode, I am interviewing Dr. Cheryl Andaya on her thoughts of whether we should adopt punishment parenting. Dr Cheryl is a licensed clinical psychologist in Hawaii with over 10 years of experience in working with children! You can refer more about her works and family psychology on her website . Happy listening!
A little update about our recent & upcoming projects!
012: Self-Discovery

012: Self-Discovery


In this episode, I'm sharing with you the key take out from one of the talks I'm listening to today, which is self-discovery!
A bit of tips on how I use IGTV to gain more audience & influence!
I miss you listeners! Listen to why I was away from podcasting for a while, and about our future projects!
A little bit update of JenjalanKami's trip for this weekend & the upcoming webinar that I will be giving on Spendless Academy in March & April
I am telling you what I went through today, as a blogger. Also this long weekend 's upcoming plans. Life as a blogger is not as smiley & relaxed as what portrayed in the pictures uploaded in social media and what most people think 😊
Woo-hoo! New stuff for Journey Of A Simple Mom! I am FINALLY going to share recipes & early education! Keep yourself updated on !
Latest updates for JenjalanKami & Journey Of A Simple Mom!
JenjalanKami takes Kedah & Penang this weekend! Woo-hoo!
In this episode, I am sharing with you how you can you can improve yourself by keep learning, and especially take action (just like how I learn how to record this podcast!)
I'm sharing with you in this episode, how I started and develop the love for travel writing!
You can have everything in this world, but without the right mindset, things will never become better!
Everything you need to know about me, my journey and this podcast :)
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