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The Power of Men

Author: Warren Mitchell, LCSW

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This is a space where men, especially men of minority groups, can talk about life experiences that stir up emotions that may sometimes be difficult to process. We will provide opportunities to support men to own their responsibility in caring for their mental health, their well-being and the people and causes they are concerned about. This is also a space where people who care about the men in their lives, can get support to help their men to be the best they can as individuals and in their families and communities. We believe a healthy man, is an emotionally in-tuned and mature man. Come, join us. Let us support our communities in nurturing the true nature of manhood.
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A discussion with co-host, Evelyn Hickson, on single and dating. We will co-host couple more episodes on Single and Dating. Today's focus in on who should make the first move, the man or the woman? Join us. 
I review some tips on how men can be more supportive to the mother of their unborn child, during her (or their) pregnancy. Listen in and share you thoughts with me.
I identified five tips fathers can focus on in supporting them in being great fathers.
This is the continuation of the interview with Brother B talking about how he is working on becoming a better husband for his wife. After his wife listened to part 1, she challenged him on being more honest, which he attempted to here. He still has work to do in becoming the man he needs to first for himself, then to her.
This episode features Dr. Jerome Maultsby, who is a Transpersonal Psychologist and works with men who are court ordered to take family violence classes and even some who come in on their own for anger management. We discuss the need for control people, men in particular may have when in relationships, that can lead to verbal, physical or some other type of abuse. Dr. Maultsby presents the benefits for men who participate in similar programs.
Be Humble

Be Humble


I presentation on the significance and value of humility in relationships and being true to oneself. We take a look at what is humility, what is not and how to practice it.
Ben is a young 20-y.o. African American male is growing up and learning to be an adult. He is looking back and to learn from his life experiences so he can better appreciate his life. Today, we talked about his relationship with his younger sister and their struggles to develop a healthy relationship. 
Today Amisha and I are taking a look at what it appears that marriage is seen differently by men and women. Women tend to look at marriage as something they aspire to and look forward to it with anticipation. Men, on the other hand, tend to see marriage as a burden, which has led to the image of a ball and chain. Join us in hearing why we think this is the case for many. I want to stress, this does not include all or most women or men in our assessments.
Guest co-host, Amisha Harding is interviewing me for the first official episode for The Power of Men. We go into my personal journey that has lead me to the focus of this podcast.
In this forward type episode, I am making a point as to why men have also been victims to the toxic masculinity created by the traditional patriarchal system. This system have poisoned the mindsets of human beings throughout history, including oppressing woman for generations, not valuing the significance of kids and, creating a false image of how men should view themselves. Assuming this machismo, non-emotional and feminine inferiority  way of living have caused a great deal of pain in the lives of many. This episode attempts to point out this issue.  
Energy of Attraction

Energy of Attraction


This is episode was my first with a guest host, Amisha Harding. We used this to help make sure out mics were recording properly.
This is an introduction to my new podcast to begin in February 2019
In this episode, my guest is Brother B. A man you is working on reconciling his relationship with his wife after physical and emotional infidelity. We explore his experiences that may have led to his behavior. At the end, we begin to go deeper to his experiences growing up as it relates to his father. This is part one. 
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