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A podcast for all the woo-woo spiritual girls, priestesses and lightworkers about living as love incarnate. We are the mystics, the seekers, the wisdom-keepers. We are the healers, the self-lovers, the boldly feminine, brilliantly open-wide movers and shakers. We want to live authentically in alignment with all that we know we are, and we aren’t afraid to go into the dark places to find the light. We believe in the power of presence and awakening during this time, and we know that our intuition is one of the most powerful gifts ever given to us. We are MysticGirls.
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In this episode, we talk about all things energy, masculine and feminine, yin + yang and how to balance your energy flow. I’ll be holding a masterclass this Friday all about energy and diving deeper into the topic, so if you’re interested in that head to to learn more. Happy Wednesday beautiful! 😘
Today on the show I talk with Melissa of Modern Goddess all about the Divine Feminine, aligning with the loving energy of the Universe, living your purpose, Theta healing, Reiki, and so much more! Tune into today’s episode to learn more about these ancient healing modalities, who Melissa is and how she can help you step into your highest self through her healing work! You can find Melissa on Instagram using the tag @moderngoddessmelissa or go to her website for more information on her services. Thanks for listening today beautiful! Sending you so much love and light today! 😘 Show Notes: Evolution of Goddess by Emma Mildon; Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell; Work Your Light Oracle by Rebecca Campbell
Today I have the honor of interviewing Angel Quintana of the blog and magazine Holistic Fashionista. We talk all about her business journey, how she got into astrology, self love, fifth dimensional living and so much more! If you want to find out more about Angel and her business, find her on socials using the tag line @holisticfashionista or go to her website Hope you have an amazing week lovely and I will see you next week with another podcast episode!
2018 has been one heck of a year for me! I’ve experienced massive shifts and incredible growth throughout this year and I just wanted to celebrate that on today’s show in hopes of helping you do the same. Also, Alignment with Abbey is reopening for enrollment today, which is very exciting, so if you want to uplevel your life in 2019 and step into your best self this course is for you! Head to to check it out. Also, if you’re interested in a free New Year’s training to help you step into your dream life in 2019, head to to check out all my free goodies on the blog. Thanks for listening beautiful! Here’s to your best year yet! 🥂
Hello my loves! Today we are getting into lunar cycles with the New Moon coming up in Scorpio and so many exciting things happening in this astrological season! I’ll be talking all about the cycles of the Moon, what the Full Moon and New Moon represent, rituals for both and my favorite app for tracking lunar cycles in this episode. Hope you enjoy and I hope you have an amazing New Moon this Wednesday!
Today I’m talking all about crystals, their healing benefits and my experiences with them as I’ve started returning to them after a long pause from childhood. Crystals are powerful vibrational healing stones that can help you to ground your energy, be more positive and stress less. Although I’m relatively new to the spiritual side of crystals, I’ve had several experiences with them that have made me a believer in their energetic properties and their ability to help us in our daily lives. I dive into all of that and more in today’s episode. Hope you enjoy! If you’re local to Raleigh, then DancingMoons is a great store to go to for crystal shopping. Similar rose quartz necklace (unfortunately I could not find the one with the Lapis Lazuli gemstone, the maker may have discontinued it):
In this episode I will be talking about #MysticGirls, my new community name for this podcast as well as my Facebook group, where my content will be going in the future and what to expect, as well as what MysticGirl means to me. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy! Follow me on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram @livesoulfullyfree and head to to check out the blog.
How to embody all of yourself, your deepest values and your deepest desires. Live your truth with confidence, honor, sacredness and so much more using these three steps. Have a beautiful day, gorgeous! PS-For any men listening to this, this is for you too. The Feminine beckons all of us to come home, to honor ourselves and our desires and to create the lives we long for. Don’t be afraid to step into yourself and come home to every part of you. You deserve to live your best life and you are doing amazing! Thank you for being on the forefront of the Feminine era!
Today we're talking about change. I've recently been through a period of transition in my life and some chaos that has now calmed down, but today I share the lessons I learned, why I was MIA on the blog and how you can handle change from a place of intention and alignment. Check out the show for more details.
Do you feel called to show up in your life for your callings and inner work? Do you want to create a shift in the world for more love? Heads up beautiful, it starts with you and it starts now. In today’s show I talk about how you can show up for your work authentically and how your work and inner callings can serve humanity. Together we can form a revolution and create the change we want to see in the world. It’s up to us as individuals and as a collective to choose love in all forms and become the people we so desperately want to be by showing up for our work authentically with love and so much self-compassion. So if you’re ready to show up for your inner work, have a listen to this episode and leave a comment below telling me how you’re showing up with love today. Thank you for listening beautiful and I hope you have a wonderful day! Love and light to you in your journey!
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