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Author: Dibakar Bala

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Learn Digital Marketing investing few minutes per Day. You'll learn about SEO Strategies, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and much more. Suggest me my Next Episode Topic at Official Website :-
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In this Episode, you'd learn how to become a Digital Marketing Expert by following simple 6 Steps. Find me on Google :- Official Website :- --- Send in a voice message:
After coming to IIT , I was shocked to realise many things. A lot of my misconceptions came to an end once i realised the true meaning of being an IITian. Here I am, spilling all the best kept secrets of the campuses of IITs. --- Send in a voice message:
SEO for Beginners 2020 :- Tips for Students who want to pursue SEO as a Career in 2020 --- Send in a voice message:
--- Send in a voice message:
Every other Blogging And Online Marketing Expert will Advice you to Start a Blog and Earn Money. They will bet on the fact that Blogging is extremely Easy. Well, in reality, it isn't Easy at all. Here's my own experience with 100% truth about blogging. --- Send in a voice message:
Best Buy Link :- Read this amazing book on Entrepreneurship by Deepak Kanakaraju popularly known as DigitalDeepak. If you don't know this yet, he is one of India's most successful Digital Marketing Professional. --- Send in a voice message:
How did FaceApp went Viral? Here's a Deep Analysis of the Same. What made it so Big and How you can replicate their Footsteps --- Send in a voice message:
I've been saying this to my Friend for the last couple of Months. If you're a Content Writer, your Job is at Risk. Here's Why? --- Send in a voice message:
Instagram is changing its Algorithm with every passing Day. But, in 2019, Instagram has made some major changes with their Algorithm. Most Influencers on Instagram are going Crazy as their Reach is going Down with every passing Day. What's Wrong with Instagram? Or, maybe, what's wrong with you? Maybe, you are not really trying to understand what's happening on Instagram behind the scenes? Here's a complete robust analysis of Instagram's 2019 Algorithmic Changes. Adapt to these changes and you'd generate more Reach, more Followers & more Business out of Instagram. #instagram #algorithm #2019 --- Send in a voice message:
My second Sunday Off-Topic. Advice for Content Creators. Listen, Get Inspired & Share with everyone who needs to know this. --- Send in a voice message:
A lot of Industry faces the Risk of becoming irrelevant in the future because of AI or Artificial Intelligence. Will Digital Marketing be Automated ? That's what I will share in this Episode. OFFICIAL WEBSITE :- --- Send in a voice message:
What is Voice SEO ?

What is Voice SEO ?


Today for the first time I'm talking about Voice SEO. Do listen to it :) suggestions? Hit me up on Official Website :- --- Send in a voice message:
Yesterday I made a post on LinkedIn about giving away my Free ebook on the changes that has happened with the LinkedIn Algorithm. The response was Amazing and now it has become the best day of my Digital Marketing Career. If you want the book as well. Visit this link :- and use DibakarMyFriend as coupon code to get 100% Discount --- Send in a voice message:
I just finished writing my ultimate guide to Naming a Podcast Channel. You can find the complete guide here :- Wish it will serve the future superstars of Podcasting from Today onwards. --- Send in a voice message:
I started a fresh new page on Instagram for my Digital Marketing Brand. It has been only 2 Days and I've learnt so much. Thus, i wanted to share these things with all of you. Hope you'll appreciate the value :) --- Send in a voice message:
LinkedIn is an Excellent Platform to Grow your Career. Let's dive deep into the Benefits of using Linkedin for your Business. --- Send in a voice message:
Value your Audience

Value your Audience


No matter how small they are... always value your audience --- Send in a voice message:
Digital Marketing is a vast domain. Always changing, always improving. And thus we have a ton of metrics available to us to determine the success of our digital marketing efforts. Which one are more important? Today I discuss this topic in detail. I'm Dibakar you host and you can find my on Send me an Email at if you have a suggestion for my new episode. Cheerio! --- Send in a voice message:
We hear a lot about Inbound and Outbound Marketing. What is it anyway? Let's dig deep and find out the answer today. Subscribe to my podcast if you already don't do it yet. --- Send in a voice message:
If you're a Blogger, always keep your audience first. Forget about the Google Analytics dashboard for the time being and keep serving the audience. You'd eventually have a lot of audience on your blog some day. #KeepCalm --- Send in a voice message:
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