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Author: Wesley Maas

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Assistant Vice President at Florida International University. Servant Leader. Father to Emerson & Nora. Husband to Alison.
31 Episodes
Another tremendous opportunity for our N4A Members to catch up with committee members to gain insight on the National stage.  Catch up with Cheryl Walther (@cherylkw) and Lauren Birch (@LaurenKBirch4) of the N4A Learning Concerns Enhancement Committee here.  Cheryl joins us from beautiful Colorado Springs where she is a Learning Specialist for the Colorado State University Rams and Lauren from THE Florida State University down here in Sunny Tallahassee, Florida.  Join us as we discuss the LCEC as well as ways you can be a part of this tremendous group, including participating at the National Convention in Orlando this June. #WeAre @Nfoura 
As we close in on the National Convention this year in Orlando, we are greatly excited about this years nominee's for our 1st and 2nd Vice President.  On today's episode, you get to hear from each of the Candidates directly as they discuss their platform.  We have been sure to build in time in between each of the presentations for those taking notes at home, so don't click away, the message will continue!  Candidates for 1st Vice President are Walt Holliday (LSU) and Ursula Gurney (UMKC).  Candidate for 2nd Vice President are Ashton Henderson (FSU), Kristina Navarro (Rutgers), Kimya Massey (OSU), and Angela Wyss (Xavier).  
Tune in for updates directly from current N4A President, Mike Meade, as well as information from President-Elect, Denise Poole, and even Past President Felicia Martin.  Want more information on the changes coming to N4A, simply follow the link to find out about all the incredible changes coming to support the N4A membership!
On this episode, we visit with the Jeff Nelson from the University of Texas Longhorns.  Jeff brings a decade of experience to his role of Academic Coordinator, as well as UT's Tutor Coordinator.  Tune in to find out how Jeff got his start in collegiate athletics, as well as tips for running a successful tutorial program!
On this episode, Liz Reyes from the University of Arkansas joins us to discuss the N4A Student-Athlete Development Committee and the Community Service Subcommittee.  Learn more about the goals for the group this year, the types of partnerships built through this experience and what are the benefits to participating!  You can also learn how to sign up to be a volunteer this June in Orlando as we kick off the National Convention.  
On today's episode, we are extremely fortunate to have Kathy Sulentic, the Associate Director of Enforcement and Academic Integrity Unit for the NCAA.  We do a deep dive into Kathy's background, especially her time at the University of Nebraska and the University of Colorado before moving on the the NCAA.  Kathy provides in depth commentary on the the Academic Integrity Unit and why it was developed.  We also learn what kind of resources the NCAA has for the prevention of academic misconduct on campus, some of the trends the NCAA is seeing in academic misconduct violations and just as importantly, what should someone working in our field do if she or he suspects academic misconduct?
In this episode, catch up with Britney Clarke - the Assistant Director of Student-Athlete Academic Development and the Chair for the Ethnic Concerns Committee. Learn about all of the amazing initiatives that the ECC is working on, especially those taking place around the N4A National Convention this June in Orlando, And Never Forget, 41-14 
What a tremendous opportunity to visit with the LGBTQA+ sub-committee for N4A.  As the Chair of the committee, Mindy Reger joins us to discuss the vision for the committee as well as the various projects that have been ongoing.  This is a Can't Miss podcast, do yourself a favor and catch up with Mindy here:
What an amazing experience to be able to use Zoom to visit with Dr. McCauley's Foundations of Higher Education and Student Affairs class. We talk through experiences in the field of Higher Ed, but I wanted to ensure that we had time for Question / Answer to provide the most Return on Investment for the students. Join us here!
Loved the opportuinity to be able to sit on a panel with Craig McGill, Donna Menke, and Joe Davis. On the final day of the NACADA National Convention, we were able to share thoughts and insights into this Hot Topic! This is a must listen and a Must Share!
Absolutely amazing opportunity to present with this panel on“From Touchdowns to Textbooks: Life Stories in Advising Student-Athletes” at the 2018 NACADA National Convention. Our panel was comprised of experienced members of the Academic Advising, Athletic Advising, and Athletic Administration communities at varying levels of NCAA competition. Through the use of guided questions, panelists will share with attendees their life stories in working with student-athletes, offer insight into their approaches to advising this population, and share strategies for helping students navigate the complex intersections between athletic participation and academics.  Panelists from various backgrounds and experiences will share their problem-solving techniques used to assist student-athletes in balancing several important facets of life. Join Katharine Moffat (Uni of Hawaii at Manoa), Will Lewis (Uni of Georgia), Kaydee Emperley (Washburn Uni) and I for this incredible session!
The man, the myth, the legend - Thank you Ryan Westman from NYU for being with us today to visit about the upcoming Region I Conference. This is an exciting opportunity for fellowship and professional growth, learn more about the conference here!
N4A Region V Info

N4A Region V Info


Always a pleasure to have Dr. Kayleigh McCauley, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Support Services at Lewis & Clark College, join us! What a tremendous agenda that has been put together for the N4A membership at the Region V Conference. Learn more about it here:
What a great opportunity to use the technology around us, specifically Adobe Connect, to visit with the Higher Education Administration Association at Stony Brook University. We talk about the challenges in higher education and my experiences over the past 18 years in the field. #LiveMaas
On this episode of the #LiveMaas podcast, Rob McDermand - Associate Athletics Director for Academic Services at Stephen F. Austin State University - joins us to discuss the unique partnership between Region III & IV. Hosted by the University of Texas in Austin, Texas - this is some where you NEED to be! Check it out here:
A tremendous opportunity to visit with Associate Athletics Director, Brad Horton, from Georgia State University regarding the upcoming N4A Region II Conference. The Conference will be hosted by Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia this October. For more information, please visit www.LiveMaas.Blog.
Resources, Resources, Resources!  As we strive to bring content to our listeners, it is important that we provide the opportunity for our members to know what additional resources are available in Higher Education.  In this podcast, we catch up with Krystin Major & Jessica Peterson of Kaplan Partner solutions.  Absolutely great content surrounding their humanistic approach to their roles, and it doesn't hurt that both are 'retired' student-athletes.  Catch up with Krystin & Jessica here!
As we close out the summer term and quickly close in on the start of the fall semester, we are extremely fortunate to have our next guest with us.  This guest is someone who needs absolutely no introduction - please welcome Ashton Henderson to our podcast. Ashton is an Associate Director of Football Advising and the Coordinator for the Seminole Leadership Program for THE Florida State University.
Mark Trumbo (Syracuse)

Mark Trumbo (Syracuse)


Many of you have already had the pleasure of meeting our next guest. But I realize there are many of you that do not have access to professional development dollars that would give you the access that you would need to meet him. Today, we get to change that. I am truly excited to welcome Mark Trumbo, Coordinator for Student-Athlete Engagement at Syracuse University, to the #LiveMaas podcast.
One of the most important initiatives coming down from the NCAA is the Academic Revenue Distribution Process.  Earlier in our podcast, we had a chance to get the viewpoint from the NCAA on educational matters, but today we are extremely fortunate to have with us the President of Forward Progress Athletics Consulting.  With the importance of the Academic Revenue Distribution Process, this is a Can't Miss episode to keep you and your program 'in the money!'.
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