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Weekly information security podcast airing Monday mornings hosted by Evan Francen and Brad Nigh. In a unique focus on protecting personal information, Evan and Brad discuss information security as an issue that includes cyber security, physical security, as well as administrative controls. Evan is the CEO of FRSecure and the author of the book UNSECURITY (publish date December, 2018). Brad is the Director of Consulting at FRSecure and a 20+ year veteran of the industry. Hosting things like FRSecure's Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Mentor Program, online hangouts, and other events together, the chemistry in their banter is sure to delight!
131 Episodes
For episode 131 of the UNSECURITY Podcast, Evan and Brad are joined by long-time friend, Chris Roberts. Chris's early life and trajectory in the information security industry both provide countless stories and lessons, so the three of them open the floor to whatever comes to mind!Give this episode a listen or watch and send questions, comments, or feedback to!
The UNSECURITY Podcast is pleased to welcome John Strand from Black Hills Information Security as a guest on episode 130. Along with Brad and Evan, John chats candidly about his path in security, what Black Hills is working on, the different pockets of security people, why it's important to work together as information security vendors to improve the community, and so, so much more.Give us a listen/watch and send your questions, comments, and feedback to
Evan and Brad are joined by Ron Woerner for episode 129 of the UNSECURITY Podcast. Ron and Evan first met at RSA, and they bonded over their shared passion to help people from all walks of life better protect themselves from cyber threats. Together, the three have an open discussion about current events, projects Ron is working on, and what's generally top of mind.Give episode 129 a listen or watch and send questions, comments, and feedback to
In the first of a number of guests appearances over the next few episodes, Brad and Evan are joined by Roger Grimes—a bona fide information security authority and renowned author of 12 books. Together, the three of them have an open dialogue on what's top of mind for them right now, some of the projects they are in the middle of, and current events that have drawn a ton of all of our attention lately.Please note: we did experience some audio issues for the back half of this episode. While we considered re-recording, Roger's insight and conversation were phenomenal, and we did not want to rob you of that authenticity. We hope that you still gain something from this episode despite this, and thank you for your patience and understanding.Give episode 128 a listen and send questions, comments, and feedback to
In this epsiode of the UNSECURITY Podcast, Evan and Brad have a candid discussion about how important it is to understand world events and apply the understanding to our jobs as security professionals. Everyone’s perspective is valid, so all perspectives (especially ones differing from our own) should be considered in our view of both society and our jobs.Give episode 127 a listen, and send comments, questions, or feedback to
Evan ran across an article this week titled "15 Security Pitfalls and Fixes for SMBs." Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) tend to be an underserved market, and with many businesses starting to regain their footing post-Covid, now is a great time to discuss SMB security. Brad and Evan analyze the "15 Security Pitfalls and Fixes for SMBs," provide their thoughts on the list, and give recommendations for those in smaller businesses to improve their security efforts.Give episode 126 a listen and send any comments, questions, or feedback to
We're just under two weeks away from FRSecure's annual CISSP Mentor Program—a free event that Evan and Brad host every year in the spring to help train industry professionals and get more people involved in the industry. In episode 125 of the UNSECURITY Podcast, Evan and Brad take a look back at why the program was started, how it's grown, and what to expect during this year's sessions.Give it a listen and send your questions, comments, and feedback to
After a two-episode hiatus, Brad is back this week to join Evan for episode 124 of the UNSECURITY Podcast. In this episode, the duo attempts to answer as many questions about passwords as they possibly can. Finally they touch on some company happenings like the CISSP Mentor Program and S2 updates.Give this episode a watch/listen and then send us your questions, comments, or feedback to
Have we lost our ability to reason? Evan is joined for the second week in a row for episode 123 of the UNSECURITY Podcast to discuss reason and how it applies to information security and life. The duo also dives into password hygiene—what the importance of passwords is and how they each tackle passwords.Give this episode a watch or listen and let us know what you think or what questions you have at
Evan has always been a strong proponent of weaving mental health transparency and help into the information security industry—one that tends to have long hours, stressful moments, and many other challenges that contribute to mental health struggles. With Brad out this week, Evan is joined by Ryan Cloutier for an honest and transparent discussion of mental health in infosec, their own personal mental health challenges, and the Mental Health First Aid certification.Give episode 122 a listen and send your questions, comments, and feedback to
In light of the SolarWinds attack (which you've more than likely heard of by now), the US Senate met about the events surrounding the attack and what can be done to prevent (or at least reduce the likelihood of) similar events in the future. There were some very interesting witness testimonials, but not all good. If policymakers draft policy based solely on what these witnesses said, we might be in some serious trouble!Evan and Brad recount the hearing and discuss their thoughts on the attacks, the witnesses, the hearing itself, and more.Give episode 121 a listen/watch and send us your questions, comments, and feedback to
The UNSECURITY Podcast welcomes special guest Tony Alsleben this week. Tony is the head of security for CentraCare. With Brad and Evan, Tony discusses his career and current role, what being a CISO (and similar positions) in healthcare is like, some of the industry's biggest security challenges, and advice for healthcare security colleagues. The three of them also touch on the vCISO Handbook, the CISSP Mentor Program, and some industry news.Give this episode a listen or watch, and send comments, questions, and feedback to
Episode 119 of the UNSECURITY podcast is jam-packed with a number of current events topics Evan and Brad have been following. The discussion includes a super useful and free “Legal Guide to Privacy and Data Security” written by a friend, a novel attack vector used to target the supply chain of some big tech players, and more on the water facility attack from last week and what that might mean for our national infrastructure as a whole.Give this episode a listen or watch, and as always, send us your questions, comments, and feedback to
Since the initial announcement of CMMC requirements and certification, the information security industry has abruptly shifted its focus towards preparing for it. While there are differences between "compliant" and "secure," CMMC seems to be one of the best compliance approaches to date—really taking important security fundamentals into account. In this episode, Brad and Evan discuss the differences between security and compliance, how to approach information security the right way, and how those relate to CMMC.Give episode 118 a listen or watch and then send your comments, questions, and feedback to
In episode 117 of the UNSECURITY Podcast, Evan and Brad listen to an impressive scam voicemail Evan received and talk about the novelty of it and how effective it might be. Then, they discuss privacy and whether it's truly the "right" people claim it to be. Finally, they talk about a well-known problem across the industry: burnout.Give this episode a listen/watch, then send us your questions, comments, and feedback to!
Episode 116 of the UNSECURITY Podcast can really be broken into two parts. First. Evan and Brad discuss the CIS Controls Version 8 Public Call (running through 2/8/2021) and the changes that are expected made. Second, Evan posed a question about the root of all problems in the infosec industry on LinkedIn and has gotten an overwhelming response. Brad and Evan also chat about some of the responses. Finally, the guys provide an update on their free CISSP training course.Give this episode a listen/watch, then send us your questions, comments, and feedback to!
Recurring guest and friend of the program, Amy McLaughlin, returns to the UNSECURITY Podcast this week to discuss her new book titled "Learning Continuity Planning: A Handbook for Schools, Colleges & Universities." With Evan and Brad in the process of co-authoring a book as well, the three of them discuss their new works in detail. They also touch on the 2021 CISSP Mentor Program (which registration just launched for) and news stories like DarkMarket Shutdown, Hackers Leak Stolen Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Data, and Serious Windows 10 Flaw Could Corrupt Your Hard Drive If You Open a Folder.Give it a watch or listen and then send your comments, questions, and feedback to
Thanks to Brad, FRSecure is now an official CMMC Registered Provider Organization (RPO). Given this, and the requirements beginning to trickle out to DoD service providers and supply chain, he and Evan chat about the upcoming requirements. Tune in to episode 114 to get an idea of what it looks like, what FRSecure is going to do for it, and what you can do to start preparing. As always, feel free to send questions, comments, and feedback to us at
If you're a loyal follower of the UNSECURITY Podcast, you know that from time to time Evan takes trips down to Mexico to get away from everything so he can write. Well, he's back. This time, he's co-authoring a vCISO Handbook with Brad. In this week's episode, the co-hosts (and soon to be co-authors) talk about what readers can expect in their upcoming piece—which hopes to be done before fall of this year.Check it out anywhere you consume podcasts, and send us your questions, comments, and feedback to
Episode 112 of the UNSECURITY Podcast marks the final episode of 2020. With that, Brad and Evan take a look back at some of the major security topics that surfaced this year—primarily breaches. The hope is that by dissecting some of these large-scale security events, businesses can continue to push forward in their efforts to protect data and people.Happy New Year, everybody!As always, please feel free to send comments, questions, or feedback to
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