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Author: BBC Radio 4

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Brighten your week with the latest BBC Radio 4 comedy, introduced by Darren Harriott.
4 Episodes
This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy. Krishnan checks in with Fi and Jane after an early morning hosting 5live Breakfast. He talks them through a morning news meeting, confesses why he wouldn't make a good doctor and is subject to a bit of Glover-Tracing. After chatting to Krishnan, Fi and Jane head out to take in the city. They learn about Swedish laundry and there's even a chance encounter with the head of the global 'Up Yours, Corona!' campaign, Greg James. Get in touch:
In the first episode of a new series, comedian Sindhu Vee invites guests to talk about their mothers. Guest across the series include Mae Martin, Guz Khan, Tom Allen and Jayde Adams. Lockdown is making us think a lot more about family, and for many people the parent-child relationship has been flipped. With the older generation more vulnerable to Coronavirus, middle-aged children are now worrying about where their parents are, and if they're behaving responsibly. We're telling them not to stay out late, to stay away from friends (especially those bad influences who won't wear masks), and to eat their vegetables. Sindhu Vee and her guests take a look at that bond, and ask whether the things their mothers taught them have set them up to cope with a global pandemic. This week, "Man Like Mobeen" star Guz Khan shares anecdotes about growing up with a strong matriarch, and what it's like to live next door to her now. Produced by Victoria Lloyd A BBC Studios Production



Drawing on his own family, the third series of Richard Herring’s comedy drama builds on the warm, lively characters and sharply observed family dynamics of previous series. His affectionate observation of inter generational misunderstanding, sibling sparring and the ties that bind will resonate with anyone who has ever tried to show their dad which remote turns the television on. Amid the comedy, Richard broaches some more serious highs and lows of family life. In this series, he focuses on the roller coaster ride of first time parenting, how to maintain a long standing marriage and brass rubbing. Richard Herring is a comedian, writer, blogger and podcaster and the world's premier semi-professional self-playing snooker player. Episode 1: Ian and Chloe are new parents to their much loved but incessantly crying baby, Don. Meanwhile sister Jane has had enough of husband Pete, while Ken and Margaret are simply trying to turn the television on. Cast: Margaret…………….Alison Steadman Ken……………..Phil Davis Jane…………….Fenella Woolgar Ian……………….Richard Herring Chloe…………..Emily Berrington Pete………………..Gordon Kennedy Holly………………...Tia Bannon Mark………………Fred Haig Nick………………..Harrison Knights Written by Richard Herring Sound Design by Eloise Whitmore Producer: Polly Thomas Executive Producers: Jon Thoday and Richard Allen Turner An Avalon Television production for BBC Radio 4



Nathan Blakely was a popstar. But he was useless, died, and was reincarnated. The comedy about Nathan’s adventures in the afterlife returns for a second series with Daniel Rigby and Diane Morgan, and guest-starring Vicki Pepperdine and Amy-Beth Hayes. In the first episode of the new series, Nathan is brought back to life as a pet cat. But there’s a catch - he has to live in the home of his actual granny. Nathan was a terrible grandson when he was a human. But now he’s a cat, will he learn how to be loyal and kind? And will he ever it make it back to human again? Cast: Diane Morgan - Jenny Daniel Rigby - Nathan Tom Craine – Mr Johnson Amy-Beth Hayes – Mrs Johnson Freya Parker – Vortex, Jimmy Johnson, Pigeon, TV announcers Vicki Pepperdine – Debbie, Nathan’s grandma Mike Wozniak – Bert, Nathan’s granddad and Vin Diesel Writers: Tom Craine and Henry Paker Music Composed by Phil Lepherd Producer: Harriet Jaine A Talkback production for BBC Radio 4
Comments (79)


What is this and who listens to this? No offence butthis was sh!t

Jul 17th


In the latest episode, "Little Lifetimes". I feel like the protagonist isn't necessarily enjoying her own life as much as she is poking fun at everyone and messing with their plans as much as possible. She doesn't seem genuinely happy. Anybody else feel that way?

Jun 16th

Patricia Nascu

I absolutely love that song! Can you please publish the words? I want to sing it for my team of nurses!

Apr 13th

Cath Trott


Apr 10th

damian edwards

As a political discussion podcast this was bang average, but as a comedy of the week it was utterly out of place.

Apr 7th

Dean Clark

More of this please.

Apr 6th


What pile of boring shite - get your act together COTW this is not comedy, funny, amusing or close to interesting. I can't be alone with this opinion. Alfie Brown, if this is what you consider worthy you're never going to be popular.

Mar 23rd

Simon Moss

Awful racist podcast!

Feb 5th

Amy Louise Crothers

This show is incredible! I'm loving it, it manages to be engaging and entertaining and familiar and foreign all at the same time.

Jan 30th

Ed Porter

I waited in vain for the theme music to roll and the show to assume some cohesion and purpose. 8 mins or so was plenty...

Jan 23rd

Greg Barnett

as an occasional audio producer I appreciated the creative vision and technical prowess to pull this off ... especially as it never flags over 30 minutes. brilliant. thanks.

Jan 22nd


love it

Jan 4th

Barbara Koont

"women are bettter than men in survival situations because women are more mentally strong" I take it that is a sweeping generalisation...and be honest, if you were about to die somebody would have saved you therefore not a 'real' survival situation at all. Is this really how you want girls growing up to think? No better than the 'alpha' male you claim to be so different from. shame

Jan 2nd


very funny!!! was cracking up on the tube!

Dec 11th

Sekkiou Salah

Really awesome

Nov 20th

Joye Liu


Nov 13th

Asim Warraich

Great selection of stories, very well presented.

Nov 12th

Pierce Merrin

great fun innit

Nov 11th
Reply (1)



Oct 14th

Tessa Matykiewicz

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Oct 13th
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