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The MRDR Music Mission presents our listeners witb songs from a diverse group of artists representing a wide range of genres. We love to hear from you! If you want to submit music or there is an artist you would like us to spotlight, please send a note to Support this podcast:
44 Episodes
Hey this is Mark- Thank you for listening to this podcast of MISTERDOCTER music. I am so delighted to have made this show and I am proud to have made 45 of them. I am giving you guys the credit. I am so grateful for this endeavoring ear worm and it’s willing wormfood that wiggle it. --- Support this podcast:
The double deuce the fabled 44th MRDR Music mission includes Mr. Dr. tracks from 2015 2016 and 2019. --- Support this podcast:
The Return of OC aka Don Mecca Plus A Threepenny Remix by MISTERDOCTER of Fuck If We Must. Enjoy!--- Support this podcast:
Two MRDR Band tracks served up along side a couple of solo MISTERDOCTER joints lively up this mission. --- Support this podcast:
This mission begins with a short song from The MRDR Band plus 3 MISTERDOCTER tracks. --- Support this podcast:
Come down and visit us if ever you find, a silhouette of yourself instead of your mind. Come down to the Ripple on Any Monday night! --- Support this podcast:
Three tracks by MISTERDOCTER. One is new, another is older, and the third track has both new and old elements in its Iteration. --- Support this podcast:
This mission belongs to the God Jammit! boys and their wonderful live performance from Be On Key Psychedelic Ripple in late June 2019. --- Support this podcast:
Please just go follow @deahoficial on IG. She is the amazing spirit of life and light. --- Support this podcast:
Well this mission is just loaded with The MRDR band. Get it Find it Hit it Rewind it.--- Support this podcast:
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