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The Cyclist Not Biker Podcast

Author: Metal Sam

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Gravel, Bikepacking, Cargo Biking, Gear Nerdery, Beer, Metal, and general Smack Talk. Support this podcast:
Just checking in

Just checking in


It’s been a really f’d up year, but I’m still riding. --- Support this podcast:
CNB Ep 11: Tapping Out

CNB Ep 11: Tapping Out


The podcast will continue, but I'm off the big mileage riding for now. Listen to learn why--- Support this podcast:
AERO BARS! CYCLOCROSS! BAD MUSIC! TIME MANAGEMENT! MORE SWEARING THAN USUAL! OTHER STUFF!Intro music: Magnetic Sombreros "Many Are Few"--- Support this podcast:
Babbling about trainers, fatties, Gravel, 420, A NEW April Gravel Race, E-Bikes are OK, and more.--- Support this podcast:
Track Records, Vegan stuff in KCMO, Aerobars (yes, that again), a word about the music on the CNB, and other crap.--- Support this podcast:
Join in the conversation about Gravel Worlds, Gravel Bike Suspension Forks, Tandem Touring, Sunrises, and Not Getting Hit By Cars. SUCH FUN--- Support this podcast:
24 Hours Of Cumming race report, Good Intentions Tour meets the Ragbrai, Birthday Shots, and a few weak attempts at bleeping out expletives just for fun. --- Support this podcast:
I welcome Trans Iowa Co-Founder/Director/Mortician, partner, Gravel historian, and all around bad ass, Mark Stevenson aka Guitar Ted to the podcast to talk about our attempt at the 400k 24 Hours Of Cumming as a 2-person team (this was recorded the night before the race), The future of gravel grinding, some races, and shout outs. --- Support this podcast:
CNB Ep3: Spaced Jam

CNB Ep3: Spaced Jam


Shimano Kicks Rocks, TDF in 5 seconds, Wolf Tooth ROADLINK revoew--- Support this podcast:
Oh this one is a mess. If you make it through all 40 minutes you deserve a prize. --- Support this podcast:
Wecome to the first CNB podcast, no guest and no real direction in this episode. Actually, there is one surprise guest. I cant tell you who, because its a surprise...--- Support this podcast:
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