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Welcome to Transformation Unplugged. The podcast where COACHD sits down with industry leaders, influencers, and transformation specialists to bring you the truth about transforming your body and mind.

Each episode is hosted by Robert Cappuccio who talks with world class guests about the ups, downs, and eye-opening reality of truly transforming the body, mind, and behaviors that shape our lives.

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7 Episodes
Eric Casaburi’s entrepreneurial spirit and love of fitness have flourished since the age of thirteen, beginning with his first job at a local gym. Possessing the courage, energy and fearlessness to fuel a small army, Casaburi opened his first business at the age of 23 and launched his first franchise, Retro Fitness in 2004. He has since grown his passion for health and well-being into a $150,000,000 a year business giant. There are currently over one hundred and fifty Retro Fitness clubs serving over 500,000 members across seventeen states, and another one hundred and fifty are in the pipeline. The Retro Fitness philosophy “More fitness, less money,” has made Casaburi one of the most successful entrepreneurs in recent history. In a market that is saturated with competition, Casaburi manages to stay ahead of the curve by implementing strategic business tactics such as exceptional customer service, a keen attention to cleanliness, as well as constantly evolving the brand to keep up with the times. Casaburi has been featured on CNBC, MSNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg TV, and the CBS series Undercover Boss in 2 separate episodes. He has appeared in dozens of publications such as Forbes,, Entrepreneur Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and Franchise Times. Casaburi lives with his wife Kim and their four children in Orlando, FL. His interests include sports, specifically anything involving the Philadelphia Eagles, learning how to empower others, and spending free time with his family at their second home at the Jersey shore. Eric is a proven leader in the fitness industry and hopes to inspire others to achieve their dreams and reach the pinnacle of success. “As an entrepreneur, I think one of the biggest things most guys or gals will fight with is their ability to let go,” Casaburi says. --- Support this podcast:
Dr Roy Sugarman is Director: Neuroscience for LifeIQ International and SeventeenHundred, part of the Mobecom Group, developing mobile platforms that engage and retain users in healthy behaviors, drawing on motivational science and his unique Neuroscience Model derived from this discipline. 
He is a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society's Colleges of Clinical Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology, member of the Royal Charter of Psychologists in the UK, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Member of the British Psychological Society’s Division of Neuropsychology and Faculty of Pediatric Neuropsychology, and a member of the American Psychological Association.  In the USA he is on the advisory boards of several USA-based entities: as Neuroscience lead with Social Health Innovations (Sydney and Delaware), Mind Experts International (Fla), as well as Director of Applied Neuroscience in the Performance Innovation Team of EXOS (Az).  In this last capacity he served as a mindset coach with the USA National Men's Soccer Team, as well as working with various Olympic and Club level athletes in multiple sporting settings including USF athletes and US Military Special Forces personnel. He is an advisor to FC11 in Australia and EyesRight in Atlanta USA. He is a foundation member of BoxSpring Entertainment in the UK.  He is the author of two acclaimed books, “Saving your life one day at a time”, and  "Client-centred coaching: A trainer and coach's guide to motivating clients" (3rd ed), with PTAGlobal in the USA, now their standard textbook for training their clients in engagement skills. He is a contributor to various other works, including The Hecht Effect by Steve Hecht, and Every Day is Game Day, by Mark Verstegen, both noted luminaries in the peak performance world in which Dr Sugarman works internationally. He has had input into major corporations' corporate health including programs at IBM, Intel, Sheraton, Walgreens, Cisco, Sony, SAP, Wesfarmers, Google, Johnson and Johnson, United Health Group, Union Pacific Railroads, KFC, Qantas, Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association and others, historically including Aviva and Singapore Armed Forces, Sun Life in Manila and Orix in Japan, as well as FWD, Cigna, Ogilvy, Mazlo, Fitness First, Primal Fitness, Department of Education and the Environment, and other corporates and organizations worldwide.    Dr Sugarman's clinical work continues in traumatic brain injury, mood and anxiety disorders in children and adults, and he serves as a Clinical Lecturer in Psychiatry at UNSW, assisting with the assessment of candidates for medicine.  With numerous publications, Dr Sugarman has developed an integrated approach to achieving peak performance in both body and brain, contributing to the current state of the art in both rehabilitation and peak performance circles: showcased in his books and in the well received TV series, Body and Brain Overall on OneHD and Channel 10.  His online program "The neuroscience of Peak Performance", produced by EXOS Presents in the USA, has received critical acclaim.  He has contributed to other EXOS Works presentations promoting best practice in professional coaching circles. Dr Sugarman works with individuals from his practice in Rose Bay, Australia with both clinical clients as well as high level executives and sporting bodies, building resilience through his integrated approach to body-brain optimisation, following the principles of ACT and Process-Based CBT.  He is currently the Director of Applied Neuroscience for Mobecom, a public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, supporting their 1700 app, the Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology app, and LifeIQ, all of which advance the science of engagement and retention of users in healthy behaviors.  --- Support this podcast:
Ian O'Dwyer and Rodney Corn have over 50 years of combined practical & professional experience in the Health & Fitness Industry enhancing the lives of coaches, trainers, clubs, and clients all around the world.  Most recently, together they founded SOMA - a holistic client-centered methodology for promoting regenerative health.  They can be found on the web at --- Support this podcast:
Martin Rooney is the founder of Training For Warriors.  An internationally recognized trainer, speaker, author and pioneer of strength and conditioning, Martin holds a Master of Health Science and Bachelor of Physical Therapy from the Medical University of South Carolina. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science from Furman University. Martin was a four-time All Conference, and four-time MVP performer in Track and Field at Furman and a member of the United States Bobsled team. Following his exposure to MMA in the mid 1990s, Martin began training with Renzo Gracie and started training fighters shortly afterward. Since the foundation of the TFW system, Martin has traveled around the world to train, compete, and conduct seminars and help prepare world class athletes and coaches. Martin has been the martial arts consultant to the NY Giants and the NY Jets and a coach on the IFL World Team Champion New York Pitbulls. Martin is currently a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under UFC fighter Ricardo Almeida and a black belt in Kodokan Judo under Olympian Teimoc Johnston-Ono. Martin has lectured about TFW for the American College of Sports Medicine, the College Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the UK Strength and Conditioning Association, the Finnish Coaches Association, American Fitness Professionals and Associates, Perform Better and has been commissioned by Nike to run speed testing camps at a number of major universities. Martin has also presented for numerous companies on leadership and teamwork including Fortune 500 companies such as Marriot International and Hasbro. Martin and the TFW system has been featured on ESPN, ESPN2, Spike TV, Sports New York, Fox Sports Net, Fox Fight Game, the NFL Network, HDnet,,, and in the New York Times, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Journal, Muscle and Fitness, The Sporting News, Stack Magazine, FIGHT!, Fight Sport, Fighters Only, Grappling and Sports Illustrated for Kids. He has written eight books called “The Book of 5 Things,” “Rooney’s Rules”, “Train to Win”, “Success Patterns”, “The Team Renzo Gracie Workout”, “Training for Warriors”, “Warrior Cardio” and “Ultimate Warrior Workouts”, the latter three published by HarperCollins. Martin is also on the editorial council of Brazil’s Gracie Magazine and a regular contributor to Men’s Health and FIGHT!. In addition to training many world champion martial artists, Martin has also been a consultant to the New York Giants, Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals, Arizona State University, University of Alabama, Oregon State University, Rutgers University, Montana State University as well as other athletes from the NFL, MLB, NBA, WNBA and numerous top Division I colleges across the country. He has also trained numerous Olympians including one gold, four silver medalists, and one US Olympic Trials champion.  His TFW system has also been implemented by the Army Rangers and Army Airborne Division. As a partner with the Parisi Speed School, he has also developed one of the top NFL Combine training programs in the country producing the fastest athlete at the 2001, 2004, 2005 and 2006 NFL Combine and first place finishers at ten different positions, including five all-time records. 130 athletes Martin has trained have been drafted to the NFL including the #2 pick overall Chris Long in 2008. Now Martin’s mission is to spread the TFW System around the world to help any person to Bring Out The Warrior Within. --- Support this podcast:
Ken Baum is an author, professional speaker and the creator of the #1 Sports Psychology System in the World. A recognized authority on the psychology of performance in business and sport's, his teachings are often the missing link to success. Ken's goal is to help you become the most effective athlete or business person possible and reach your goals faster than you ever imagined. Ken Baum Mental Edge is the most potent, performance changing system you can learn. His 30 years of experience training business people from all walks of life and his 57 Olympic Medalists, World and National Champions set his training apart. He is often called to coach in the most difficult situations. When other consultants, trainers, and psychologists fail to deliver, Ken gets results.   --- Support this podcast:
Michol Dalcourt is an internationally recognized industry-leading expert in human movement and performance. He is the Founder and Director of the Institute of Motion, inventor of the fitness tool “ViPR” and co-founder of PTA Global. As an international lecturer and educator, Michol has authored numerous articles on human design and function, developed a series of performance videos and created an athletic model for high performance training (the RMA model). Michol is currently an Adjunct Professor at the University of San Francisco in the Faculty of Sports Science and has served as an instructor at the NAIT College School of Health Sciences. Michol’s highly innovative techniques have been adopted by many of the top international fitness certification bodies. Michol has given hundreds of international lectures and has been a featured speaker at most of the world’s top fitness conferences, fitness clubs and at many colleges and universities around the world. Michol has done extensive work and field research in the areas of human performance, and consults with many of the fitness industry’s biggest companies. As a trainer, Michol worked with a general clientele as well as athletes of all levels, such as college level pitchers, NHL hockey players, NLL Lacrosse players and Olympic gold medal athletes. Michol received his education from the University of Alberta in the area of Exercise Science (Faculty of Physical Education). Other certifications include C.F.C. accreditation from the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists and Certified Personal Trainer Specialist with the Canadian Association of Fitness Professionals. Michol lives and surfs with his wife, daughter, and black labrador in Solana Beach, California. --- Support this podcast:
Craig Harper is one of Australia’s leading presenters, writers and educators in the areas of health, high-performance, resilience, self-management, leadership, corporate change, communication, stress management, addiction and personal transformation. Craig has been an integral part of the Australian health and fitness industry since 1982 and in that time has worked as an exercise scientist, corporate speaker, consultant, University lecturer, AFL conditioning coach, radio host, TV presenter, writer and successful business owner. In 1990 Craig established Harper’s Personal Training, which evolved into one of the most successful businesses of its kind and inhabited the Australian fitness landscape for almost a quarter of a century. Craig can be heard weekly on various radio stations around Australia and hosts his own weekly show on Melbourne radio called ‘the Science of Sport’. For two years he was the host of Foxtel’s Living Life Now and for three years Craig filled an on-air role on Network Ten’s ‘9AM’ morning show as their resident Fitness Expert and Performance Coach. Craig currently fills an on-air role as the host of a lifestyle show called ‘Get a Life’, airing on Foxtel. As well as having written for the Herald Sun newspaper, numerous magazines and authoring five books, Craig was also the director of Health and Wellness for Dayhab; one of Australia’s leading addiction treatment facilities for three years. As an Exercise Scientist, Craig has worked with many professional athletes and teams including St. Kilda F.C., Melbourne Vixens, Melbourne Phoenix, Port Melbourne F.C., Nissan Motorsport and a long list of Olympians and world-class athletes competing in a broad range of sports. While still working with teams and individuals on a regular basis, these days Craig delivers more than one hundred corporate presentations annually. --- Support this podcast:
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