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Straight Talk - Supply Chain Insights

Author: Lora Cecere

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Lora Cecere, Supply Chain Insights is focused on delivering independent, actionable and objective advice for supply chain leaders. If you need to know which practices and technologies make the biggest difference to corporate performance, turn to us. We are a company dedicated to this research. We help you understand supply chain trends, evolving technologies and which metrics matter.
32 Episodes
Interview with Kevin Wong, COO of Nulogy on the  Building of Supply Chain 2030. In preparation for the Supply Chain  Insights Global Summit, Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights  interviews Kevin on how to build value networks.   272Tags: Nulogy, supplychain2030, blockchain, networks
As we get ready for the Supply Chain Insights  Global Summit, Lora Cecere, founder of Supply Chain Insights is  interviewing all of the technologists attending to gain insights on how  they see Supply Chain 2030. Here Lora interviews John Tecce, manager of  North East Sales of ThoughtSpot. The company is a new form of analytics  combining enterprise search and artificial intelligence.   #271Tags: supplychain, analytics, thoughtspot, loracecere, supplychaininsights
What is Supply Chain Excellence? In this discussion, Lora shares insights on Gartner Top 25 2019 winners on the effective frontier of balancing growth, inventory turns, operating margin and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) using data from the 2010-2018 time period. Here she explains why no company on the Gartner Top 25 2019 list beat peer group performance while driving improvement. Tags: supply chain excellence, Gartner Top 25, Supply Chain Insights, Supply Chains to Admire, Supply Chain Index, supply chain, business strategy, network strategy
In 2019 only 35% of manufacturing leaders rate  their Sales and Operations Planning processes effective. In contrast,  65% rated the processes effective in 2016. In this podcast, Lora Cecere,  founder of Supply Chain Insights shares the reasons for this  precipitous decline. The remedy is enlightened leadership. To make the  shift, companies need to define what defines supply chain excellence and  how it ties to the business strategy. Then manage the supply chain as a  complex non-linear system to ensure the recognition of constraints, the  design of buffers, and the impact of changes in mix. Only 30% of  companies have “what if analysis” and only 50% of companies tie the  output of the tactical plan in S&OP to execution. As organizational  complexity increases—with seven S&OP processes using five different  technologies—getting the basics right matters more than ever.Tags: Sales and Operations Planning, IBP, Supply Chain Excellence, Demand planning, 
 Inventory, supply chain strategy, supply chain insights, Lora Cecere, supply chain tactics 
In this podcast, Lora Cecere interviews Doug  Bordonaro, Field Chief Technology Officer, on the use and relevance of  enterprise search to answer questions at the speed of business. Join the  podcast to understand how this new form of descriptive analytics can  improve supply chain decision making. TagsAnalytics, supply chain excellence, enterprise search, making decisions at the speed of business, descriptive analytics, 
Podcast with Lora Cecere and CJ Das from Simple  Tire discussing Analytics strategies. CJ is an innovative CIO driving  change in business through collaboration and delivering business results  from innovative analytics technologies. #266Tagsanalytics, Tires, Simple Tires, Lora Cecere, Supply Chain Insights. Supply chain excellence
Why are inventory levels in the supply chain higher  post-recession than before 2007? In this podcast, Lora Cecere, founder  of Supply Chain Insights, share insights to answer the question and  offers guidance to better manage inventories in a complex world.  #265Tags:Inventory, supply chain strategy, supply chain insights, Lora Cecere, supply chain tactics
How do we get started  with new forms of analytics? In this podcast, Lora Cecere addresses the  question of “should companies start with process innovation, data  cleanliness or governance?” The important first step is to get started.  In this podcast, Lora shares insights on how. #264TagsAnalytics, supply chain, insights, data-driven decision making, lora cecere
In this episode, Lora Cecere talks about S & OP and putting all your pieces together. 
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