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Author: John Weston

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Welcome to Five Arrows Tech Talk where we share helpful tips and explanations about technology.
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The needle has moved over to required for  Multi-Factor Authentication in many instances. In this Episode John and Scott discuss the ins and outs of multi-factor. John also shares his love for Yubikey and why you should be using it in your organization, especially if you have administrator access to any sensitive date. 
In this episode we discuss how to use LastPass as a password manager. Most of the rules apply of other password managers. We go over the functions and features and the simplicity of the use of a password manager. We hope you find it helpful.
Some businesses have use Gmail as their primary email. If you have wondered what the advantages would be to move to a G Suite account, take a listen as John and Scott walk you though some of the advantages of moving to a G Suite account. 
John and Scott discuss what a Managed Services provider provides. Some take-a-ways:75:1 Ratio for users to IT personnelPart time help desk just doesn't work. No one who is good at they do is going to work part time in IT. What is included?Anti-VirusPatching softwareMonitor event logsRemote supportUser remote desktopLicense complianceHardware control - lock down USB, optical drives, etc.Enforce encryptionContent filtering - by device, by role, application blocking, web filtering
Five Arrows 007 - Backup

Five Arrows 007 - Backup


Backup is crucial for every organization and individual. Today we discuss a methodology called 3-2-1 backup. A process should be adopted in every organization regardless of the software and hardware you choose.
Have you tried Google Keep? Do you need something that is quick and easy and available from every device? In this episode we discuss why we love this product!
Primer on Google Tasks.
John and Scott talk about what a VPN is, where it came from. Should you buy one of the VPN's always advertised on TV? We also confirm why your IT department may require you to connect to a VPN to their office. 
Have you recently upgraded your internet speed but your connection is still less than your paying for? We will discuss the difference between the difference wireless speeds, and things to consider when upgrading hardware at a home or small office. 
In this episode, Scott and I talk about what a Chromebook is, when you should buy one, and when you shouldn't. If you are looking for a new laptop, what to get, and what will it cost. We painting with broad strokes in this podcast, there is a lot of detail we are glossing over in an attempt to keep it simple. We hope you enjoy!
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