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Author: Stuart Oswald

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Man of the world. Travelled a bit here and there. Somewhere between Colombia and Germany right now. Hopefully, we have something in common, you and I.
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This is a mix containing the very best tradictional Colombian Christmas music. It is particularly aimed at younger children and elders with fond Christmas memories of the season in Colombia. All tracks are in Spanish but I have compiled a post detailed the Colombian Christmas tradition in English here villancico was a common poetic and musical form of the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America popular from the late 15th to 18th centuries. With the decline in popularity of the villancicos in the 20th century, the term became reduced to mean merely "Christmas carol". Important composers of villancicos were Juan del Encina, Pedro de Escobar, Francisco Guerrero, Gaspar Fernandes, and Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla.
People of Noncolour

People of Noncolour


Today I was threatened with removal by my podcast host because the owner took issue with a facebook comment emphasising inclusion and diversity. You can read the remarkable thread here.
Happy to know that I am not going to talk over this episode.All artists and tunes have a personal connection to me. Some are budding artists and some are merely creating music that is an extension of themselves. I have chosen to create this mix/compilation as this tunes really well and truely deserve to be heard by all.All artists are linked to and their tracks have been given chapters in this podcast episode enabling you to listen and reply the tunes you like most. I just ask that you give them all a chance. Please click their links to hear more from them."...alright, you're scratchin it right now, cut the record back and forth against the needle, back and forth, back and forth, makin' it scratch, but let me tell you something: don't try this at home with your dad's stereo, only under hip-hop supervision, alright?D-SewSew Resides in East London, born in the East End with Indian roots. A young, strong, woman who is living her journey called life. Music is what I do. Work is just an investment. The people you meet in life treat them with love. Knowledge, life skills and interactions are valuable. There's more to life than the box, the social media, the mainstream industry. Find you, love you, do youTwitterBandcampSoundcloudInstagramYouTubeDJ DashLondon based artist with a strong electro influence and a fresh take on influential sounds.SoundCloudMiguel Conejeros (Fiat 600)F600 (Miguel Conejeros, Chile-Spain)This is the most profound musical proposal of a musician in constant evolution and searches for new musical directions. Since “The Pinochet Boys” back in the 80´s, where Miguel Conejeros started his unique approach to groove making as the brain of this legendary art-punk band and throughout his oblique jungle and drum n’ bass excursion in the nineties, this national treasure always knows how to deliver the unexpected and leave a sweet aftertaste.Nowadays F600 live performances include clubs worldwide and also contemporary art field presentations with sound installations. His participation in various music festivals such as Sonar, Mutek, Periferias, LEM, Algorythm and Versus Electronics among others make of F600 a very active producer and DJ, actually working with Nice Cat Records, Panal Records, Clang label, Occultists Label, Patagonia, and collaborations with Epasonidos and Pueblo Nuevo Netlabels.SoundcloudFacebookIgor KUnderground Hip Hop artist in continuous motion between Germany's great cities.SoundcloudBarnabasA stateside hip hop artist that is taking fresh inspiration from the divine power.SoundcloudFacebookIf you'd like your tunes featured in a future special episdoe please contact me.
This episode is meant to be a brief introduction and complementary media piece for a post I wrote on this unique aspect of Colombian culture here Please, enjoy it and visit the above link for more. The discussion board at the foot of the post is always lively with Colombian expats living abroad.
A meeting I had with Richard McColl to discuss a blog post of mine () and some recently released CIA files regarding Hitler apparently hiding out here in Colombia. The recording was for an episode of Richard McColl's podcast Colombia Calling ( The recording is a raw capture of the show including our discussions before, between parts and at the end.You can read all the documentation mentioned in my post here .
Hitler in Colombia

Hitler in Colombia


Thank you for listing to this podcast. It is a collection of my thoughts and understanding of the information contained with a CIA file that adds meat to rumours of a Hitler alive and hiding on the Latin American continent.There is more concise information and some further revelations to this story at a blog post I made here .I am very interested to hear corrections and additional information if you have it.
Join me as we walk the famous Septima here in Bogotá. Hear the sounds from the bustling street and reach a surprise from halfway.
A special one here comprising of short selections of sounds that I passed through during last week here in Colombia. These SoundScapes are separated by short periods of silence. Try having a listen with earphones and try to think about what you are hearing and imagine what might be happening around. In case you just can't wait here is a short description of the order of soundscapes.Anden rain at night.Rural farmers working on a property deal at a road side cafe.Soviet era Czechoslovakian machinery used in sugarcane milling.Birds song and children playing football in a traditional Colombian town square.Riding the C1 bus from Las Aguas along Calle 19 in Bogotá.Music at a Colombian church during the moment of communion.The 'Gracias' from the contactless turnstile upon boarding and paying to ride a Bogotá SITP public bus.
Visited a wholly traditional sugar cane farm in the Colombian Andes. Here was an artisanal process of harvesting the Andean sugar cane, milling it and then evaporating the liquid before moulding or pulverising the sugar cane juice into delicious raw sugar like nothing I have ever tasted before.The stages of sounds you will hear:Cutting of the sugar cane.Starting an old Soviet era engine to power the mill.The whirring of the mill's cogs.Milling of the cane.Pouring the raw cane juice into the vats.The hammering of a tree (Balza) bark used in the boiling process to remove impurities.Adding the Balza tree bark syrup to the raw cane juice in the vats.The firing of the furnace below to boil the cane juice.Skimming of impurities from the cane juice.Boiling and mixing of the cane juice within the cooking vats.Testing for crystallisation by shattering a small cooled portion of the condensed cane juice.Cooling the boiling condensed cane juice by beating it in a wooden trough.Smoothing the gooey sugar into 500g moulds to cool off.
Regional music festival organised to select the best bands to compete at national and international levels.Soundscape recordings of the the best bands this night, preceding the official festival tomorrow and Sunday. Please pardon the noise of spectators as well as busy traffic. These bands were playing sporadically on street corners and squares.These are the best three that I recorded.
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