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Liberadio(!) with Mary Mancini & Freddie O'Connell

Author: Mary Mancini

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Listen to Liberadio(!) Mondays 7 to 9 am on WRVU 91.1 FM with your hosts Mary Mancini ("a liberal talk radio diva in the making") and Freddie O'Connell (a southern-bred Ivy-league elitist), voted two of Nashville's best radio talk show hosts (2005) and best radio personalities (2006 and 2007).
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We apologize, but by the time our show aired, Justin Bieber had to cancel. We're sad but we forge ahead with the Liberadio(!) "To Do" list, Freddie as a bicycle valet, the Davidson County Democratic Party straw poll debrief, and a rundown of the news. Plus, Federal Public Defender Kelley Henry joins us live to tell us the story of her client Gaile Owens, one of two women on Tennessee's death row, and Tennessee Attorney General Bob Cooper issues an opinion [pdf] on the constitutionality of yet another vanity license plates. Beep, beep, who got the keys to the...ZOMG! Jesus is Lord! [25.4MB]
In the second hour we tell you all the fun facts that weren't reported about self-described "Tea Partiers," and we speak to Ian Millhiser, Policy Analyst for Center for American Progress about the upcoming Supreme Court nomination - what it means to a court primarily made up of conservatives "nuts" and what the confirmation process will look like. Then, it's once again time for Karl Frisch and the Media Matters for America Smackdown - this week Karl takes Maureen Dowd and the Sunday morning talk shows to the mat - and a quick but important word about a bill that would outlaw some forms of birth control in Tennessee (which has passed in both the House and Senate and is on its way to the Governor to be signed). [23.4MB]
The Liberadio(!) "To Do" list is long this week and includes marijuana jokes, coveting the Seattle Center Monorail (and flume ride), and a historic march. Plus, love him or hate him, you know Barney Frank would never try to bite the head off a baby bunny - or would he? And we are disgusted with Sarah Palin's unchallenged and unrelenting display of disrespect for the highest office in the land and chagrined - again - at what Tennessee Republicans and, therefore, Tennessee Democrats have decided is going to be the issue to talk about in this campaign. Then, we begin the breakdown of what's going on with voter roll purges in Benton County. [28.14MB]
We talk to Neal Darby, Jr., Senior Partnership Specialist Team Leader with the U.S. Census Bureau and he answers all our questions about the 10 questions. Then, we continue our discussion about the controversial Benton County voter roll purges - who was affected, why, and why can't we locate the laws that the election administrator said were followed during the purge process? [19.82MB]
Play ball! It's opening day but we don't have just baseball on our minds - there's the Easter weekend, some jobs chatter, college hoops, and the Tennessee state legislature can't say boo to the coal lobby so the feds are coming in to take a good hard look at the quaint little practice of mountaintop removal. Plus, A.C. Kleinheider, who provided the solo byline for Post Politics - the go to place for state and local political news and views - until he was let go last week, joins us for a little debriefing, dodging, and dancing. Was he really fired as the result of a racist email? [26.92MB]
Our listeners can't get enough Kleinheider and neither can we so he stays and our listeners ask him some tough questions. Will he or won't he comment and tell? And Karl Frisch of Media Matters talks Tiger Woods, Jesse James, Justin Beiber, and Ludacris...until he gets back on track and pulls the curtain back on Sarah Palin's new Fox talk show. Then? You guessed it, we get another fix of Kleinheider. Will he be back again next week? [23.14MB]
Bits and bobs of news from health care to buses, Mumpower to Haslam. Plus Al Gore gets it right, how much racism is part of the Anti-health insurance reform protests, and an interview with Commissioner Reagan Farr (he lets us call him "Commish"), of the Tennessee Department of Revenue [30.61MB]
In this hour we interview Andrew Hysell, director of the Campaign for Healthy Kids for Save the Children and Joan Randall, chair of the Tennessee Obesity Task Force. We also hear two long-time news reporters hold national Republicans leaders to account for their ridiculous posturing and rampant hypocrisy - finally! - and we hear two Democratic state legislators hold state Republican leaders to account for the same. Plus, what should government do? Rep. Glen Casada (R-Franklin) thinks it should abandon its most precious resource. But Rep Sherry Jones (D-Nashville) disagrees. [18.8MB]
There's really one one news story this morning - woohoo! health care reform legislation! - and really one "to do" item - call and thank your congressperson who voted for woohoo! health care reform legislation. And then there's the congressmen from Tennessee who didn't vote for it. Call those guys too. Plus, what's good about the newly passed legislation and Tony Garr, executive director for Tennessee Health Care campaign joins us to talk about why it's specifically good for Tennesseans. [27.47MB]
News roundup, three words to describe the Vancouver Olympics closing ceremonies, the to do list, Tennessee politics are important politics, and while our U.S. Senators refuse to fight for health care security for all Tennesseans, one lone State Senator takes a stand. Plus, our interview with Bill Howell of Tennesseans for Fair Taxation. Fair fair fair fair fair. [23.34MB]
We take your calls on what the lack of meaningful health care reform means to ordinary Tennesseans, plus John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants joins us for a rollicking interview in which we learn many, many secrets about New York Politics, kid-friendly rock shows, song lyrics, the Flood album, and bathtub conversations. We finish up with Karl Frisch, Senior Fellow for media watchdog organization Media Matters for America, and his take on the media coverage of President Obama's health care summit and Freddie's comments on Tennessee gubernatorial candidate Zach Wamp's unchallenged assertions that mountaintop removal is "good for the environment." [24.14MB]
Make a simple hyperbolic statement and soon we're discussing discussing politics, energy sources, and the existence of God with our listeners all in the context of just what is the Best. Invention. Ever. Remo, Mary's dad, even calls in with his unique take. Plus the rich are getting richer and we call shenanigans on the guy making fun of the President for using a teleprompter while he was, you know, using a teleprompter. [20.59MB]
The discussion continues and we conclude that the Best. Invention. Ever. just might be Tennessee State Senator Andy Berke. Plus, a debrief of a trip to our nation's Capitol (and making plans for another), a listener calls in with a fantastic energy saving idea, an interview with Dr. Joseph Romm of on why now is the time to pay attention to the science of climate change and not the weather, and Karl Frisch, Senior Fellow for media watchdog organization Media Matters for America, covers Conservative Political Action Conference. [23.7MB]
President Obama's latest weekly radio address, a recap of the most super of bowls, the year of the underdog continues...from 2008, the Tea Party seen through rose-colored glasses, our interview with Graham Perry, curator of the We Shall Not Be Moved: The 50th Anniversary of Tennessee's Civil Rights Sit-ins at the Tennessee State Museum, and the work continues for affordable health care for all.
Tea party fallout, James O'Keefe, tax-cuts, and sit-ins. Plus guests Mark Reutter for the Progressive Policy Institute, Emily Ogden of Stand for Children, and Karl Frisch of of Media Matters for America.
Tea party fallout, James O'Keefe, tax-cuts, and sit-ins. Plus guests Mark Reutter for the Progressive Policy Institute, Emily Ogden of Stand for Children, and Karl Frisch of of Media Matters for America.
President Obama's latest weekly radio address, current news, and the to do list (including details of our 2010 State of the Union Watch Party). Plus, WRVU loses 15-year veteran Doyle Davis when he decides he can no longer "bring da funk," Air America has gone dark (but not for the reasons you think), our callers think that liberals in Tennessee should just come out already, and Liberadio(!) senior Massachusetts News Correspondent, Julie Bruno, reports from the ground - just what happened to the Coakley campaign and who is this Scott Brown dude?
This hour we're joined by Robert Weissman, President of Public Citizen, who gives us the 4-1-1 on the latest Supreme Court decision to affect campaign financing, as well as Karl Frisch, Senior Fellow for media watchdog organization, Media Matters for America. Plus, the Top 10 Progressive Victories of the Obama administration (a.k.a. he brought the change and we can believe in it), Tennessee is - in reality - a nice shade of purpley blue, and public transit fans, rejoice! - the Obama administration announced this week that it is loosening the criteria for using federal funds to finance light rail, bus routes, and other public transit projects.