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Author: Ryan & Cheryl

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Ryan and Cheryl are two well-traveled people who want to go everywhere! Since that's not practical, each episode they travel vicariously by inviting a guest to share their unique travel stories.
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This week, YouTuber Dana C Burkey joins us to share about her niche travel interest: abandoned exploring. We hear about what inspired Dana’s love of this hobby, and where it’s taken her to! Packing lists By hand! Judging Cheryl Doesn’t forget things Abandon Exploring Chernobyl What Cheryl does/doesn’t know Dana explains what happens Former hospitals, ghost towns, military forts Goodnoe HIlls, WA Ghost town Satsop Nuclear Power Plant Mansfield Ohio State Reformatory Filming site of Shawshank Redemption Rules Don’t do damage to the site Often you don’t tag a location Have to use context clues to find the location Google “abandon things” Went to “devil’s tower” with random teenagers Tagging the building, skateboarding History of a place Sometimes its not possible to know Sometimes there are plaques, sometimes it can be found online Joined a fb group Rules about not giving location/asking about locations or you will get banned It is ok to ask about places without directly asking the actual location You have to do the work A dead deer that looked like a dead lion in Ohio Wish You Were Here Cheryl: Garnet Ghost Town, Missoula, MT Dana: The Oregon Vortex, Gold Hill, OR Ryan: The Kuranda Koala Gardens, Kuranda, Queensland, Australia  Follow us on Twitter & Instagram: @tmwypodcast Leave us a voicemail (or text message): (406)763-8699 Email: Follow Dana: YouTube: danacburkey Instagram: @danaburkeyexplores  
The episode opens with a discussion of Starbucks mugs and the various collections that have existed over the years. Then Alex answers our returning guest questions, which includes a description of what it’s like to fly during the current COVID 19 pandemic. He then launches into his travel story about visiting 7 cities, 5 countries in just 8 days! Corfu, Greece The old fortress of Corfu Greek style church Great tips from an AirBnB host Tirana, Albania Possibly the best town square in Europe Cold war bunkers turned into Cold War museums Met a woman from Germany outside a restaurant and ended up having dinner with her Podgorica, Montenegro Traveling by bus Most boring European capital Niagara Falls of Montenegro...not quite as advertised Dobrovnik, Croatia Walled city Visited the island of lokrum just off the coast that’s mostly nature Discovering a major water polo match in the harbor Alex’s travel tagline: “Whatever this is, I’m interested” Walking tour of the top of the city walls Visiting a bar between the outside of the city wall and the ocean Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovenia Cite of very recent civil war The river as the dividing line between the sides of the conflict One of the most meaningful travel moments he’s had Čevapčiči!!! Hvar, Croatia A kind of party island Split, Croatia Diocletian’s palace Just observing daily life, like families sitting eating ice cream, listening to a guy play guitar If you could take us to one thing from your trip, what would it be? The water polo match in Dubrovnik What’s your next trip? Hiking in Patagonia Follow us on Twitter & Instagram: @tmwypodcast Leave us a voicemail (or text message): (406)763-8699 Email: 
This week we celebrate our podcast’s 2 year anniversary! Cheryl and Ryan reflect on the last two years and look forward to what lies ahead, including the following:   TikTok Talk Is Cheryl bored with the podcast? Stats Guessing Game Number of downloads Top 5 episodes Top app used to play our podcast Directories/services our podcast is listed on Predictions for next year What’s going to happen in the next year with travel Ryan thinks he is going to California in February, but not Disneyland, we will not back to normal a year from now, and international travel will depend on the outcome of the election Cheryl doesn’t think she’ll be flying, but will be planning road trips instead What pieces of travel that have changed because of COVID will remain in place? Ryan thinks (hopes) the more generous refund/cancelation policies for airlines will continue and more people will be focusing on local travel like road trips Cheryl thinks the upgraded cleaning standards and assuring customers the space they are going to use has been cleaned, as well as people caring more about germs Online quizzes Buzzfeed - where should you travel next based on your favorite foods Ryan - Fiji ...but that doesn’t make much sense Cheryl - Barcelona...which makes lots of sense Which travel destination best fits your personality? Ryan - Hong Kong Cheryl - Hong Kong (guess we both need to go!) Memorable moments from the podcast Podcast goals for the next year Go to all 7 continents via guests More countries New guests & returning guests Learn more about countries in Africa Follow us on Twitter & Instagram: @tmwypodcast Leave us a voicemail (or text message): (406)763-8699 Email: Follow Erica Corban’s Instagram: @corbanfam 
Benjamin spent some time living in Xove, Spain, teaching English and shares with us about three trips he took to Barcelona. Some of his highlights are:  La Primavera sound music festival 3 ways of getting to Barcelona Seeing a Rolling Stones show in Madrid The perspective of people in Barcelona on quality of life Why some Spaniards would prefer to live in Barcelona vs Madrid Park Güell The Picasso Museum What makes Las Ramblas so great The mountain culture of Montserrat  Unique restaurant experiences including a French restaurant without speaking any French and Dine in the Dark What a porrón is and how it is used Wish You Were Here Benjamin: Belden Town, CA Pacific Coast Trail Cheryl: Riverfront park, Spokane, WA Ryan: Schönbrunn Palace, Austria  Follow us on Twitter & Instagram: @tmwypodcast Leave us a voicemail (or text message): (406)763-8699 Email: Follow Benjamin: company website  
Kamryn spent 6 months traveling and serving with YWAM, and shares about the 6 weeks that she spent in Papua New Guinea. She spent 6 weeks serving the people of Papua New Guinea, including: The capital city Port Morsbey Alotau Kamryn’s experience included: A focus on community engagement: education in schools, playing with kids Living off the boat to have the “full Papua New Guinea experience” She talks about differences between Eastern (collectivist) and Western (individualistic) cultures. Papua New Guinea “Fun Facts” One of the countries with most languages: 860+ languages Oro (provence) means “welcome” Moro bay is very wet/rains all year round There are 2 universities in Papua New Guinea, but the more affluent families send their kids to Australia for college There are still villages in the highlands that haven’t been reached by western culture The Kokoda track/trail from World War II One of the languages spoken is called “talk pidgin,” which is a combination of English, German, and a little Dutch Kamryn ends by sharing why she can’t eat bananas, mango, papaya, pineapples and the conversation veers into a banana tangent! Wish You Were Here Kamryn: Stevens Lake Trail, Mullan, ID Cheryl: Paddlewheeler Creole Queen Dinner Jazz Cruise, New Orleans, LA Ryan: Agli Artisti, Venice, Italy Follow us on Twitter & Instagram: @tmwypodcast Leave us a voicemail (or text message): (406)763-8699 Email: Follow YWAM: 
Kyle went on a solo trip to Egypt, and comes on our podcast to share about how close the pyramids actually are to the city, what to do if you want a photo of yourself in a tomb, and if hiring a guide is really worth it! Wish You Were Here Kyle: East Side Gallery & The Wall Museum, Berlin, Germany Cheryl: Brennan’s Wave, Missoula, MT Ryan: Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe, Disneyland, CA Follow us on Twitter & Instagram: @tmwypodcast Leave us a voicemail (or text message): (406)763-8699 Email: 
Bob & Diane Palmer are planning a trip to Europe, and they want to go everywhere! We talk about things to do in London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Croatia, and Greece. We also give them some recommendations on traveling in Europe, and setting yourself up for success on a long trip! Wish You Were Here Cheryl: Hiking at Ecola State Park, Cannon Beach, OR Bob & Diane: Lunch in Leavenworth, WA Ryan: Hiking at Saint Edwards State Park, Kenmore, WA  Follow us on Twitter & Instagram: @tmwypodcast Leave us a voicemail (or text message): (406)763-8699 Email: Follow Bob & Diane Palmer: Twist the Throttle to Fuel Your Success: 
(Ep. 100) 100th Episode!

(Ep. 100) 100th Episode!


Happy 100th episode of TMWY! This week we celebrate by doing 10 top 10 lists from our podcast! Here’s to 100 more! Follow us on Twitter & Instagram: @tmwypodcast Leave us a voicemail (or text message): (406)763-8699 Email: 
Venetia shares about her experience living in two different cities in Russia for a total of 11 years. During that time, she became fluent in Russian, had embarrassing and amusing cultural differences, and had the opportunity to experience some amazing parts of the Russian arts. Venetia also describes the way that Russia changed between 1995 and 2005 culturally and infrastructurally, and shares her woes of traveling by train! Wish You Were HereVenetia: Deru Market, Kirkland, WA Cheryl: City Putt Mini Golf, New Orleans, LA Ryan: Bushmills Distillery Tour, County Antrim, Northern IrelandFollow us on Twitter & Instagram: @tmwypodcastLeave us a voicemail (or text message): (406)763-8699Email:
We are so excited to welcome our first ever Travel Advisor on the show! Sommer shares with us about her life as a Travel Advisor and how she tries to plan the perfect trip for each of her clients. We also discuss the unfortunate effect that COVID-19 has had on travel, and our thoughts on future travel! Wish You Were Here Sommer: Santorini, Greece Cheryl: Lake Crescent, Clallam County, WA Ryan: Pacific Science Center, Seattle, WA Follow us on Twitter & Instagram: @tmwypodcast Leave us a voicemail (or text message): (406)763-8699 Email: Follow Sommer: More to Explore Vacations: and on Facebook: 
After watching 11 different travel shows, 33 episodes total, we review them! We share our mosts and leasts based on different criteria, we share what we learned, and what shows we recommend! Follow us on Twitter & Instagram: @tmwypodcastLeave us a voicemail (or text message): (406)763-8699Email:
We finally watch a travel show with a female host! Samantha Brown might win the contest for the Most Delightful Travel Show Host. We enjoy how she covers places that are off the beaten path, and how much she features locals in her show. Join us for our final week of watching travel shows! Wish You Were Here Cheryl: Flamenco Shows Mijas, Spain Ryan: The Hoh Rainforest, Forks, WAFollow us on Twitter & Instagram: @tmwypodcast Leave us a voicemail (or text message): (406)763-8699 Email: 
Cheryl & Ryan watch the new Netflix travel show Down to Earth with Zac Efron. Marketed as an international investigation of sustainable practices, our hosts review episodes about Iceland, London, and Sardinia. How does Ryan think the show represents the science? What does Cheryl think of the food?Follow us on Twitter & Instagram: @tmwypodcastLeave us a voicemail (or text message): (406)763-8699Email:
(Ep. 94) Basic vs Baller

(Ep. 94) Basic vs Baller


We watched the show Basic vs Baller, and decided that this might be the show that we want to host! This show made Cheryl realize that all travel shows should be 30 minutes long, and it made Ryan realize that he is less socially flexible than Cheryl.Wish You Were HereCheryl: The Spot, Galveston, TX Ryan: Stargazing with StellariumFollow us on Twitter & Instagram: @tmwypodcastLeave us a voicemail (or text message): (406)763-8699Email:
This week we watch a travel show that we have differing opinions on: Conan Without Borders. One of us thinks Conan is hilarious, the other thinks he is just plain inappropriate. Hear our reactions to Conan's antics abroad. Wish You Were Here Cheryl: Caixa Forum Museum, Madrid, Spain Ryan: Monasterboice Round Tower, County Louth, Ireland Follow us on Twitter & Instagram: @tmwypodcast Leave us a voicemail (or text message): (406)763-8699 Email: 
(Ep. 92) Dark Tourist

(Ep. 92) Dark Tourist


This week we continue our summer series of watching travel shows with a show that is not our usual genre. Dark Tourist is hosted by journalist David Farrier, and this show is hit and miss with us. We get creeped out, and also learn some new things about places we haven’t been to before.Follow us on Twitter & Instagram: @tmwypodcastLeave us a voicemail (or text message): (406)763-8699Email:
This week Cheryl gives an update on her road trip, including tips for traveling with a kid, visiting Crater Lake, a ghost town Flathead Lake, and Darryl’s favorite: Lolo Creek Steakhouse. Wish You Were Here: Cheryl: Horchateria Daniel, ValenciaRyan: Market Magic Shop, SeattleFollow us on Twitter & Instagram: @tmwypodcastLeave us a voicemail (or text message): (406)763-8699Email:
Cheryl is going on a road trip! Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Cheryl has had to modify her plans, so she and Ryan spend some time researching possibilities for her trip around the northwestern United States. Wish You Were Here: Cheryl: St. James Cheese Company, New OrleansRyan: Bradbury Building, Los AngelesFollow us on Twitter & Instagram: @tmwypodcastLeave us a voicemail (or text message): (406)763-8699Email:
(Ep. 89) The Amazing Race

(Ep. 89) The Amazing Race


Time for another travel show review! In an effort to expand the types of travel shows, this week Cheryl & Ryan watch the popular reality TV show The Amazing Race. How does this show stack up to the other travel shows they have watched so far?Wish You Were Here: Cheryl: Brennan’s Ryan: SeaFair: Blue AngelsFollow us on Twitter & Instagram: @tmwypodcastLeave us a voicemail (or text message): (406)763-8699Email:
(Ep. 88) An Idiot Abroad

(Ep. 88) An Idiot Abroad


This week Cheryl & Ryan review the comedy travel show An Idiot Abroad. Instead of looking at a specific location, this week they review experiences and how the show's experiences compare to similar experiences they have had including swimming with dolphins and whale watching.Wish You Were Here: Cheryl: Point Reyes Lighthouse Ryan: Sydney ObservatoryFollow us on Twitter & Instagram: @tmwypodcastLeave us a voicemail (or text message): (406)763-8699Email:
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