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How Did We Get Here Again?
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How Did We Get Here Again?

Author: Miles Fritz

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Hello! How did you find this?! Was it Miles constantly talking about it at school? Probably....This podcast talks about the important things in life like zodaic signs, ASMR, interviews and fun stories!Get ready becuase you might think to yourself "how did we get here again?"
6 Episodes
Sleep tight because in this episode, we're going to bed. Kinda. I go around my high school and interview people about their dreams. In this episode we discuss hot dog fires, Ariana Grande & lucid dreaming!
The theatre kids were set free in the wild within the city of Wichita, Kansas for a weekend. This episode documents four theatre kids rambling on about the strangest things. What's new?
This episode is everything Disney Channel. We go through an article that ranks the top 30 Disney Channel television shows. We even go a step further and looks at some of the worst. You don't want to miss this heated debate about overpaid child stars that influenced us as preteens. 
Get ready for a RANT. I document and explain my week that tested my emotional health.
Hello, hello. Welcome back to the second episode. Thanks for sticking for another crazy journey. This episode we delve into the world of ASMR. We play "guess that sound", act out our own ASMR role play scenario and discuss why Kissing Booth is problematic.... Make sure to leave a review to and subscribe to let this podcast grow!
Welcome to the very first episode of "How Did We Get Here Again?"In this episode, Miles Fritz dissects all twelve of zodiac signs and ranks them! On top of that, stories of yeast infections, tangents of Zendaya and Legally Blonde references can also be found in this episode.Follow the podcast, leave a five star rating and enjoy!
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