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Accountant's Flight Plan Podcast

Author: Brannon Poe

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Discussions around Accounting Practice Sales, Mergers, Acquisitions, management and development.
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In this episode, we quickly connected on how important it is to have a simple explanation of the numbers even for our own businesses. If you stop for a moment and think about what’s possible when you as a business owner get a solid, tactical expression of your numbers, the world gets a whole lot bigger. With better reporting , you can properly formulate a growth plan for your business over the next year, three years, or even 10 years. Without a simple explanation of numbers , your perspective is too narrow. Spencer helps widen the scope of what’s possible with his team at Shift Financial Insights. 
The making of APA

The making of APA


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you know you've reached peak podcast when you see some shit like this

Jul 25th
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