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Small Steps, Giant Leaps

Author: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

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NASA’s technical workforce embodies the spirit of Neil Armstrong’s immortal words from the surface of the Moon, boldly pushing the envelope of human achievement and scientific understanding. APPEL Knowledge Services talks with systems engineers, scientists, project managers and thought leaders about challenges, opportunities, and successes.
40 Episodes
Plum Brook Station Director David Stringer discusses world-unique test facilities at the NASA station in Ohio.
NASA Armstrong Operations Engineering Branch Chief Kate McMurtry discusses the value of understanding the impact of human factors on mission performance.
NASA Safety Center Director Harmony Myers discusses resources to help achieve technical excellence in safety and mission assurance.
NASA’s Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation Deputy Manager Steve Rader discusses driving innovation through crowdsourcing and the gig economy.
NASA Commercial Crew Program Chief Engineers Steve Sullivan, Chris Lupo and Deborah Crane discuss the new approach for launching American astronauts to space.
NASA Scientist Michelle Thaller discusses anticipated discoveries and exciting missions planned during this decade.
Kenny Harris, a NASA engineer named to Forbes' 30 Under 30 Class of 2020, discusses his experiences as a young professional.
Europa Clipper Project System Engineer Jennifer Dooley discusses NASA’s outer planets flagship mission.
Steve Clarke, the Deputy Associate Administrator for Exploration in NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, discusses commercial payload delivery services to the Moon.
VIPER Project Manager Dan Andrews discusses the lunar rover’s upcoming mission to look for water ice on the Moon.
Monsi Roman, NASA Centennial Challenges Program Manager, discusses the agency’s flagship prizes and competition program.
Anna McGowan, NASA’s Senior Engineer for Complex Systems Design, discusses the impact of interdisciplinary interactions on mission success.
Anna McGowan, NASA’s Senior Engineer for Complex Systems Design, discusses engineering trends and the impact of rapid technology changes.
NASA Independent Verification and Validation Program Director Greg Blaney discusses the impact of IV&V on high-profile NASA missions.
NASA Technology Transfer Program Executive Dan Lockney discusses the transfer of innovative space and aeronautics technologies for practical, terrestrial applications.
NASA TechPort’s Patrick Murphy and Ryan Miller discuss how technologists and innovators can use the tool to exchange ideas for groundbreaking solutions.
NASA Swamp Works Senior Technologist Rob Mueller discusses technologies being developed for missions to the Moon and Mars.
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Chief Knowledge Officer Ed Rogers discusses the complex human elements involved in disasters such as the Space Shuttle Columbia accident.
NASA Human Research Program Director Bill Paloski discusses methods and technologies to support safe, productive human space travel to the Moon and Mars.
NASA Exploration EVA System Development Lead Jesse Buffington discusses spacesuit design for spacewalks on the Moon and Mars.
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