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Bcon Podcast has evolved to share stories and conversations with inspiring and successful personal brands. In the solo episodes, you get to listen to digital marketing tips for your personal brand and stories on my journey as an entrepreneur.

Join discussions about how these spectacular individuals have made it and stood out in their fields of interest. The Bcon Podcast is an opportunity to learn from real-life situations that make this show a “must-subscribe.”

Every episode leaves you motivated and with clear action steps.
20 Episodes
When I came across Amarachi Priscilla Ekekwe on Instagram, I knew there had to be more. I follow a lot of travel enthusiasts but there was something about her own journey that attracted me to her. If you have ever wished to travel locally or internationally, you should listen to this episode. Amarachi has opened the minds of many and we are thankful. If you want to connect with Amarachi, her Instagram handle is @amarachiekekwe and her blog's handle is @travelwithapen What attracted me to Amarachi was how she was able to travel round the world even with a 9-5! Did I tell you I also learnt too travel on a budget from her? She shared insights on why traveling is important for you and I. She also shared her struggles and wins from traveling. PS: This episode was previously recorded on the journey podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
Mother Hen as she is fondly called is our guest on the emerge podcast. Remi Owadokun is a certified health coach, Life coach, Master Practitioner NLP, 4 time Amazon best selling author. She is runs a community called 'The Total Makeover Program Community' and recently released her book titled 'Mentorless'. There is so much to say about this kind heart and mother of many.  Listen as she discusses highlights on how to be productive.  PS: This recording was done as live audio on the journey podcast.  --- Send in a voice message:
Thank you for  listening to this episode of Emerge.  ABOUT KEN Ken Ndubisi is a renowned social media consultant, paid traffic specialist and Head of Operations at TCY Africa, a digital marketing agency focused on using the power of social media advertising to generate leads for businesses. Their clients include, Printivo, and WhoGoHost. He has been invited to and spoken at key notable digital conventions all over Nigeria, as well as representing one of Africa's largest digital communities, DigiClan in a live interview following the massive success of the 2018 Social Media Week in Lagos, Nigeria. In 2018, he passed the Facebook Blueprint Certification exams, becoming one of the few Africans on the continent to hold the prestigious Facebook Blueprint Certified Buying Professional Badge. He was also listed as one of Business Day’s top 12 Instagram accounts that promote entrepreneurship and SMEs. Kenechukwu is also the convener of TCY Africa on Facebook, a community with over 7,000 members focused on helping entrepreneurs, marketers and business professionals take their business to the next level with the help of Facebook Ads. Social media Links Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - RESOURCE FROM KEN Facebook Ads book: The Facebook and Instagram Ads Manuscript with details here:-  --- Send in a voice message:
This episode is particularly insightful for food business owners. Bimpe shares her journey into the food industry and tells what mistakes she made and exactly how to rise above the challeneges in the food business.  Bimpe Ivie Ajibola is the CEO and recipe curator of Ivie’s Kitchen, your best gourmet and event catering decision at a pocket friendly price. She specialises in event catering, packed foods, bespoke soups and meals in bowls for personal consumption. Bimpe is also the founder of The Food Business Hub; a community created to empower and develop outstanding food vendors. She is a graduate of Physiology from the University of Ibadan and a proud mom to a handsome boy. MORE INFORMATION Bimpe is organising The Food Business Workshop for those in the food industry. The workshop holds on Saturday, 21st of September in Lagos. The workshop costs N25,000 only.  Connect with Bimpre on Instagram.  --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode of the emerge podcast, I had the priviledge to interview Africa's behavourial, productivity and life coach.    NEW RESOURCE ''KICK-START''-'  ABOUT VICTOR ONYEKERE: The Strategist, Victor Onyekere is recognized as one of Nigeria’s and Africa’s Life, Behavioural Change and Productivity Coach working to empower people and organizations to create productive outcomes and constantly become their best version. Victor is an alumnus of the prestigious Olusola Lanre Coaching Coaching Academy (OLCA) and a certified executive member of the Life Coaches Association of Nigeria (LCAN). He coaches individuals and organizations across diverse sectors and industries. He has worked with individuals in Ghana, Sierra-Leone, and Cameroon via life coaching and strategy. Victor has also interacted with organizations such as Centre for Values in Leadership, Creative Iman, Wave Academy, Pacesetters and many more. CONNECT WITH THE STRATEGIST Website: Email:;; All social media platforms: @thevostrategist Facebook Page: --- Send in a voice message:
Have you wondered how you can earn from podcasting? Well, just like in blogging you can cash out with podcasting using the right strategies.  In this episode, we discussed how you can make money giving value to your audience via podcasting.  Donation tool: Course: Learn how to launch your podcast in 30 days or less --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, we discussed the steps you need to launch your podcast.  Tools mentioned For audio sounds - - - - For Design Launch Podcast Course www/ --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, we discussed the 2019 predictions for personal brands. If you are a thought leader, coach, consultant, speaker, author, make sure you listen. Don't forget to share with your friends and subscribe! --- Send in a voice message:
A lot of people have lost the meaning of blogging and in this podcast, I re-addressed the kind of mindset a thought leader should have towards blogging. You first create for impact before creating for cash.  In this episode, I mentioned Free Webinar on blogging: Blogging for Influence (Course) --- Send in a voice message:
How you are perceived goes a long way in your personal brand. In this episode, we discussed the brand assets you have to pay attention to.  We mentioned:  Logo - You can use Colour Pallette- get the hexadecimal code  Typography Photography  Testimonials FREEBIE --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode of Emerge, we discussed how you can start your WordPress blog in no time.  Plugins mentioned here are: - Jetpack - Yoast SEO - Wordfence Security - Mailchimp for Wordpress - Insert Headers and Footers FREEBIE:  Learn how to use blogging to increase your visibility: --- Send in a voice message:
Goal setting! A must have intimate session with yourself if you are looking to excel in what you do.  In this episode, we discussed different areas of your life you must set goals in.  We said they must be S.M.A.R.T S- Specific M- Measurable  A- Achievable  R- Realistic  T- Timely  Click to listen more FREEBIES --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, I shared how you can use mind mapping as a powerful tool to cut down on the tons of ideas you have. This will help you to be clear on the exact value your audience will get from you and position you as the right person for that niche.  FREEBIE Watch how to use blogging to increase your visibility and influence. --- Send in a voice message:
As a personal brand, building your online presence should be your next move towards visibility. In this episode, we discussed the important tools you need to get started. Tools mentioned: Canva Desygner Adobe Spark Pixlr Pablo Snappa Recite FREEBIE:  Learn how to use blogging to increase your visibility --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode of emerge, I discussed the important rules of personal branding and how you can go ahead to implement it. Listen and let me know your take aways. --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, I shared the three simple steps you can use to build your personal brand. --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, I shared what you need to know about personal branding and why it is important to your business. --- Send in a voice message:
In this interview with Othman Abdulrasheed, we discuss family, work-life balance, his interest in polo game and how he has been able to build his career in the leadership niche.  Enjoy --- Send in a voice message:
Struggling to get the right content to boost your personal brand? Using the CVAT method in the Influence Design Program, I shared how you can effortlessly share content that will make you human, strongly position you and make you relatable.  Have a good listen. --- Send in a voice message:
Have you wondered why you affirm things and they don't come to pass? Well, in this episode, we discussed the proper way to use them to get what you want.  Have a good listen. --- Send in a voice message:
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