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Well, after a bit of a hiatus, George and Mark are back! On this episode, we discuss the state of affairs we find ourselves in these days, how we got to our current level of national discourse, and more.  In the episode, we reference two articles: The Man Who Broke Politics (The Atlantic) and The Rise of False Equivalence (The Intercept). Thanks for listening. We're proud to be part of the Pride48 network of LGBTQ and LGBTQ-friendly podcasts.  Follow us at: @georgeinatlanta @laffingbuddha
N&S 35 Be it Resolved

N&S 35 Be it Resolved


Join Mark and George as we reflect on life plans, resolutions and the year ahead.  "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." - Benjamin Franklin. #Pride48 #P48
Mark and George take some time to talk about traditions and strange celebrations from around the globe to ring in the new year. (January 11, 2017). Note: Mark and George took a hiatus from the show for almost two years. The show returns December 2018 with Episode 34. Stay tuned.
N&S 32 Facing Fifty!

N&S 32 Facing Fifty!


Both George and Mark turn 50 in the next 12 months: Mark turns 50 on December 27, 2016 and George turns 50 in November 2017! On this episode we talk about our approaches to turning 50. Fear and loathing? Or courage and positivity? You'll have to listen to find out! Happy Birthday to Mark! #Pride48 #P48 (December 23, 2016)
Mark and I tackle a post-mortem on the election. We discuss what went wrong, lessons learned and action needed moving forward. Give a listen. Thanks! (November 21, 2016)
N&S 30 ROAR: Mamma Mia

N&S 30 ROAR: Mamma Mia


It's time for a Really Old-Ass Review (ROAR) - Mama Mia style. Yep, on this episode Mark and George dig in the video vaults and pull out a musical that is loved by some, reviled by others. Oh, and Mark makes a stunning admission that will have you clutching your pearls! #P48 #Pride48 (September 12, 2016)
N&S 29 Relax, damn it!

N&S 29 Relax, damn it!


Do you ever have the need to take a moment and relax? Step away from the stress and breathe? Mark & George talk about relaxation techniques. #Pride48 #P48 (August 28, 2016)
N&S 28 Who Said That?

N&S 28 Who Said That?


On this episode, George and Mark quiz each other on some not so famous quotes from famous people. #Pride48 #P48 (August 15, 2016)
N&S 27 Topic Roulette

N&S 27 Topic Roulette


Mark and George return to the app "Topic Suggest" for another episode with a wide array of discussions. (July 25, 2016)
Mark has partnered with a friend on a shared community agricultural program. With his fee, he gets a bag of garden goods every week. Hear how Mark deals with quantity - and the challenges of the occasional odd produce items! #Pride48 #P48 (July 11, 2016)
This is a special week for the podcast as we celebrate our one year anniversary. It was during the Pride48 live event this time last year that Mark and I launched the North & South of Things. It is also a pretty somber week giving the tragedy at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando where 49 members of our LGBT family were killed and more than 50 were injured by gunfire. With this in mind, Mark and I decided to discuss gun ownership and gun control during this special Pride48 live event. This show is proud to be a part of the Pride48 community! Learn more at (June 19, 2016)
On this episode, Mark and George abandon their "single-topic approach to the show. Instead, they rely on an app to dictate the topics we discuss. The app proves to be pretty handy, but you'll have to listen to get the name of the app. #Pride48 #P48 (May 22, 2016)
On this episode, Mark and George spend some time sharing feedback received and give thanks to listeners! Afterward, there's some discussion on current topics of religious liberty, politics and general nuttiness of today in America. #Pride48 #P48 (May 8, 2016)
Turn about is fair play. Mark gets his revenge on George, with 20 questions of his own. Like the last episode, Mark starts out with the Pivot Questionnaire. Enjoy this episode as we get to know George a bit more. #P48 #Pride48 (April 17, 2016)
It's all about Mark! Mark is on the hot seat as he answers 20 probing questions from George. The first ten questions are from are the popular Pivot Questionnaire, popularized in the States by The Actor's Studio. And then we go deeper with questions like "If you had the power to change one event in history, what would it be?" Enjoy this episode as we get to know more about Mark through his answers. #P48 #Pride48 (April 3, 2016)
On this episode, Mark schools George on suds. It's all about ales, hops, barley, craft breweries and more. Mark, quite the connoisseur of craft beer, makes a compelling argument for buying local when it comes to beer. We run a bit long on this episode, blame it on the beer! #Pride48, #P48 (March 20, 2016)
Why do we watch what we watch? Is it the writing? The acting? The genre? Mark and George talk about the attraction of some series. What do the experts say draw us to serial crime dramas or reality tv? (March 6, 2016)
What are the pros and cons of cutting the cord? How do you stay connected to your favorite shows in a cable-free environment? Are Netflix and Hulu the future networks of choice? Mark and George talk about these questions on this episode. (February 21, 2016)
On this episode, George and Mark take a fascinating look at the real story behind the movie "Kill the Messenger." San Jose Mercury News investigative journalist Gary Webb uncovers another CIA plot to create funds for the Nicaragua Contras. The scheme involves the illegal transportation of massive quantities cocaine across the U.S. border with the support of CIA operatives. The cocaine ultimately led to the 'crack' epidemic in South Central Los Angeles in the 80's. We also talk about the shameful way major newspapers engaged in a smear campaign and ultimately disgrace Webb. (February 7, 2016)
It's a new year and the season for renewed pledges of personal improvement - including finances. Mark & George talk about financial challenges they have experienced and strategies they've employed to move forward. And George talks about some financial backsliding that needs correcting. (January 22, 2016)
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