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Readers, today we're thrilled to welcome Emily Henry to the show! You may recognize her from the 2021 Summer Reading Guide, where we featured her book People We Meet on Vacation, or our Modern Mrs Darcy book club, where she joined us in a delightful conversation.Today, Emily and Anne talk about the titles they reach for when the temperatures rise and the pool (or beach) beckon, and what they mean when they describe a book as a "beach read". They'll also dive into conversation about her brand-new release Book Lovers, the appeal of books set in the world of publishing, and Nora Ephron. To wrap up, Anne and Emily each share some of their favorite beach reads, leaving you with a nice selection of titles to explore this season, and a permission slip to read exactly what you want this summer.Connect with Emily on her website, Instagram, and Twitter, and find her newest title Book Lovers wherever you love to buy books! You can find all of the titles we discussed today over on our show notes page.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Readers, it's almost summer reading season (our 2022 Summer Reading Guide releases next week!), and today's conversation is just filled with summer reading energy. It's also a What Should I Read Next first, as we have four readers talking books and reading in today's show.Dive into summer reading today with Anne, her husband Will, and their reading buddies Melissa Joulwan and Dave Humphreys. You may recognize Mel and Dave from when they joined Anne in WSIRN Episode 219: Required reading revisited, or from their podcast, Strong Sense of Place, our favorite literary tourism podcast.With summer reading season just ahead of us, today's conversation is full of talk about what makes a book a summer read, why some stories simply couldn't be set any other time of year, and of course, which books are on our eternal summer shelves. You'll walk away eager to find a sunny space to sit and crack open your next read. See the full list of titles we discussed today over at our show notes page, And, explore Mel and Dave's podcast at their website, on Instagram, and on Facebook.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Readers, today's guest came later in life to a career that she now loves, and one of her favorite parts of the job? Nurturing budding readers!As a third and fourth-grade teacher, Katrina Fleming has a plan for getting her kids hooked on reading, but lately she’s felt like her plan for her own reading life has been letting her down. Katrina knows what she likes to read, but she's found it hard to feel truly drawn into the books she's picked up lately, and she's ready for some recommendations so she can dive into a book that will stick. Anne and Katrina talk about the mysteries and biographies that Katrina loves, and Anne suggests some titles that take Katrina down some of intriguing paths she loves most in her reading life. Their conversation will help you revisit some memories of how you first became a reader, and add some fascinating books about fascinating people to your reading list.Find Katrina at her website, as well as Instagram and Facebook, and see the full list of titles discussed today at our show notes page. That's at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Our first Norwegian guest, Lisa Sølvberg is a lifelong reader who loves a complicated family saga. She also has a particular appreciation for the audiobooks that accompany her athletic pursuits, as you'll hear in today's conversation.Lisa and Anne talk about the power of book journaling and what Lisa's learned about her reading life as a result of adopting this habit. Then, they explore some of the books Lisa's loved and the type of reads she's looking for right now.Anne leaves Lisa with a list of intriguing, nuanced books that grapple with the big topics Lisa wants to explore in her reading life. And, because Anne's also a fan of a complicated family saga, she gives Lisa a few bonus recommendations that she's bound to enjoy.See all of the titles we discussed today and leave your own suggestions for Lisa at our show notes page, Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Readers, if you've ever dreamed of opening a bookstore, this episode is for you!Today, Anne's in conversation with Abbigail Glen, the owner of Shelves, an online and pop-up bookstore based in Charlotte, North Carolina.Abby discovered the power of reading at a young age, and decided to make her dream of being a bookstore owner a reality. In her conversation with Anne today, Abby shares how Shelves came to be, her work to create a reading community where reading is a lifestyle, and what she's loving in the book world right now. You'll also hear about how Abby selects the books she shares with her Shelves subscription readers, and three books she recommends to every reader.If you've read one of Abby's book picks, we'd love to hear about it—let us know in comments over on the show notes page, where we'll also include a full list of the titles we discussed today!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Today's guest is both an avid leisure reader and a professional word nerd.Gary Robinaugh has always been fascinated with the role language plays in our lives. His career studying Aphasia—a language disorder caused by a specific type of brain damage—explores the relationship between thought, language, and communication, and he's equally fascinated by these themes outside of the office.Gary grew up in a reading home with a heavy helping of science fiction, a genre he still enjoys for its unique ability to ask “what if?", but he also loves reading outside of this genre. Today, he's looking for some titles that will help him explore new ideas and fresh perspectives.Anne gives Gary some recommendations that speak directly to what he's looking for, as well as some suggestions that might just surprise him.To see the full list of titles discussed today, or to leave your own suggestions for Gary, visit our show notes page at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Today's guest is an author whose books are regularly discussed in our online community, and she's here to talk with Anne today about the practice of seeking inspiration, and the books she can't stop recommending to the people in her life—and, of course, to get some suggestions for what to read next!Shauna Niequist is the author of numerous books, including Present Over Perfect, Bread and Wine, and her brand-new release I Guess I Haven’t Learned That Yet. She's also a devoted reader, and while she finds herself reaching for everything from cookbooks to non-fiction, she's most excited about big, bold novels that have some staying power.Listen in to Anne and Shauna's conversation and the books Anne recommends that will remind Shauna why she fell in love with fiction in the first place. To see a full list of the titles discussed today, visit our show notes page at, where we also share links to Shauna's website and Instagram page. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Readers, today’s guest is preparing for the arrival of her second child in a particularly bookish way—she's looking for some titles she can enjoy during upcoming midnight feedings and quiet moments with her newborn.Odeta Dyrmishi has loved to read since high school, and she's relied on books to carry her through other big changes in her life. Whether she's reading entertaining fiction or historical books that teach her something new, she knows that reading is something that always helps her feel like herself. In today's conversation, she's looking for some books that will engage her attention and bring a little more adventure into her reading life.Anne recommends the perfect titles to help Odeta expand her readerly horizons and prepare for this next chapter in her life.See the full list of the books discussed today, and let Odeta know what you think she should read next over at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Readers, last week's guest told us about her grandmother signing her up for her first library card, and today's guest is a grandmother who is nurturing the next generation of readers!Joanne Booy spent most of her life living internationally in a wide range of locations, but one thing has remained constant in her life—her passion for reading! She's relied on books to be companions in isolated corners of the globe, and she's worked hard to make books accessible to others, too.So it's not surprising that when the Covid-19 lockdowns came to their town in Canada, Joanne took on a new book role in the lives of her four grandchildren: selecting library books to be delivered to their home each week! Joanne and Anne discuss the challenge of finding the right books for young readers, as well as what Joanne's reading life looks like right now, and what she's seeking. Plus, listen in as Anne and Joanne talk about the favorite author who also wrote the book Joanne hated, and hear Anne's suggestions for reading gems just waiting to be discovered.Find the full list of books mentioned in today's episode at our show notes page,, and leave a comment on that post to share what you think Joanne should read next!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Readers, if you love a good mystery series, you'll definitely want to tune in for today's episode.Our guest today has been a reader since she was young, and as an adult she discovered her favorite genre: mysteries!Houston Luke especially loves mystery series featuring engaging main characters like Louise Penny's Gamache or Agatha Christie's Poirot. But now that she's mostly caught up on the backlist titles from her favorite mystery authors, she needs some new puzzles to solve.Houston is looking for a new multi-book mystery series featuring characters she’ll connect with and evocative settings that invite her into the story. Anne's recommendations today give Houston some new series she'll be excited to investigate.Do you have a mystery series to recommend to Houston? Find her on Instagram, and visit our shownotes page to see the full list of titles we discussed today and leave your comments and suggestions for Houston.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Today’s guest is an oil and watercolor painter with a deep appreciation for the storytelling power of both art and writing.As a child, Gina Ariko Marioni discovered how language could help her better understand the world around her, and to this day, reading brings her joy.But lately, Gina's been feeling stuck in her reading life. While she's used to reading a wide range of stories from coming-of-age tales to complex, multigenerational epics, in the past year or so she's found herself either reading extremely serious and weighty non-fiction or breezy, escapist, easy-to-read novels.Today, Gina is asking Anne for some suggestions to broaden her reading palette. Listen in for recommendations for titles to fill in the gaps of Gina's reading life, and spark the feelings of surprise and delight she's seeking.Learn more about Gina's art, leave your suggestions for what she should read next, and find the full list of titles discussed today over on our show notes page at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Today’s guest discovered the joy of reading as a child listening to audiobooks on 45s. As an adult, she still turns to audiobooks consistently, and especially loves listening to books in the car with her boys or tackling some self-help titles on her commute.Tiffany Uzor is regularly on the hunt for new reads that will draw her in immediately or transport her somewhere else. Tiffany describes herself as a serial starter—she’s up for beginning any book that sounds interesting, and as a mental health therapist, she’s especially drawn to stories that probe complex human relationships. As much as Tiffany loves audiobooks, listening on the go, especially during her commute, can make it tricky to keep track of what she loves in a reading experience in the moment. She’s eager for some ideas to address this challenge, and Anne is here to offer techniques that should help, while also suggesting some titles that speak to the types of stories and voices Tiffany wants more of in her reading life right now.Connect with Tiffany at her website,, and find today's show notes with the full list of titles we discussed at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Readers, today's guests were already linked through legal and family ties, and since discovering their mutual love of reading, they've become even closer. Father-in-law and daughter-in-law Verne and Gabby Wright hit it off from the start, but their friendship deepened when Gabby lent Verne a book from her personal library. It was the start of a beautiful reading relationship! Gabby and Verne have found that their reading interests intersect with contemplative, philosophical stories that make them consider things from a different perspective or plant a new idea, and they'd love some recommendations for new titles to tackle together. Anne recommends three matched pairs of books to inspire their next joint read.Connect with Gabby on her website,, and see all of the titles mentioned in today's episode at our show notes page.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
When Erin Fagan sent in her guest submission describing herself as a “grumpy man whisperer” who turns to books to create connections, we just had to invite her onto the show.Erin works as an airline pilot and spends hours in the air with her colleagues. To quickly build relationships in a small space, she's found a perfect shortcut: talking about books!Luckily, Erin loves to read widely and can rely on her reading rolodex for almost any conversation. She's an avid audiobook reader, but today she'd love a recommendation for an old-fashioned paper book that she won't be able to put down.Erin and Anne chat about what's really on your pilot's airpods and the book Erin can't stop recommending, and Anne suggest some new titles to help Erin make connections on her next trip. Connect with Erin on Instagram and see what she’s reading lately on Goodreads. To see the full list of titles we discussed today or to share your own recommendations for Erin, visit our shownotes page at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Readers, our guest today is sharing a struggle that feels increasingly common: she's finding herself easily distracted when reading, and she's not happy about it!Hannah Gorrie has always loved reading and has a sweet spot for fast-paced doorstoppers that totally engross her attention. But lately, she's felt like she just can't get into reading as easily, or stay as engaged as she used to. Anne and Hannah talk about the type of reading experiences Hannah's loved in the past, then Anne gives Hannah some advice on practical ways she can rediscover her reading groove, and suggests some books that will captivate her attention despite the many distractions of modern life. Visit the podcast website for today's complete book list, and connect with Hannah over on her Goodreads account. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
In today's episode, Anne's not the only one giving the recommendations: guest Shreyasi Desai, who also goes by Cece, passes on her own suggestions for our reading community.Cece grew up in India, where her parents fed her a regular reading diet of mysteries and mythologies. Today, Cece lives in the U.K. and is on the hunt for books featuring serious, angsty topics explored in lyrical and compelling ways.During their conversation today, Cece shares some of her favorite Indian mythologies and adaptations, while Anne recommends three books that fit Cece's desire for engaging, brave stories she won’t want to put down.To see what Cece reads next, follow her on Goodreads, or leave your own recommendations for Cece on our shownotes page at That's also where you'll find a full list of the titles discussed today.Content Warning: while it’s not the focus of the episode today, Anne's conversation with Cece touches on themes of domestic and sexual abuse. If you know that these themes may be difficult for you, please take care of yourself by listening with caution, or simply give this episode a pass and tune in next week.  See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Here at What Should I Read Next? and Modern Mrs Darcy HQ, our team of bibliophiles talks books all year long, and today our whole team is chiming in to share what they loved most in their 2021 reading life. Our team has a wide range of reading tastes, so our selections today are all over the literary map, but one thing holds true: each of these books made a major impact on a member of our team, and stood out from the thousands of pages we each read over the past year. Our conversation today debuted as a live event in our Modern Mrs Darcy Book Club community, but today's podcast episode contains some extras just for our listeners! Listen in, then let us know in the show notes: which of these reads might be the title you decide to read next?See the full list of titles we discussed today on the show notes page.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Over the past six years of talking books with our guests, we've heard about life-changing reading experiences, but today's guest has a unique twist on this story. When Nicole Fagan decided to give away almost every book she owned (not an easy decision for a lifelong bibliophile), she wasn't sure what to expect. But in the years since, Nicole became convinced that this drastic book purge was absolutely worth it, and in today's episode she'll tell us why. We'll also talk about Nicole's reading life now, digging into what makes a book work for her, the specific type of story she’s enjoying lately, and a genre she’s hoping to break into. Anne will add to Nicole's reading menu with some suggestions for titles that line up with her tastes and what she's hoping to bring into her reading experience this year. Have a suggestion for Nicole? Leave a comment at, where you can also find the full list of titles we discussed today.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
We love reconnecting with previous guests to get an update on their reading life, and today's conversation with Tara Nichols is no exception! Since Tara's previous appearance on the show, in WSIRN Ep 168: A century of good books in a single year, we've been curious to know how her challenge worked out, and what she learned along the way.If you missed Ep 168, Tara shared her goal to read one book published each year between 1920 and 2019, and she and Anne talked about some options that might help her complete her century-long reading list. Tara's back today to share the results and chat about what's she's looking for in her reading life now!Join Anne and Tara in conversation about what surprised Tara about her challenge and how it's impacted her reading choices now that she's not looking for books tied to a specific time.As always, all the books mentioned today can be found in the show notes at, and that's also where we'd love to hear what you think Tara should read next!To see more peeks into Tara's reading life, find her on Instagram.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
With a fresh new year ahead of us and so much reading to look forward to, today's conversation brings back a listener favorite and sets the stage for a year of thoughtful reading experiences.Jim Mustich, who you may know as the author of 1000 Books to Read Before You Die, first joined us on the podcast back in January 2019 on Episode 165 (which shared a title with his book). That’s one of our most downloaded episodes, and if you missed it the first time around, it's worth a listen to hear him describe the process of choosing those thousand books.Join Jim and Anne in conversation about the challenge of choosing what to read when we’re faced with so many options and so little time. Many readers reach for the latest book getting buzz on social media or a celebrity book club, but they might be missing some incredible titles that require just a little bit more effort to discover.Today we'll share a lengthy list of titles that have proven their staying power across the years. We'll also pass on some ideas to help you reconnect with what you love most about reading, and feel more confident in picking up your next read.See the full list of titles we discussed today at, and let us know whether you'll be adding any of the books we mentioned today to your 2022 reading list! You can also connect with Jim on his website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Dec 1st

Katie Ferguson

For the daughter exchanging books with her father I would like to recommend Gorky Park by Martin Cruz Smith. if he likes it there are 9 books in the series.

Oct 27th

Jeannie Kendrick

I can't believe you were talking about Allie Brosh on my first listen - love her work!

Jul 16th

Molly Wilkey

completely agree about The Vanishing Half!

Jun 17th

Dan Deloge

Glad to have a fellow New Hampshire person on here.

Dec 15th

Amber M

So many commercials it gets annoying fast. I'm sadly unsubscribing.

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Dan Deloge

We were fortunate, in our town we could reserve books online and then receive a text or phone call when they were ready to be picked up. They had certain days and times arranged for pickup. Books were placed on a table with our number so we knew which one was ours.

Jun 21st

Michele Nelson Knierim

I lol'd listening to the bit about Mobey Dick. I've read and enjoyed many traditional classics, but as an adult in her 40s, I just couldn't do it. 10 hours in to listening and we still hadn't met Ahab or the whale!!!!!

Apr 23rd

Caroline Mann

The Sparrow for a wonderfully realized, long-married couple!

Mar 24th

Valerie Deutsch

it's hard to catch the book titles and authors. can you put your suggestions in the show notes???

Dec 18th

Erin Elliott

I enjoyed this episode and all the book recommendations. However, I respectfully disagree with the opinion that City of Thieves is a book that young male adults will enjoy more than other readers. I have read this book with more than one book club full of women in their forties and have recommended it to my retired father, husband, etc, and they have all enjoyed it. I suggest that anybody who loves a great well-written story with memorable characters will probably benefit from reading this book.

Dec 8th

Wendy Algeo-Todd

If you're going to pretend to be a professional at least get the facts right. It's Go Set a Watchman. First time listener,and last. Yawn

Oct 16th
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Anna Fabris

LOVED this episode. I found the guest likeable and we have similar interests so these recommendations are now all in my TBR list as well :)

Jul 29th

Emily Yeoman

Inkheart. The daughter of a writer manages to conjure the characters of his work to life.

Jul 27th

bookaddict 4real

omg Nikki Giovanni is my favorite poets she is all that.. she speaks to me too😀

May 20th


I just discovered this podcast yesterday and already am at the 11th episode! amazing show I love it xxx

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Debbie Ravula


Jan 24th

Tyler L.

I just got into podcasts lately and I love this community. I'm 16 and most of friends dont consider themselves readers so this and booktube is where I get to connect with fellow readers and I love it. I'm currently reading The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzergald, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain and It by Stphen King and am enjoying them all. And As I Lay Dying has been on my TBR FOREVER. I really need to get to it.

Jan 23rd

Shaunalynn Schonder

I just bought the Audible of The Kitchen Counter Cooking School. Also, I sent you a message on FB about a book recommendation.

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