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Author: Wayne Shepherd

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Each week, whether on the radio or here on our website, you'll have the chance to hear an interview of a person who has a story to tell of God's faithfulness and clear calling to a specific ministry or occupation. I am excited about the people you will meet, and even more excited about the One who compels them-Jesus Christ.
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Dr. Tom Seals of Lipscomb University talks with Wayne Shepherd about his efforts to faith-based course, focusing on spiritual development while addressing physical, mental and moral experiences many veterans have faced in acclimating to the culture following their service.
A young worship leader from Zimbabwe who is in graduate studies here in the U.S., Ayanda Khumalo, talks with Wayne Shepherd about his life story as well as his views on worship, music, and the church.
A fighter pilot during the Korean War, Robert Logan talks with Wayne Shepherd about his life and experiences.
Rodney Bullard, Vice President of Community Affairs at Chick-fil-A, Inc. and Executive Director of the Chick-fil-A Foundation talks with Wayne Shepherd about the message of his book, HEROES WANTED.
Born without arms or legs, Nick Vujicic is an evangelist, motivational speaker, author and director of Life Without Limbs. He talks with Wayne Shepherd about his life and calling to help people overcome their obstacles and advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Growing up, Shawn Thornton's mother suffered from an undiagnosed brain injury that cause severe mood swings, from sweet, loving, Christian woman, to episodes of rage. As he talks with Wayne Shepherd and looks back on his early family life, Shawn sees spiritual lessons he learned from a mother whom he loved despite a difficult family life.
Returning to First Person this week, Justin Kron talks with Wayne Shepherd about the importance of Christmas to Jesus followers, also explaining the significance of Hanukah to the Jewish faith.
As the year draws to a close, a look back on a few many 2018 highlights including interviews with Billy Graham, David McCullough, Michelle Qureshi, and Larnelle Harris.
Justin Kron, a Jesus follower, talks with Wayne Shepherd about his Jewish roots, his decision to become a Christian, and the Jewish heritage of the Christian faith.
Paul Sheppard, pastor of Destiny Christian Fellowship in the San Francisco Bay area and host of radio's DESTINED FOR VICTORY, talks with Wayne Shepherd about his life growing up in Philadelphia and being called by God into ministry.
A recent graduate of Biola University, Joshua Sun of The Far East Broadcasting Company talks with Wayne Shepherd about his radio program which reaches an estimated audience of millions in his homeland of China.
Kevin Belmonte is back as a guest, this time talking with Wayne Shepherd about his new, yet-to-be-published biography of William Borden, a Chicago millionaire who was on his way to China as a missionary when he died as a young man.
Jim Van Yperen, Founder of Metanoia Ministries, talks with Wayne Shepherd about Christ's work in his life, and as a result how he is able to help individuals and churches embrace reconciliation when there is conflict.
Louis Dooley, a young man who was once imprisoned with a life sentence for theft and attempted murder, talks with Wayne Shepherd about the turnaround in his life when he gave his life to Jesus Christ.
Author, speaker, and apologist for the Christian faith, Mark Mittelberg talks with Wayne Shepherd about his own decision to follow Christ and his passion for equipping others to defend the faith.
Colleen Swindoll Thompson of Reframing Ministries talks with Wayne Shepherd about her calling to offer help and encouragement to those who are suffering and those individuals with special needs, along with their caregivers.
Josh Youssef of Help the Persecuted, talks with Wayne Shepherd about persecution of Christians in the Middle East and North Africa.
Wayne Shepherd talks with Michelle Qureshi whose husband, Nabeel, was a brilliant young Christian convert from Islam who became a noted apologist before his death in 2017.
Percy McCray, Director of Faith-Based Programs at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, talks with Wayne Shepherd about his calling to spiritually help those with cancer as well as help train churches for the ministry of cancer care.
Wayne Shepherd talks with Max McLean, an award-winning actor and founder and artistic director of New York City-based Fellowship for Performing Arts which is committed to engaging diverse audiences with theatre from a Christian worldview.
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