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Conversations with pet experts, professionals and enthusiasts sharing the latest in national news in animal welfare and issues, behavior and training, animal health and science, the pet industry and pet-friendly travel.
105 Episodes
How Neil Brogan built Life With Dogs blog to become one of the largest most successful general dogs sites on the internet, getting 1,000,000 visitors a month. Join us for a lively and informative interview. Recorded August 2013, you can read the post here
What happens if you have to slam on the breaks with that pet car seat you bought to keep your dog safe? Listen to the interview with Center for Pet Safety's Lindsey Wolko, testing pet products, setting safety standards in an industry where there are few.
I spoke with Wes Anderson, Founder of Smart Animal Training Systems and creator of Pet Tutor, during his attendance at the Association for Professional Dog Trainers education and trade show event in Dallas. Join us and find out all the needs this amazing little tool meets. (Then you won't think my headline is hyperbole!)
Join us for an interview with attorney, author and animal advocate Allie Phillips on Pound Seizure, a long-hidden practice of shelters where your lost pet could end up as in a research lab. Listen to the story, why it's not banned in all States, and what you can do about it. Many scientists say this is not effective research in saving human lives.
Smart toys for dogs have moved to the next generation with PupPod -- after the interview with Erick Eidus, CEO and co-founder, the Discovery Channel rep said they had not seen anything like it. It offers dogs mental and physical exercise with rewards for mastering different game levels, and you can play games with your dog using the live streaming video and an app. "Home Alone" will never be the same. Listen in!
Shannon Keith is on a mission to save adoptable animals used in product research. Her Beagle Freedom Project just received $500,000 from Microsoft as winners by popular vote in a global contest, last month pulled off an historic research animal rescue, and has a new program using the Freedom of Information Act to save even more. You can help =) Listen in...
We learned of the massive failure of pet safety belts/harnesses in 2013 and now in 2015 we have news of pet carriers and it isn't pretty. Mary Haight speaks with the Founder, Chairman and CEO of the Center For Pet Safety, Lindsey Wolko for an enlightening talk on pet product safety
Join Mary Haight at in conversation with Drs Apryl Steele and Karyn Fein, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist, on arthritis and cutting edge management. Yes, it's possible that an 8-year-old dog with severe arthritis of the spine can enjoy hiking with the family again. Tune in! (Listeners questions begin around the 21 minute mark.)
If you don't know author Edie Jarolim, this is a great opportunity. She's self-publishing a book and has moved from the publishing world's advance payment model to crowdfunding the project. Oh, and Getting Naked for Money is not hyperbole :D Listen to the podcast on or itunes
Mel Freer, writer/owner of "No Dog About It" relates her story of having a lost dog, and the surprising things she learned along the way: who to contact, how to find a network to report sightings, robo-calling, how fearful lost dogs are, and how fast they fail to recognize you even when calling their name. You might want to bookmark this one =)
A romantic comedy novel on relations between the sexes, "Dog Training the American Male" finds a radio host at wits end with her live-in boyfriend's habits when he unwittingly provides the key to changing his behavior, an untrained German Shepherd dog he rescues from certain death.
Maggie Marton is the first guest in our Community Voices series -- join us in our chat about training methods and their evolution with some useful tips on how to manage your furry family when your human friends and family come to visit. Happy Holidays with dogs is not as far-fetched as you might think! .
Veterinarians are in the top spot for numbers of suicides by profession. Those in the animal sector were recently rocked by the death of Dr Sophia Yin, veterinarian and internationally renowned animal behaviorist. Mary Haight speaks with Dr Jane Shaw and Dr Apryl Steele on symptoms, tools and coping skills to manage risk. Questions from listeners begin around the 27 minute mark.
Award winning illustrator Mark Ulriksen gathered paintings he created as covers for the New Yorker, Time, and others, added some new pieces and built a story of dogs, one that's personal and also one easily recognized by dog lovers everywhere. The author gives us a sample reading.
Pet food 2.0 is a new industry trade show that looks to the future of pet food in formulations, packaging, and distribution. A different kind of animal -- it encourages attendee participation. Dr. Robert Silver, President-elect, Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association offers an intro to his talk on activist consumers..
With Ebola in the news, we had questions about whether pets could carry it and give it to humans, so we called on Dr Apryl Steele to explain what we can and can't catch from our dogs, and what diseases we can pass to them.
Dr Apryl Steele is back, fresh from the Annual AVMA Conference in Denver, and has some surprising news on dental health, on helping puppies early in life to correct a bad bite, and what is useful in cleaning dogs teeth at home and what isn't. Questions from listeners start at the 12 minute mark.
We are at a point where more than 50% of pets are overweight or obese. Health issues from obesity in pets are discussed. News of research on how fat acts in the body is reported -- it's not good. Facts and tips on losing weight safely are shared. Prevention plays the greatest role in keeping pets healthy, and Dr Steele gives you some tools that will help.
Seven years and still no answer, Chicken Jerky Treats from China are back on the shelves. Things are not quite the same, however, and Animal Parents Against Pet Treats Made in China talk about their trip to Washington, the hearing they attended, stipulations included in the settlement agreement, and what's next.
Shelter dogs, often dismissed as somehow defective, become first choice as Healing Companions. Listen to this podcast with Jane Miller, Psychotherapist and Certified Dog Behavior Consultant who trains psychiatric service dogs for those with PTSD and other mental illness.
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Neaera Deptuch

as someone going through Early childhood education with a dog training background, I gotta say I agree with what you're saying about not treating dogs the way you treat kids but that you shouldn't treat kids the way you've described either 😅 not that you can't explain and set boundaries with kids but it's also a lot about management of environment and setting them up for success, just like dogs!

May 23rd
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