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We're back, baby! On our return episode of Long Live the Music, Kiel Hauck is joined by Nadia Alves to discuss a wild summer of concert fun, including tours from Fall Out Boy, Jonas Brothers, Yellowcard, Sad Summer Festival, and Nickelback. Um yeah, you read that correctly. The two discuss whether 2023 marks the full return of the concert experience post-pandemic and how setlists and shows have evolved in recent years. Then they break down a full fall slate of fall tours, including The Wonder Years, Bad Omens, Sleep Token, The Used, and much, much more. Listen in!
Hey, have you heard about this band Bad Omens? They're kinda blowing up. Nadia Alves joins Kiel Hauck to discuss the band's rise to fame in the past year since the release of their third album, The Death of Peace of Mind. They break down how TikTok helped elevate the band to a new level, powered by the sudden and unexpected grassroots success of their song "Just Pretend". They also discuss how the internet has evolved over the years in terms of how we discover new music and how bands can find surprise success in the most unlikely of ways. They also gush over how great Bad Omens is and rank some of their favorite songs. Whatevz. Listen in!
The new album from Fall Out Boy has arrived and there's plenty to discuss! Nadia Alves joins Kiel Hauck to break down the band's latest release, So Much (for) Stardust, and discuss how it measures up to the band's best work - both pre- and post-hiatus. The duo also share their favorite Pete Wentz one-liners, their thoughts on the return of Neal Avron as producer, and dig into some of the best songs on the record. Finally, Nadia and Kiel hold a Fall Out Boy album draft and have their respective teams of FOB albums face off in a battle to the death! Okay, it's not that serious, but it is silly and fun. Listen in!
After nearly six long years, Paramore have returned with This is Why, an incredible album that challenges notions of the band's past sonic identity while sounding distinctly in tone like the band we all love. Nadia Alves joins Kiel Hauck to discuss their reactions to the new album and break down some of the standout moments. The duo also discuss "the moment" that Paramore seems to be owning, how crazy it is that the band is thriving in 2023, and what we might expect in the future from the Franklin, Tennesse, trio. Take a listen!
Yesterday was a big day. Fall Out Boy made their triumphant return with a new single, "Love From the Other Side", and the announcement of a new album dropping March 24: So Much (For) Stardust. Nadia Alves joins Kiel Hauck to break down the new song and speculate about the direction the new album might take. They also discuss the breaking news about Joe Trohman stepping away from the band, the general pop culture consensus on the band, and re-rank all of the Fall Out Boy albums. Take a listen!
This year's When We Were Young Festival is officially in the books - and there is no shortage of things to discuss. Kiel Hauck is joined by fellow festival-goer Chris Waflart to break down their trip to Las Vegas for the first weekend of the festival. The two discuss the surprising cancellation of day one (and the unbelievable windstorm that was responsible), the emo vibe in Las Vegas, and the excitement leading up to the festival. They also walk through the entire day - from entry to the grounds to the final headlining sets of the night from Paramore and My Chemical Romance. Take a listen to hear the ins and outs of When We Were Young 2022!
It's official: Tom Delonge is back in blink-182 - again! Here's what we know: Tom is in and Matt Skiba is out. The band will embark on a world tour in 2023-24. There is a new song coming Friday and a new album to follow. Kiel Hauck is joined by Kyle Schultz to break down the news and speculate on what's to follow. The two share their thoughts on the end of the Matt Skiba era, the return of Tom in 2022 vs. the return of Tom in 2008, and where the band's legacy stands today and where things could go from here. One thing's for certain: new blink music is on the way, and that's a good thing. Take a listen!
You may have heard, but a new Taylor Swift album is coming - and fast! Swift announced her new album MIdnights at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards last weekend. Before the album drops on October 21st, Kiel Hauck and Nadia Alves hopped on the podcast to break it all down. Kiel and Nadia discuss the surprise announcement, the fascinating album concept, and what we might expect from this very unexpected release. Take a listen!
We're back! And so are some of our favorite bands! Since we've been gone, Anberlin returned with a new EP titled Silverline, their first new music release in eight years. Nadia Alves joins Kiel Hauck to break down the release and why it feels so surreal to have Anberlin back in our lives. Then the two discuss the upcoming return of Paramore. We know there's a new album coming, but we don't know when. We actually don't know much, at all. But Kiel and Nadia read the tea leaves and speculate about what could be a monumental moment for Hayley Williams and company. Take a listen!
Friday marked the release of Rub Some Dirt On It, the 9th studio album from Emery. Vocalist and bassist Devin Shelton joined Kiel Hauck on the show to talk about the new album and explain how the band's creative process has evolved over the years. Shelton also discusses the band's unique history and trajectory, and how their experiences early in their career set them up for a second act that has involved much more than just making music. Devin also talks scene nostalgia, playing shows post-pandemic, and this summer's upcoming Labeled Fest. Take a listen!
Friday marks the release of Heal My Head, the new album from Massachusetts alt rock trio Valleyheart. Vocalist and guitarist Kevin Klein joined us on the show to chat with our own Nadia Alves about the band's sonic progression on this new record and what inspired them to explore new territory. Klein also shares about his songwriting process and how exploring past trauma allowed himself and the band to tap into new and powerful stories that serve as the heartbeat of Heal My Head. Take a listen, and then go snag the album on Friday!
There was a moment in time, not so long ago, when Katy Perry was not only the biggest pop star on the planet, but one of the biggest pop stars of all time. Kiel Hauck is joined by Nadia Alves as they look back on the illustrious and unexpected career of Katy Perry - from unknown Christian artist to everyone's favorite "bad" girl. The duo discuss the impact of Teenage Dream on pop music at large and debate whether the album is actually her best (spoiler alert: it's not). They also rank every Katy Perry studio album and list their top 10 Katy Perry songs. Listen in!
Remember that time where Scott Pilgrim wanted to date Ramona Flowers, but first he had to defeat her seven deadly exes? Wild stuff. Anyway, we decided to come up with the seven albums you would have to listen to in order to date us. Kiel Hauck is joined by Kyle Schultz and Nadia Alves as they list the seven albums that define their journey, showcase their taste, and tell their story. It's an admittedly weird exercise, but it sure was fun! Listen in. Special thanks to alissaaamay for the inspiration!
Ah yes. The sun is shining. The flowers are blooming. The birds are chirping. Time to roll down the windows and blast some of our favorite music to celebrate the season. On this episode of Long Live the Music, Kiel Hauck is joined by Kyle Schultz and Nadia Alves to discuss the traits that make for the perfect spring album. They then break down their favorite albums to celebrate springtime and talk about why those albums resonate so well this time of year. They also discuss some great new releases, including the new album from Dashboard Confessional. Listen in!
It's been 10 years since fun. released Some Nights, which vaulted the band into stardom when hit single "We Are Young" took over the charts in 2012. On this episode of Long Live the Music, Kiel Hauck is joined by MTV News writer Sam Manzella to look back on the album, the impact it made during a transitional moment in popular music, and the quasi-fallout of the band that resulted in very divergent paths for both Jack Antonoff and Nate Ruess. The two also discuss Antonoff's impact on pop music in the years since the album's release and the chances of a fun. reunion ever taking place. Take a listen! You can read Sam's MTV News retrospective feature on Some Nights here:
On this episode of Long Live the Music, Kiel Hauck is joined by fellow music journalist Evan Sawdey of PopMatters and Yardbarker to discuss a recent article titled, "The Definitive Ranking of Every Visual Album." Sawdey shares the genesis of the piece and the qualifications used to define what a visual album actually is. Evan also breaks down the key elements of a great visual album and what it looked like to consume and then rank each piece of work. Kiel and Evan also dive into several visual albums on the list, including those from Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Fall Out Boy, Kanye West, Halsey and much more. Take a listen! Check out Evan's article here:
Last week, we were gifted with the festival lineup of every scene kid's dreams. When We Were Young Festival, taking place over two days in October at the Los Vegas Festival Grounds, features a lineup so stacked that it's hard to comprehend. Kyle Schultz and Nadia Alves join Kiel Hauck to breakdown the full lineup and talk through the logistics of what will undeniably be an insane weekend. They also share their short list of "must see bands," discuss some acts that got left off the bill, and debate the potential drawbacks of the weekend. Take a listen!
A new year is here, which means that another 12 months of new music is on its way. Kiel Hauck is joined by Kyle Schultz and Nadia Alves as they look forward to some of their most anticipated albums and events of 2022. But before diving into what's on their wish list, they look back on 2021, discussing some of their favorite albums and a few albums and artists that may have been overlooked. Listen in - and then tell us your most anticipated albums of 2022!
It's been a week since Taylor Swift blessed us with Red (Taylor's Version). And we have thoughts! Kiel Hauck is joined by fellow It's All Dead-ians Kyle Schultz and Nadia Alves to delve into the nooks and crannies of all 30 tracks of this new release. They share takes on the best and most interesting re-recorded songs and weigh in some of the best "From the Vault" tracks that round out the album. Is the 10-minute version of "All Too Well" better than the original? Are there still easter eggs within the album that have yet to be uncovered by Swiftie Sleuths? Who had the best guest appearance on the album? And what album is coming next? All of these questions (and more) are addressed - listen in!
Wildwood Flower: Stories of Women who Built Country Music is back for Season 2! Intro episode will drop on October 1st! Available on all platforms. To find out more about the podcast, listen to the introductory episode here. Subscribe and follow on Instagram at wildwoodflowerpod to stay updated on new episodes and special announcements.
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