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We are a True Crime, Craft Beer and Comedy podcast. Join us as we pair great tasting beer with all kinds of messed up stories.


Mike G
Also the host of Pacific Beer Chat

Both a True Crime buff and a craft beer fanatic I enjoy sharing my opinions. I have been blogging about craft beer for over 6 years (2018) and podcasting about half of that. When I am not enjoying one of a multitude of true crime or craft beer podcasts or creating content myself I usually find myself up in the mountains of British Columbia.
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On this episode we cover two cases from Canada's Yukon Territory located directly north of British Columbia and directly East of Alaska.  Story - JTThe Yukon Christmas MurdersLiving in the Yukon in the late 1800's was a vast wilderness with many dangers.  Unfortunately for Frederick Clayson, Linn Relfe and Lawrence Olsen this would prove fatal.Beer pairing for this case was Brekenridge Brewing Vanilla PorterSourcesVirtual MuseumYukon History TrailsAssets Yukon ArchivesYukon NuggetsArchive MacleansWikipediaWikipediaWikipediaStory - MikeThe Murder of the Vaglio familyThis is the story of the murder suicide of the Vaglio family owners of the Central Hotel by the Brother In Law.Beer pairing for this case was Numbskull Double IPA from Lighthouse BrewingSourcesYukon NewsAlaska WebYukon NewsYukon ArchivesWikipediaBrew CrimeWebsite, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, Youtube, patreonOracl3 Podcast Network – Jury Room Podcast
On this episode we had the pleasure of interviewing Patrick Connor the author of Shot at a Brothel: The Spectacular Demise of Oscar "Ringo" Bonavena.Check the book out here Shot at a Brothel: The Spectacular Demise of Oscar "Ringo" BonavenaKnuckles and Gloves PodcastAmazonIndigoWe hope tune in soon and consider purchasing this book soon.Brew CrimeWebsite, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, Youtube, patreon
This episode the crew covers crimes of British Columbia Mikes home Province.Story – MikeThomas Gordon KosbergThomas was a troubled kid in Vancouver and unfortunately his family would not survive.  This is a brutal case of Familicide.  Beer pairing for this story is Big Heckin Chonker Imperial Porter by East Vancouvers Off the Rail Brewing.SourcesREWCentral City FoundationOJPAMOKNewspapersNews papers archivespring field funeral homeeve lazarusatlas obscurawikipediaStory - JTClifford OlsonClifford Olson was one of the biggest monsters in British Columbia history until a local pig farmer was arrested in 2002.Beer pairing for this story is Vengeful Spirit IPA from Stone Brewing.SourcesWikipediaMurderpediaNy TimesI Politicsmaamodt-Associated Press. (1981, September 1). Canadian is accused of killing 9 children. The New York Times. Retrieved October 25, 2006, from Press. (1986, February 23). Decision reserved over Olson payments. The Toronto Star. Retrieved October 25, 2006, from, H. (1982, January 16). Canadian killer leads police to graves, for a price. The New York Times. Retrieved October 25, 2006, from, P. (2006, June 27). In jail almost 25 years, Canada’s most infamous serial killer is still finding ways to outrage the justice system. The Toronto Sun. Retrieved October 25, 2006, from CrimeWebsite, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, Youtube, patreonOracl3 Podcast Network – Talentless Talent
This episode we delve back into the theme of Conspiracy Theories with Guest Kevin of The Jury Room Podcast as well as frequent cohost JT.Story – MikeThe StargateYou have probably heard of the Movie or TV show but did you know the US was just starting a war to get a Stargate from Sandam Hussein? downloadBeer Pairing for this story is Tin Hat IPA from Townsite Brewing.SourcesWikipediaWikipediaWikipediaEnglish AlarabyViceExopoliticsExopoliticsExopoliticsExopoliticsStory – KevinJimmy HoffaWe all know Jimmy Hoffa for his Union work but he was also disappeared and we don’t know what happened to his body.Jimmy-Hoffa-1967Beer pairing for this story is Falley Prey Imperial Stout from Three Magnets Brewing.SourcesCrime MuseumBritannicaBiographyOxygenBrew CrimeWebsite, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, Youtube, patreonOracl3 Podcast Network – The Jury Room PodcastPodcast Friend – Apple For the Teacher
This is the first in what will be a series of episodes that cover all of the provinces and territories of Canada. This episode CJ of Beyond the Rainbow joins to share a case. JT the voice of Active Shooter was also along for commentary. Story – MikeCamille ClerouxCamille would murder Lise Roy, Jean Rock and Paula Leclair over a span of 3 decades and somehow didn’t end up in prison before hand. SourcesWikipediaMurderpediaOttawa CitizenNational PostGlobal NewsStory CJThe murder of Dennis HoyDennis Hoy was dating Nicola Puddicombe but Nicola was also dating Ashleigh Pechaluk. This went ok for time but then it didn’t. SourcesWoman gets life for axe murder of boyfriend | The Toronto ObserverWatch Sex Lies & Murder S01:E20 – Bedroom Axe Murderer Free TV | Tubi ( found guilty in axe slaying of boyfriend – The Globe and Mail axe murdering Lesbian who just beat the murder rap, is now planning to work with your children ( suspect had confessed in axe murder | CTV NewsBrew CrimeWebsite, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, Youtube, patreonOracl3 Podcast Network – Ye Olde CrimeOracl3 Podcast Network – Beyond The Rainbow
Episode 65 - Bad Ass Women

Episode 65 - Bad Ass Women


On this episode we take a break from True Crime to cover some seriously bad ass women! The guests this episode are Emma of True Crime Witch presenting and Emily of Morbidology on to comment. Beer Pairing for this episode was Pink Boots Hazy Pale Ale from Coast Mountain Brewing out of Whistler. Story – MikeHedy LamarrShe was a famous actor but also an inventor and without one of her inventions we would not be glued to our mobile devices today.hedy_lamarr_in_the_heavenly_body_1944https___blogs-images.forbes.com_shivaunefield_files_2018_02_hedy_lab-1200x675https___blogs-images.forbes.com_shivaunefield_files_2018_02_Hedy_Ziegfeld-Girl_1941-1200x1533SourcesForbesWikipediaSmithsonian MagMarketplaceWomens HistoryElectronics NotesProloguewikipediaeye net worksKetStory – EmmaThe Night WitchesThe Soviet Union didn’t let women into the military until they did. This is the story of some of those women kicking ass in the Airforce. 1_hvAktWm53Q-pKNqz7YBz3Aatlas-obscura-night-witches-world-war-iiMariya-DolinaSourcesYoutubeHistoryHistoryWashington PostWrightmuseumAir Crew RememberedBrew CrimeWebsite, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, Youtube, patreonPodcast Friend Promo – True Crime Witch PodcastPodcast Friend Promo – Weird Distractions Podcast
On this episode I was honored with having guests Emily G Thompson of Morbidology and Emma of True Crime Witch Podcast on as guests of the show. We covered the theme of Unsolved Group Murders.Beer pairing for this episode was Are We There Yet? by Mariner Brewing.Story – MikeMurder of Bernard and Honey ShermanBeing Billionaires and some of the richest Canadians didn’t stop this couple from being murdered. Sadly we are not closer to knowing who killed them. SourcesWikipediaFinancial PostForbesCBCCBCGlobal NewsGoogleTorontoStory – EmilyKeddie MurdersIn 1981 Glenna and John Sharp were murdered as well as Dana Wingate. Tina Sharp went missing until her remains were found in 1984. What happened as this nice California resort? SourcesPlumas County News, 13 April, 2018 – “Keddie Murders Revisited Part 1: New Evidence Discovered Links Living Suspect to Grisly Scene” Lassen County Times, 15 April, 1981 – “Triple Slaying in Keddie” Feather River Bulletin, 10 June, 1981 – “Murder Case Labelled ‘Frustrating’” The Sacramento Bee, 21 June, 1984 – “Bones Found Are Those of Girl Linked to Triple Slaying in Pluman County” Plumas County News, 27 April, 2018 – “Keddie Murders Revisited Part 2: Following The Clues” Feather River Bulletin, 11 April, 2001 – “The Keddie Murders: 20 Years Later, Investigation Goes On”Brew CrimeWebsite, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, Youtube, patreonOracl3 Podcast Network – True Crime Cat Lawyer
On this episode I had the honor of having Wayne of Florida Men on Florida Man as well as Jen of Our True Crime Podcast. We cover a case in Florida crime. We also did a Florida Man Vs Canada Man quiz so listen along and take the quiz yourself.Beer Pairing for this episode was Hurricane IPA from Strom Brewing from Vancouver.Story - MikeFacebook ConfessionsJennifer Alfonso just wanted a husband that paid attention to her but sadly Derek Medina was not that and also he was a horrible abuser.  This is the story of her death.SourcesCBSJacksonville Global NewsNational PostLocal 10Daily MailCBS NewsMiami New TimesForida Man Vs Canada Man Game Show.-Man allegedly Uses Diaper Box to Create fake license platesCanada Man seek man who hid chicken in his pants, then ‘flew the coop’Canada Man mom claims boxing glove used to punch teen was glued to her handFlorida Woman Pajama-Clad 9-Year-Old Steals City BusCanada Man Fake teen doctor known as ‘Dr. Love’ arrested again on fraud chargesFlorida Man man calls 911 about McDonald’s order & says he has cocaine ‘in his butt’Florida Man Man Masturbates While Holding Cucumber At LibraryCanada Man man races ambulance from hospital, gets it stuck in mud. He wasn’t a paramedicFlorida Man CrimeWebsite, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, Youtube, patreonPodcast Friend Promo – Florida Men on Florida ManPodcast Friend Promo – Our True Crime PodcastPromo featured from Podcorn.
Introducing The Jury Room

Introducing The Jury Room


Ed Kemper- Co-ed KillerSuicide Prevention1-800-273-8255The Jury Room Links Oracle NetworkFormsGeneral case suggestionMissing PersonEpisode FeedbackQ & A FormPeter BleksleyPromo'strashypodcast Trophy Wife Life Podcast Links:
On this episode of Brew Crime Mike is joined by Eric Carter-Landin of True Consequences Podcast and Dos Spookqueños Podcast as well as returning guest JT voice of Active Shooter Podcast. We cover the theme of New Mexico Cults as Eric is from the state and he sticks with the state he knows.Beer Pairing for this episode is The More you Know Imperial Sour a collaboration between Another Beer Co and Sundown Beer Company.Story 1 – MikeAggressive Christianity Missionary Training CorpsAbuse, sexual abuse and more is what you find behind the Aggressive Christianity Missionary training Corps.SourcesWikipediaAggressive ChristianityREligion WikiaKRQESplcentercult educationcult educationcentral usavoxviceNY TimesCBS NewsAp NewsStory 2 – EricLord Our Righteousness ChurchWayne Curtis Bent left his days as a pastor to start a doomsday cult.SourcesA cult in court – National GeographicInside a Cult – National GeographicThe End of the World Cult – Channel 4 UKCult EducationAbqjournalabqjournalwikipediaBrew CrimeWebsite, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, Youtube, patreonOracl3 Podcast Network – True Consequences PodcastOracl3 Podcast Network – Dos Spookqueños Podcast
On this episode of Brew Crime Mike was joined by JT formerly of True Crime Lab and the current host/voice of Active Shooter Podcast and future host of Emergen-Tea. This episode we cover cases in JT’s home state VirginiaBeer Pairing for this episode is Home Sweet Home Pineapple Passion Fruit Barrel Aged Fruit Smoothie Sour from Yellow Dog Brewing.Story 1 – MikeGolden Years KillerVirginia had 14 women murderer in a 6 year span with all the women in their Golden Years. It wouldnt be until a change in MO for the killer Leslie Leon Burchart to be caught.SourcesRichmondRichmondNBCStory 2 – JTThe Murder of Robert SchwartzWhen role playing games get out of hand sometimes people like Clara Schwartz have their fathers killed. SourcesBlanco, J. (n.d.). Clara Schwartz: Murderpedia, the Encyclopedia of murderers. Retrieved February 25, 2021, from Jane SCHWARTZ v. COMMONWEALTH of Virginia., No. 0577-03-4 (Court of Appeals of Virginia, Alexandria April 15, 2015) (FindLaw, Dist. file).Frenz. (n.d.). Clara Schwartz: A DEADLY GAME. Retrieved February 26, 2021, from, M. (2003, February 11). Daughter gets 48 years in slaying of her father. Retrieved February 26, 2021, from“Leesburg, Virginia”. Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. Retrieved 4 November 2019.Scheel, Eugene (2002). Loudoun Discovered: Communities and Crossroads, Volume Two, Leesburg and the Old Carolina Road. Leesburg, VA: Friends of the Thomas Balch Library.Schwartz, R.; Dayhoff, M. (1978). “Origins of prokaryotes, eukaryotes, mitochondria, and chloroplasts”. Science. 199 (4327): 395–403. Bibcode:1978Sci…199..395S.doi:10.1126/science.202030.PMID202030.“Total Population: 2010 Census DEC Summary File 1 (P1), Leesburg town, Virginia”. U.S. Census Bureau. Retrieved February 18, 2021.“Town of Leesburg: A Brief History of Leesburg”. Official website of the Town of Leesburg, Virginia. Retrieved May 11, 2015.Brew CrimeWebsite, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, Youtube, patreonOracl3 Podcast Network – Active Shooter PodcastPodcast Friend Promo – Fading Memories PodcastClick here to check out
On this episode Mike is Joined with Guests Jen and Cam of Our True Crime Podcast and JT formerly of True Crime Lab and the current host/voice of Active Shooter Podcast and future host of Emergen-Tea.Beer pairing for episode is Navigating Darkness Stout from Paper Brewing a beer brand out of Vancouver.Story 1 - CamThe Bayou Killings (No actual Bayous)Located about 90 miles north of Little Rock Arkansas is a little area called the Illinois Bayou. It has everything that you would think a bayou would have: bogs, marshes, and a very prehistoric kind of feel. Locals, as well as visitors, flock to the area to hit the water and see what kind of goodies they can reel in but sometimes the things that they catch on the other end of the line, is something no one would expect or want. That is exactly what happened, when a couple out for a day of fishing, reeled in a ghastly sight: a body part. Authorities rush to the scene and what they would uncover would only leave more questions and unveil a hidden sect of people whose strong beliefs include anti-government but does it also include murder?  This is the story of the Kehoe family.SourcesSplcenterWikipedia"Killings Illuminate Culture of White Supremacists". The New York Times. 1998-03-29."State V. Kehoe"."Cheyne Kehoe Turns Himself In Brother Still On Run After Shootout With Ohio Troopers". The Spokesman-Review. 1997-06-17"A&E - American Justice : Raised On Hate". amazon.comTHE FBI FILES – Season 2 Episode 16 "Deadly Mission"". Discovery ChannelStory 2 - MikeSons of FreedomWhile the Doukhobor people are a peaceful Christian sect the Sons of Freedom where a terrorist splinter group in British Columbia. Arson, bombings and more.SourcesMacleansCanada HistoryyoutubeCranbrook townsmanCanadian EncyclopediaWikipediaThe Globe and MailCBCCastlegar NewsWikipediaWikipediaWikipediaStory 3 - JenMurder of Abortion DoctorsThis is the story of the murders, and maiming of many Abortion Doctors for just doing their job.SourcesNY TimesNY TimesHistory CommonsNy TimesNY TimesReligion DispatchesABC NewsRecord CourierMother JonesJournal TimesWeb ArchiveCNNCNNWashington PostSlateStanfordNY TimesWikipediaEncyclopediaBuffalo NewsBuffalo NewsWashington PostBrew CrimeWebsite, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, Youtube, patreonOracl3 Podcast Network – Death By Champagne Podcast
On this episode Beck and Nina cover the other spectrum of heavy metal. The kind that can poison you Thallium.….OF DEATH Too many sugary beverages can lead to an early grave, especially when someone is trying to expedite this possibility. This is the case of Coca-Cola poisoning by George Trepal. SourcesMurderpediaYoutubeDelanirbartletteTheledgerAudio ClipYoutubeTeacup Poisoner Getting into poison at a young age made Graham Frederick Young dangerous a very young age.SourcesWikipediaMurderpediaBiographyBrew CrimeWebsite, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, Youtube, patreonJayme (Chatterless) Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, BandcampOracl3 Podcast Network – Beyond the Rainbow
On this episode we cover Heavy Metal Crimes in Europe and the Middle East.Slaying in IranSince the Islamic Revolution Western Music is Illegal and playing Metal music could end up in the Death Penalty.  This is the story of Arsames, Confess and Dawn of Rage.SourcesMetal InjectionViceLoudersoundIran WireConsequences of SoundYoutubeyoutubeQZNMEWikipediaKerrangWikipediaIran Human RightsAudio ClipsYoutubeYoutubeYoutubeHemmed InEveryone knows that Metal Music has ties to Satanism but its usually just part of the show.  Mayhem from Norway though was not only the founder of Norwegian Black Metal but is also one of the most Notorious groups in History.SourcesAudio ClipYoutubeBrew CrimeWebsite, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, Youtube, patreonJayme (Chatterless)  Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, BandcampOracl3 Podcast Network – True Consequences Podcast
Episode 57 - Folie à Deux

Episode 57 - Folie à Deux


On this episode we cover Folie à Deux defined as a shared psychosis or shared delusional disorder.Double TroubleTwins in desperate need of each other and in desperate need of time apart. June and Jennifer Gibbons.SourcesNPRWIKIPEDIAYoutubeAll thats interestingnew yourkerParker Hulme Murder CaseWhen two girls think they will be split up things go terribly wrong.SourcesWikipediaNow To LoveSYFYChrist church city Libarariesmurderpedianz history Ursula and Sabina ErikssonWhen two sisters meet up and go to England things go terribly wrong.SourcesViceRankerWikipediaYoutubeBrew CrimeWebsite, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, Youtube, patreonOracl3 Podcast Network – VICTIMOLOGY PODCAST PROMO
Episode 56 - Bleep 2020

Episode 56 - Bleep 2020


On this episode we cover the dumpster fire that was 2020 with 3 cases of 2020.Surprise out baby is ________In this story Nina covers the phenomenon that is the gender reveal party and some of the horrible outcomes from them.SourcesBuzzfeedTelegraphThe Blast That Shook a CityThis is the story of the massive explosion that rocked Beirut LebanonSourcesWikipediaShip TechnologyCBCBBCCBCYouTubeYouTubeYouTubeYouTubeYouTubeNova Scotia StrongOscar Wilde said “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” but in this case it facilitated a seriously deadly tragedy.SourcesYouTubeThe Chronical HeraldThe StarThe Globe and MailWikipediaCBCBrew CrimeWebsite, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, Youtube, patreonOracl3 Podcast Network – True Crime Dark Injustice
This episode was originally a Patreon only Half Pint Of Crime Bonus episode on top of our Monthly Patreon episodes.  As a holiday gift to our listeners as we take a break we  decided to release this to everyone.  We hope you enjoy.As we mentioned in our Anniversary episode Nina an I (Mike) messed up and did the same case by accident. So this is my take on the case with a special guest Emma of the True Crime Witch Podcast out of England.Here is my story on the murder of Jim Melgar.SourcesABCKHOUPeopleHeavyYourtangoHeavyMonstersandcriticsABCBrew CrimeWebsite, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, Youtube, patreonOracl3 Podcast Network – Anxious and Afraid Podcast
On this episode we cover crimes of the winter holidays.  Whatever holiday you celebrate we all hope it is a wonderful one.One of the Holidays most vile drinks once started a Riot1826 saw a Riot break out at West Point Military Academy.  This is the story.SourcesHistory CollectionWikipediaHistory TodayMental FlossThe Ultimate Christmas Cookie CrashThis story is about a wealthy socialite couple and their worst Christmas ever. Was it a suicide attempt? a horrible accident? or maybe even murder. SourcesWikipediaTatlerLaw2 UMKCWikipediaThat's not a present under the TreeWhen Patty Michelle White killer her roommate things would get worse that you  would think.SourcesJacksonville JacksonvilleMurderpediaBrew CrimeWebsite, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, Youtube, patreonOracl3 Podcast Network – Malice Podcast
On this episode we cover a topic everyone seems to know.  Bad Neighbours is just a time hated tradition to deal with.  Ain’t No Fences High Enough!Everyone hates bad neighbours. But a bad neighbour is all about perspective. I think you are too loud, you think I am too anal. You think you are right. I know I am right.  This is the story of the murder of Ann Hoover.SourcesYoutubePitt EduPitt EduAPNewsTriangle of Bad NeighboursThis story starts with a package going missing and ends in the murder of Gary Hembree and Roger Picior and the attempted murder of one other.SourcesABC NewsFlorida TodayAP News$%&$ Daniel BurnsideSome neighbourhoods have a bad neighbour.  This town has a terrible neighbour with a Neo Nazi named Daniel Burnside.SourcesNorthern Central PAKCBDWashington PostWashington PostCNNABCBrew CrimeWebsite, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, Youtube, patreonOracl3 Podcast Network – Not Your Normal Murder
This episode Nina and Beck hit the theme of Imposters or Wannabes.Hillside StranglersKenneth Bianchi and Angelo buono caused a ton of fear in California and then Washington.  This is the story of a serial killer, rape and kidnapping.SourcesWikipediaListverseInvestigation DiscoveryAll Thats InterestingNot All Crimes are CriminalThis story will cover women that fought in the American Civil War as Men.SourcesSmithsonianBattle FieldsBattle FieldsWikipediaWikipediaBrew CrimeWebsite, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, Youtube, patreonOracl3 Podcast Network – Dos Spookqueños Podcast
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