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Author: Gregory Nielsen

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Nonprofit Vision with Gregory Nielsen presents informative and entertaining conversations spotlighting critical issues in nonprofit leadership and the visionaries who are addressing them.
30 Episodes
Nonprofit organizations face a particularly challenging labor market, at a time when it is critical to attract and retain talent.  Gary Romano joins Greg to discuss HR trends and hot topics for nonprofits.  
Recent articles discuss the high turnover rate of nonprofit fundraising professionals, some even referring to it as a "fundraising exodus."  Jennifer Harris joins Greg to discuss this challenge and ways in which leaders can empower their teams to co-create a more positive, shared culture where individuals feel valued and connected to the mission.   
While the perspectives and contributions of thought leaders with established platforms are valuable, we must continue to elevate the unheard voices in philanthropy and nonprofit leadership in order to deepen critical conversations and move the sector forward.  Jen Bokoff, Director of Stakeholder Engagement at Candid, joins Greg to discuss her recent article and efforts aimed at lifting up philanthropy's unheard voices.  
Your nonprofit has a mission that is vital to the community you serve, and you can't afford to be the best kept secret in town!  Scarlett Hawkins, a Senior Consultant in International Development, joins Greg to discuss not just the importance of narrative, but how to add a dash of audacity to build a compelling communication strategy that is embraced by the entire organization.  
Highly effective nonprofits leverage the tools of program evaluation to build a culture of continuous improvement.  This allows nonprofit and Board leaders to make better strategic decisions.  Chari Smith joins Greg to discuss the steps necessary to translate evaluation into action for your nonprofit. 
Many nonprofit leaders face uncertainty on their journey to mission impact.   In this episode, Janeal Ford joins Greg to discuss the importance of a clear, concise case for support, tips for choosing and working successfully with a grant writer, and guidance on identifying funders with a passion for your mission.
Following an intentional process of listening to and learning from their grantee partners, the Barr Foundation implemented a series of changes to enhance the relationship between the Foundation and grantees.  Kerri Hurley and Yvonne Belanger join Greg to discuss the importance of a strong relationship between philanthropy and nonprofits, and the efforts of the Barr Foundation to incorporate continuous feedback from their nonprofit partners to effect meaningful change.  
Within each nonprofit organization or movement, individuals play a variety of critical roles in pursuit of equity, inclusion, and justice.  Deepa Iyer is a South Asian American activist, writer, and lawyer.  Her areas of expertise include the post 9/11 America experiences of South Asian, Muslim, Arab and Sikh immigrants, national security and immigration policies, and racial equity and solidarity practices.  Currently, Deepa is a Senior Fellow at the new Race Forward.  Deepa joins Greg to discuss her recent article outlining a framework for understanding the roles you play within your social change ecosystem.  
Nonprofit professionals address complex community challenges each day in an effort to create communities in which everyone can thrive and have their needs met.  However, the profession currently faces a significant deficit of investment in the development of these critical leaders.  As funding challenges grow, leadership investment frequently suffers.  In this episode, Rusty Stahl -- President and CEO of Fund the People -- joins Greg to discuss the importance of leadership investment, tips to engage in this critical dialogue with funders and Board members, and a new Talent Justice Initiative.  
Nonprofit leaders and organizations face continuing challenges in efforts to diversify their boards, better serve their communities, and build sustainable staffing pipelines.  Amy Waninger, CEO of Lead at Any Level, works with organizations that want to build diverse leadership bench strength for a sustainable competitive advantage.  She is the author of multiple books including Network Beyond Bias: Making Diversity a Competitive Advantage for Your Career.  Amy joins Greg to discuss steps nonprofits can take to further their efforts in the areas of diversity and inclusion.   
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