DiscoverTwo Irish Guys Discussing Software
Two Irish Guys Discussing Software

Two Irish Guys Discussing Software

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Check out Origina's podcast series where Tomás O'Leary & Brendan Walsh discuss everything in the software world, the best methods to avoid being ripped off, alternative options and how best to save money.
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Join Tomás O'Leary and Brendan Walsh as they discuss IBM's quarterly dividend boost, Zoom picking Oracle over AWS for its cloud provider and whether the software market is recession-proof in 2020. Futurist, author and speaker David Houle joins to discuss why we should stop using the word innovation and start using the word disruption, how mega-vendors might find themselves with an outdated business model in the 2020s, and why it's not about when the economy bounces back, but about how it'll bounce forward. Learn more about David Houle here: Get David Houle's latest book here:
“IT used to be the department in the corner that fixed the laptops; now it’s the thread that underpins your entire business.” Martin Thompson from the The ITAM Review joins the podcast to talk about the ever-changing role of software asset management and IT asset management. We run through the role of SAM in a post-COVID-19 world and why it’ll be such a key area for organisations. Catch the highlights below. #sam #softwareassetmanagement #itam #itassetmanagement #costsavings
Two Irish Guys with Dr Umaima Haider discussing digital transformation, should everything be open source and what train to take from the station in these very challenging times! Learn about technologies that are becoming obsolete and how to take control of digital transformation.
The impact of the mega vendor restrictions on Procurement", ft internationally renowned Procurement Consultant and Business Adviser, Richard Beaumont. Understand how to reduce procurement spend, reduce supply chain risk and build innovation through great relationships.
'How the large software mega vendors market themselves vs the newer tech firms' ft Dan Ilett, award-winning writer for the Financial Times, the Economist Group, and several global publications. Dan specializes in marketing strategies and brand positioning. This episode focuses on big tech vendors around the world and what they are doing with their marketing strategies that can potentially damage their brands.
'Large corporations abusing their power' ft world-famous Dan Shefet, the man who defeated Google international, also an Individual Specialist to UNESCO, Adviser to the Council of Europe on the Internet Ombudsman. Dan is currently fighting worldwide for the creation of an ombudsman institution to secure an individual's right to have hate mails, their data and certain internet information violating human rights totally removed. Dan is famously known for obtaining an order from a French court directing Google to stop highlighting the defamatory sites in search results for his name.
Understand how to negotiate your proposed costs with your current vendor and make the most of your budget in 2020 ft Mark Bartrick, Global Software Vendor Negotiation Expert at Forrester Research.
This episode will be discussing ‘Rights & Entitlements' ft guest speaker Guy Tritton. IBM knows that SAMs are tight on time, leaving them unable to properly investigate the full details of licenses. They also know that most managers are relatively risk-averse when it comes to legal terminology. At Origina, we know IBM’s licensing rules inside out and can help you to discuss your entitlements and how you can reclaim control of your IBM software estate. Timeline------ 00:00 - 06:53 | Industry Topics 07:06 - 18:34 | Guy Tritton
This episode will be discussing ‘IBM forced upgrades & audits” ft guest speaker Daniel Begg. You may have an IBM infrastructure using IBM products, and your enterprise is running smoothly. Then you get hit with the news that IBM are discontinuing their software support for the applications you use. We want to educate the industry that there are many other options than IBM and your legacy application can be supported out of life without having to upgrade.
E4: Don't Be That Guy

E4: Don't Be That Guy


This episode will be dissecting our last campaign 'Don't Be That Guy' and exploring the ideas and the interpretation behind it.
Customers who use BigFix Inventory for tracking use of IBM in Cloud/virtualized environments are ok to use sub-capacity measurement. When BigFix moves to HCL it will no longer be an IBM product so will customers be able to continue to use BigFix inventory to track use or will they have to start to use ILMT standalone?
IBM selling off their legacy software products to HCL Technologies is recognized as the largest Indian IT acquisition to date. But how will this move affect IBM’s legacy clients? No notice was given of the deal, yet all these clients have a new vendor and no clarity of what’s going to happen with the development and support of these software assets. ‍
Is your company blindly spending potential budget dollars on complex IBM renewals? Many companies experience high spending on underused software. This overspending is due to lack of knowledge and an understanding of options. Common confusion across all staff and platforms is due to forced upgrades. This panic of confusion leads to late renewals at the end of the year, leading to careless overspending. Overcome this overspending by understanding your license entitlements and explore your options ahead of schedule.
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