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Welcome to the Over 40 Alpha Podcast with your host Funk Roberts. In this podcast we discuss everything about health and fitness for the man in his 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond, The goals is to help every man over 40, including you, to be in the best physical shape and health of your lives. Each week I will discuss topics like best workouts, nutrition, recovery, mindset, increasing testosterone, balancing hormones, health, life lesson and how to become an Over 40 Alpha. This pod cast will have frequent guest from doctors, specialists, fitness professionals, trainers, life coaches and more. Join Funk Roberts on your journey to become the ultimate Over 40 Alpha!
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Protein powders are the current craze in the market, and why not? Protein is an absolute necessity especially to us men, who are in our 40s, or so. Unfortunately, we’re not getting enough of it from the meals we’re taking for a lot of reasons. We need the help of supplements to fulfill the right amount of proteins we should have in our bodies. The challenge is in finding the supplements that stay true to their purpose instead of causing more harm. In this episode, I’ll dish out everything you need to know about protein powders - from labels to mislabels, top to bottom, no frills, just hard set truths!“You need to have everything in place. If you’re not eating right, if you’re not putting in work in those workouts, if you’re not recovering, none of these supplements are going to work for you.” —Funk Roberts In This Episode: - Why protein is called the foundation macronutrient.- Why men in their 40s and up are deprived of high quality protein. - Things that should not be happening to your body when you’re taking high quality protein powders.- Different kinds of protein powders available in the market and which ones should be avoided at all cost! - Protein concentrate versus protein isolate - which type of protein does your body need?- The first thing you should be looking for in any type of protein. Episode Resources: - LeanPro30 (Use Code FUNK15 and save 15% off your first order. ): Funk Buck (Save Money and Earn Loyalty Points In Every Purchase) : https://www.funksupplementshop.comConnect with Funk Roberts: - Website - - Facebook - Instagram - Youtube -
I can help you lose that jiggly wiggly thingamajig underneath your belly button - for good! It doesn’t matter whether you’re 40 or 50 or 60, age is only a number if you respect your age. First things first! There are two prerequisites you need to have in place: your mindset and your attitude. Fret not! I’m happy to share proven and tested methods that can help you achieve your best health and your best body, even at your prime! To make things simpler, I trimmed it down into 5 no brainer, and absolutely doable steps.“You can’t hangout with the youngsters if you don’t respect your body. Take charge of your health. When you do that, your whole life changes.” — Funk Roberts In This Episode: - How to look and feel younger as you grow older.- The critical role of mindset in targeting the toughest place to lose fat from - the lower belly. - The search for your “why” leads to a determination that won’t waver. - Designing a plan that works for different hormones and different body types. - Out of the 5 steps that can rid you of your belly fat, which one is the key that governs all four? Episode Resources: - The Tabata Lower Abs Workout: Special Offer: 30-Days Full Access to the Alpha Home Workout and Nutrition Program (for just $1!!!): with Funk Roberts: - Website - - Facebook - Instagram - Youtube -
From delivering food to opening restaurants in New York City, Michael Chernow used his entrepreneurial spirit to connect with and bring value to people over decades. In this episode, he shares his past experiences and what led him to open his own restaurants in the Big Apple. His success in wellness, athleticism, and business building reminds us that fully committing to yourself and your community is the key to becoming a “Modern Renaissance Man.” “Once you can learn to love and embrace the hard and the hurt, unstoppable will be your DNA.” —Michael Chernow In this episode: -How Michael’s upbringing fostered his entrepreneurial spirit -How Muay Thai, bodybuilding, and general fitness were integral to his success -Michael’s training and nutrition regime -How Michael built businesses, from scratch to self-sustaining -Michael’s advice to everyone over 40 Connect with Michael: - Website: - Instagram: - Twitter: - Facebook: Connect with Funk Roberts: - Website - - Facebook - - Instagram -
As trainers and coaches, we talk more about what foods to eat, as opposed to what to avoid. If you’re wondering why you’re not getting results, maybe it’s because you’re eating foods that you should be avoiding – food that’s killing your testosterone. And we know that everything that we men want, whether it’s burning belly fat, increasing energy, improving your nervous system, better libido, more comfort, or whatever it is, comes from our testosterone levels. So today, I’m going to reveal the ten foods men over 40 should avoid.“You can’t outsmart a bad diet.” - Funk RobertsIn this episode:- Good health is not only in the workouts you do but also in the nutrition intake.- Sugars and its relation to body fat, inflammation, and low testosterone levels.- How are beer, dairy, soy, and GMO’s related?- Why should you get your Monster energy drinks kicked out of your hands?- What oils should you be using in the kitchen?- The dangers of mint, peppermint, and spearmint.- Flaxseed is great but stay away from it if you’re over 40!- The overflowing sodium, trans fats, calories, and sugars in processed foods.Connect with Funk Roberts: - Website - - Facebook - - Instagram -
Have you been taking vitamins, exercising, and doing everything the internet tells you to improve your immune system? You’re not alone. The immune system helps the body fight off disease and during this time, we’re all working on strengthening our immune system to help fight off the coronavirus. In today’s episode, I am joined by Dr. David Jockers, a doctor of natural medicine, a functional nutritionist, and a corrective care chiropractor, as we discuss tips to balance your immune system. He starts with the easiest one: taking out sugar and processed foods. Tune in to learn different strategies to balance your immune system."Your body was really created to thrive, and it’s doing everything it can, every moment of every day to help you live the best life you can." - Dr. David JockersOn this episode: - How being exposed to the Corona virus can strengthen your body- Why you should NOT boost your immune system but instead balance it and how to do so- How blood sugar control and sleep relate to keeping your immune system balanced- Why you should always be grateful and how it helps prevent you from attacking your own body- Why you should be testing your testosterone and vitamin D every 3 to 4 months- How being relaxed when you eat will help you digest your food better- STOP chewing gum! What gum will do to your digestive systemResources: Dr. Jockers book - e-book - with Dr. Jockers: Website - - -
46 - Men's Stress Management

46 - Men's Stress Management


Do you need help managing stress? Take notes! Today Dr. Dominika tells us the meaning of stress and how to cope with it. She defines stress as the demand placed on an individual that is greater than his/her resources and their ability to cope. She explains the three elements that improve our resilience to stress: an environment that helps individuals have a sense of safety, having a felt experience of who you really are, and doing it in the presence of a caring other. Learn the causes of the stress you’re experiencing and understand how to handle it.“If men tend to withdraw and isolate themselves in the face of stress, we have to give them a strategy to lean in." - Dr. Dominika ZarzecznyIn this episode:- The difference between good and bad stress and how to tell which one you're experiencing- How your stress most likely came from childhood experiences and why it can lead to substance abuse and health problems- Why men and women respond differently to stress and the “fight or flight” mindset in men- How words of encouragement from those who care can help you avoid being a victim of your pastResources:- Let’s Get Checked Testosterone Home Testing Kit – Use Code: FUNK20 and get 20% off with Dominika:- Instagram - Facebook - with Funk Roberts: - Website - - Facebook - Instagram -
Testosterone levels in men take a deep dive when they get married and have children, when practicing extreme cardio, and when in a time of survival. Today’s episode dives deep into why elevated testosterone levels in men will improve their health, physically and emotionally. Ben Greenfield joins me to give his tips on how to naturally increase testosterone, how to maintain fitness and keep your joints strong as you get older. Tune in and discover the key to maintain a healthy lifestyle now and in the future. “Don’t just train to train, have a purpose behind every session.” - Ben GreenfieldIn this episode:- Understanding why certain exercises and nutrients increase testosterone- The red light treatment - Four things to consider for maintaining fitness in men over 40- Why you should have bone broth every day- Three helpful tips to get motivatedResources:- Body by Science: A Research Based Program for Strength Training, Bodybuilding, and Complete Fitness in 12 Minutes a Week - Kion Aminos - Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance - with Ben:Boundless Book - Website - Supplements - - - with Funk Roberts: Website - Facebook - -
Men are on earth to provide, protect, and procreate. But we don’t always consider our fertility an important thing to keep track of. Dr. Dominika Zarzeczny joins me again today to explain why we can’t let fertility be an afterthought. According to Dr. Dom, when your fertility is good, your overall health is at its peak. In this episode, we dig into what’s lowering your sperm count, the lifestyle choices that are destroying your sperm quality, and why you need to be paying attention, even if you aren’t trying to conceive. Whether you’re using your quarantine time to get closer to your spouse, or your goal is to be as healthy as possible, Dr. Dom’s advice is mandatory listening, so tune in. “Fertility should be the fifth vital sign… When a man’s fertility is optimal, it means his overall health is optimal.” - Dominika ZarzecznyIn this episode:- Risks you face when you’re over 45 and trying to conceive, especially if your health isn’t optimal- How your testosterone affects sperm development, motility, and quality- Lifestyle factors that decrease your sperm count and fertility- Is your medication making it harder for you to conceive? - Why you need to prioritize your fertility, even if you aren’t thinking about having children- Steps you can take today to improve your fertility- The drastic change we’ve seen in men’s fertility since the 80s- Why you need to stop carrying your cell phone in your pocket and sleeping in, plus other things you’re doing that are damaging your fertilityResources:Join the Alpha Brotherhood Fitness Program – http://www.over40alpha.comAlpha Podcast Website – www.over40alphapodcast.comLet’s Get Checked – D3 + K2 – with Dominika Zarzeczny:Website – – - Connect with Funk Roberts:Website - Facebook - -
People don’t only eat because they’re hungry. Sometimes they eat because they’re celebrating something, or they eat out of habit, or they’re being driven by emotions. In today’s episode, I talk about intuitive eating and how to know when, what, and why you should be eating. I focus on mindful and emotional eating and how you can get your cravings under control. Join me to learn how to translate the messages your body is sending you so you know exactly what it needs. Stay tuned to find out exactly how you can get started with or fine-tune your intuitive eating practice. “The goal is to think before you eat.” - Funk RobertsIn this episode:- What is intuitive eating?- Three strategies that you can implement to start intuitive eating- The common signs of overeating- How you can deal with your cravings- The importance of knowing your body’s hunger signalsConnect with Funk Roberts: Website - Facebook - -
Men tend to be more reluctant in talking about their mental health. Society created a stigma that when men talk about their feelings or thoughts, it would be perceived as a weakness. In today’s episode, I’m joined by Dr. Dominika Zarzeczny, who is a licensed naturopathic doctor, Certified IVIT and BHRT Practitioner, speaker, health and wellness educator, and corporate consultant. We touch on the underlying causes of mental health issues, how it can affect you and your family, and how you can deal with it. Learn why it’s important to unpack your emotions and feelings, and how having a men’s group can help you.“Human beings cannot be a failure. Only an event can be a failure.” - Dominika ZarzecznyIn this episode:- The way society looks at men’s mental health- How having low testosterone affects men’s mental health- Where do you go when you are ready to talk?- Why it is important to find and be in a men’s group- The three-pronged approach to your healthResources:- Alpha Daily Multivitamin Contest – with Dominika Zarzeczny:Website – – - Connect with Funk Roberts:Website - Facebook - -
With the continuing spread of COVID-19, work-from-home orders, quarantines, and lockdowns are now being implemented all over the world. Social media is blowing up with stories about how everyone is treating and fighting the pandemic. In today’s episode, I share what’s going on in my life since this started and the best activities we can all try while we’re stuck inside. Tune in and find out several ways you can take care of your immune system. Be practical, realistic, and stay healthy!“Use your time to fortify your health.” - Funk RobertsIn this episode:- How the lockdown has affected my life- Why this is the perfect time to recommit yourself to self-care- The reality and the effects of COVID-19- What you should and shouldn’t do with all your free time- Different ways to take care of your immune systemResources:$1 30-day challenge - with Funk Roberts: Website - Facebook - -
Do you ever wonder what nutrients your body might be missing? We only have so many hours in a day to consume all the nutrients we need, so how can you know what to focus on? Dr. Dominika Zarzeczny has the answers. Dr. Zarzeczny is a licensed naturopathic doctor, Certified IVIT and BHRT Practitioner, speaker, health & wellness educator, and corporate consultant. Her passion is to help people be as healthy as possible by providing evidence-based, individualized solutions. In this episode, she shares the top ten nutrients men over 40 need but are usually missing in their diet, and how these nutrients can overhaul your mental and physical health. "The more data you have, the more laser focused you can be on your own health"- Dr. Dominika Zarzeczny In this episode: - How much Vitamin D you need to prevent serious illness- How protein intake and muscle mass improve metabolic glucose-insulin and cholesterol- What whey protein is made of and what it does to your body- The overall benefits of magnesium for your mind and body - Different types of Omegas and what happens when we are deficient in any of them- How zinc helps testosterone production - How B6 supports melatonin production, estrogen, and mental health - How to get all the fiber you need through food- The many benefits of antioxidants - How your health issues and current medication can determine what nutrients you are deficient inResources:Mind Muscle Contest- Connect with Dominika Zarzeczny: Websites - - - with Funk Roberts: Website - Facebook - -
Are you struggling with your diet? Maybe you have your gym routine set, but still don’t know what to do about food. Whether you think you can or not, you can cook! And you don’t have to spend a ton of time or money to make healthy, delicious meals. In this episode, guest Kevin Curry explains how. Kevin is the founder of Fit Men Cook, an online community that encourages people to live the healthiest and most fit life they can. After deciding he needed to make a major change, cooking is what helped Kevin through an especially dark time of his life. Now he’s teaching men how to meal prep, choose the right tools for their kitchen, and make cooking enjoyable. Tune in to find out how you can get cooking and start your diet transformation."I'm going to be on this earth for a minute, and I gotta find out how to eat"- Kevin CurryIn this episode: - How Kevin’s fitness journey started and how food helped his transformation- How cooking pulled Kevin out of his habits of overeating and self-medicating with alcohol- The steps you need to take to start cooking with a twist- The key to meal prepping and the commandments of cooking- Why you don't need to spend a ton of money eating organic to be healthy - How to make meal prep fun and enjoyable- What tools you need to have in your pantry- Why Kevin went to Thailand and what happened while he was thereResources:Mind Muscle Contest - Let’s Get Checked Testosterone Home Testing Kit – Men Cook Book - with Kevin Curry: Websites- http://www.fitmencook.comFacebook- with Funk Roberts: Website - Facebook - -
Are you a diabetic constantly struggling to keep your symptoms at bay? Or are you suffering from high blood pressure and can’t get it under control? Too many people all over the world can relate, which is why in this episode I’m speaking with the CEO of Fitness Solutions Plus, Igor Klibanov. Igor is a passionate, devoted fitness coach who educates companies through seminars on mental health, healthy aging, weight loss, hormones, supplements, nutritional trends, and more. Today, he digs into the best solutions for people suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure so you can start improving your health and enjoy a happier life. "Calories are king"- Igor KlibanovIn this episode: - How Igor got started in the fitness industry and why he’s so motivated to help older clients become healthier- What is diabetes? Igor explains the different types- What is insulin? What exactly does it do to your body?- The exercise prescription for people suffering from diabetes- Nutrition advice and food options for diabetics to keep things under control and still enjoy delicious food- The importance of getting high-quality sleep to improve your health- The two different categories of high blood pressure and how to get tested- The exercise prescription for people suffering from high blood pressure- Healthy food choices for people who have high blood pressure - Why supplements are so important and how to choose the right ones for youResources:FREE CREATINE GIVEAWAY CONTEST - March – LEAVE A REVIEW and win 1 of 3 bottles of Mind Muscle Nootropic - Let’s Get Checked Testosterone Home Testing Kit – Use Code: FUNK20 and get 20% off 40 Alpha Fitness Program for Men - https://www.over40alpha.comFree Report - with Igor klibanov: Websites - https://www.fitnesssolutionsplus.caFacebook - - with Funk Roberts: Website - Facebook - -
We’ve all heard a woman say, “There are no good men left,” after having a negative experience with a man. But it’s not that simple, and today’s guest is here to explain why. Regg Miller is best known as the author of What’s Happening to Us? and he’s on the show to share his knowledge about equal rights, sexism, and living in an age of male decline and female assertion. He explains how his must-read book can help men understand who we are and how we can find the strength within us to make the necessary changes in our lives. Tune in and get ready to take responsibility and start becoming the alpha you were meant to be. "We want men to actually stand up and be men again and be what their value is"- Regg MillerOn this episode:- Why Regg wrote his latest book and the two main purposes it means to serve - The responsibilities you have as a man that no woman should take from you - The importance of finding your strength as a man- The key to being able to help our sons be men- The importance of understanding ourselves first before trying to understand women - Regg gives a preview of each chapter in his book and explains why it's a MUST read for everyone - What truly makes a man an AlphaResources:- FREE CREATINE GIVEAWAY CONTEST - March – LEAVE A REVIEW and win 1 of 3 bottles of Mind Muscle Nootropic- Let’s Get Checked Testosterone Home Testing Kit – Use Code: FUNK20 and get 20% off- Over 40 Alpha Fitness Program for Men - What’s Happening To Us – Discount Code: FunkConnect with Regg Miller: - Website - Facebook - Twitter - with Funk Roberts:- Website - - Facebook - Instagram -
In this episode, I speak with Arysta Bogner, who is an international fitness model, mobility coach, and a passionate entrepreneur known for creating the Travel Roller. Arysta suffered through athletic burnout and years of chronic back pain, weight gain, and postural imbalances, among other physical issues. That’s why, in 2007, she decided to grow a life-changing brand from the ground up that is now a must-have tool for top trainers, chiropractors, physiotherapists, athletes, and physical therapy patients. She’s here today to share all the benefits from this amazing product that will do wonders to your body and save you from injury. Stay tuned and get ready to start rolling!"We gotta get the broken people to baseline and then from baseline to awesome" - Arysta BognerIn this episode: - How Arysta went from being overweight and suffering to being almost 40 and a super mom with a 6 pack- What inspired her to get foam rolling started - What exactly is foam rolling and what does it do to your body?- Benefits you will get from foam rolling- Best time in the day to roll and get fully activated - How much time to take in the day to get your rolling done- The proper way to roll to get to the right structure and see your tissues change - Different types of foam rollers and what type to stay away from- Why is foam rolling so awesome, and what are the top 3 key areas in the body that you should be rolling?Resources:FREE CREATINE GIVEAWAY CONTEST - February – LEAVE A REVIEW and win 1 of 3 bottles of Creatine - Let’s Get Checked Testosterone Home Testing Kit – Use Code: FUNK20 and get 20% off 40 Alpha Fitness Program for Men - https://www.over40alpha.comTravel Roller - Code: over40alpha and get 10% discountConnect with Arysta Bogner: Website- https://travelroller.comInstagram- with Funk Roberts: Website- https://www.over40alpha.comFacebook -
If you’re over 40 and you’re ready to start building muscle the right way without getting injured, Gary Walker is the man to talk to. Gary is the creator of TriCon Training and is a muscle-building expert for men over 40. He helps men get into the best shape of their lives, and in this episode, he shares his own 25-year muscle-building journey. You’ll also hear how to get your killer workouts done without lifting ridiculous amounts of weights to get ripped, and how to start making the most of your time in the gym. Tune in and hear how you can finally get in the best shape of your life."Just realize you’re still good enough and you’re capable, so just don’t give up yet" - Gary WalkerIn this episode: - Growing up as a quiet and insecure kid from a small town and what motivated Gary to start working out- How going from being jacked in his 30s to losing momentum in his 40s affected Gary’s life- How to look at yourself, write down your emotions, and go back to them when you start getting discouraged- How to use the isometric contractions method incorporated with other workout routines so you can still get jacked while avoiding injuries- The importance of warm-ups, resting between reps, nutrition, and sleep when building muscle- Why you should get deadlifting out of your head and start focusing more on core strengthening- Gary’s favorite muscle building exercises- The top programs for men who want to experience having muscles for the first time or for those who are still passionate about lifting and being in the gymResources:FREE CREATINE GIVEAWAY CONTEST - February – LEAVE A REVIEW and win 1 of 3 bottles of Creatine - Let’s Get Checked Testosterone Home Testing Kit – Use Code: FUNK20 and get 20% off - 40 Alpha Fitness Program for Men - https://www.over40alpha.comLive Anabolic - Live Anabolic - with Gary Walker: Website- joe123@liveanabolic.comConnect with Funk Roberts: Website- https://www.over40alpha.comFacebook -
This is your no BS guide to muscle building foods for men. But before we get into this, you should all know what you can’t out-train a bad diet, so if you’re wondering why after months of training you’re just not seeing the results you want, you may want to start looking into your food pantry and replace some of the foods you’re currently eating. Otherwise, you will NEVER see any improvements and all your time and effort spent at the gym will be all for nothing. But don’t worry! I got you covered, and in this episode, I’ll share with you some of the 20 best muscle-building foods you need to consume to see muscle growth and an overall improvement in your health and what these foods do to your body, so stay tuned, take some notes, and reconsider what you buy for this week's groceries! "It’s not just about protein, it’s about EVERYTHING" - Funk Roberts In this episode: - The truth about what is stopping you dead in your tracks from building more muscle - The 20 of the best foods for you to start seeing real results and muscle gain- The three KEY protein sources that all contain amino acids, omega 3 fatty acids and B vitamins that your body needs to build rock solid muscles- Why eating lean beef, cottage cheese and chickpeas are ideal if you want to get big but still look and feel lean- Three grab and go protein sources that are packed with exactly what your body needs for more muscle and testosterone- The essential nutrients you need to sustain high energy through your workouts - The super simple fat and veggie combo to boost performance through your workout!Resources:FREE CREATINE GIVEAWAY CONTEST - February – LEAVE A REVIEW and win 1 0f 3 bottles of Creatine - Let’s Get Checked Testosterone Home Testing Kit – Use Code: FUNK20 and get 20% off Over 40 Alpha Fitness Program and Brotherhood – 30 Day FREE Trial – http://www.over40alpha.comMetabolic Muscle – 28 Day Home Dumbbell Muscle Building Program for Men Over 40 your bottle of Funk Supplements Creatine Monohydrate and save – Use discount code “funk20” and get 20% off Connect with Funk Roberts: Website - https://www.over40alpha.comFacebook -
When it comes to muscle building, you probably want to be like the ripped guy on TV or your feeds, just killing it through his workouts! Now you're probably thinking, "I want his gains! I'm following whatever program he's on!" But unfortunately our bodies don't work that way, and what works for someone may not work for you. Way too often we make more than a few common mistakes that will lead to discouragement,which is why on this episode, I will go over 13 mistakes that men over 40 (including myself)make, and what to do differently to avoid them so you can get on right program that willwork for YOU! "You CAN build muscles!" - Funk Roberts In this episode: - Why bodybuilding self-training and over-training will not get you the results you want - How not resting might be destroying your body- How too much weight can overwork your body, affect your immune system, and put you at risk for injuries- Two things you must get right to see real gains- The key to muscle growth- You won't ever see true results if you're not doing this with your workouts- How to focus on your workout- Crossfit is great but is it right for you? STOP following the wrong programs, and find what's right for you and your ageResources:- FREE CREATINE GIVEAWAY CONTEST - February – LEAVE A REVIEW and win 1 of 3 bottles of Creatine - - Let’s Get Checked Testosterone Home Testing Kit – Use Code: FUNK20 and get 20% off Join Over 40 Alpha Fitness Program and Brotherhood – 30 Day FREE Trial – Metabolic Muscle – 28 Day Home Dumbbell Muscle Building Program for Men Over 40 Grab your bottle of Funk Supplements Creatine Monohydrate and save – Use discount code “funk20” and get 20% off Connect with Funk Roberts: Website- http://www.over40alpha.comFacebook Group-
As a man over 40, what usually comes to mind when you think about your nutrition and fitness plan? What results are you really getting, in not just your appearance, but your health? If you aren’t making testosterone a priority, you’re making a serious mistake. In this episode, I share 8 simple but super effective ways to increase your testosterone level. This won’t only help get you into the best shape of your life, but will empower you to avoid major health issues so you an enjoy the rest of your life to the fullest. Tune in and find out how to naturally increase your testosterone so you can finally see real results.Here is the FREE eBook that I used as a guide – this will also have all the scientific references is the opt In Page for 7 Ways To Boost Testosterone "Low Testosterone levels can be fatal" Funk RobertsIn this episode: - Why you MUST be thinking about testosterone if you’re concerned about your health and fitness- How high testosterone will help you avoid major health issues- How to change your mindset to become testosterone-focused- Ways to manage your stress and take control of your life- How to increase your testosterone naturally- Don’t believe in supplementation? Get yourself these vitamins and supplements and watch your testosterone levels improve- Why you also need to make sure you keep your estrogen level downResources: - Contest Link- NEW Testosterone Home Test Kit = Let’s Get Checked - Get LeanPro30 NOW - 30 Day Free Trial - http://www.over40alpha.comConnect with Funk Roberts: - Website- Facebook Group- Instagram- Twitter-
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